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VILT: Factors and Benefits of Successful VILT

VILT stands for Virtual Instructor-Led Training which means the training that is delivered in a virtual or when instructor and learner are in different locations or simulated environments. The virtual instruction environment is designed so that it can stimulate the learning experience of the traditional classroom. Virtual training can be conducted asynchronously or synchronously. Then, this term can also be called VCT which stands for Virtual Classroom Training (VCT).


Currently, the fastest-growing method of learning delivery is VILT which is based on the internet. The collaboration software technologies and steady increases in bandwidth are promoting VILT. It is getting promoted in such a way that it invites solutions to reach the peak of learner’s efficiency. It is also cost-effectively and it is a good solution for learners from all directions.

Virtual instructor-led training is playing a great role in transforming the way of learning. Even millions of people are grasping these technologies and learning and experiencing the modern way of learning. It has become the key to success in the business and a blended solution for training.

Virtual instructor-led training is growing daily and even in academics, it is equally robust. Depending on VILT, many universities or colleges provide online degree courses like Undergraduate degree programs, etc. This establishment is also beneficial for such students who want to pursue multiple tasks at a time. Even most schools started MOOC which stands for Massive Open Online Course. The main motive of MOOC is to provide free education to a global audience. Sometimes it may be provided in collaboration with other institutions too.


If you see VILT in business then it is effective even at a controllable cost for a dispersed population. It gives valuable learning and experiences to employees and customers. VILT is made in such a way that it can connect or interact with both classmates and instruction along with content at a time. A successful VILT is based on three important factors which are explained below:


Firstly, technology is the main factor if you want a successful VILT. VILT technology is somehow dependent on scalable collaboration and comprehensive software. It includes some engagement tools such as quizzes, chat, polls, and conversation and these tools make it successful VILT.


Content is the most effective thing which plays a great role in VILT. VILT programs’ design needs a different approach than online asynchronous or classroom. It should be designed in such a way that it must be engaging and collaborative. And the instructional designer should provide a mechanism to communicate frequently with both the instructor and student. The designer should make students engaging content so that students can keep this in mind. Two things help in promoting training effectiveness and these are Visuals and Interaction.


After getting success in the above factors, delivery matters a lot. Delivery here means the way you communicate to make understand your content which is the most important thing in VILT. So, VILT always took skilled communicators so that they can deliver compelling VILT. This is the reason they get employee training programs to deliver content smartly.


Reduced cost

Both travel and lodging costs will be eliminated or they may be reduced in the case of VILT because it is its nature.


It does not matter where you are at a home, office or anywhere you can participate in programs or training at any time from anywhere. This is the most advanced benefit of VILT.

Modular design

Some VILT programs construct their modules in such a way that they can be completed together with other courses or curricula. Even it can be completed independently too.

Increased capacity and scalability

VILT can accommodate a large number of students. To accommodate it does not need to increase the number of materials or space. It would be run in the same way despite adding 1000 students at a time.

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