Using LED fixtures to create accent light

The lights help to create an atmosphere

The lights help to create an atmosphere. It is therefore necessary to play with it to obtain a good layout. For example, you can use an adjustable recessed LED spotlightto target the lighting to a specific area.

These LED spotlights are used in particular at ceiling or floor level, to create a halo of light on a wall and create a play of shadow and light.

So, if you have a wall with a nice glossy finish, you can enhance it with adjustable LED spotlights.

These spotlights can also be use along a corridor to create an interesting shadow play, which accentuates the depth effect of the corridor in question.

These adjustable LED luminaires can also be place in the niche of a wall,

especially if it houses a decoration or an object, or to highlight a certain architectural style.

You have the possibility of installing these types of LED lighting both inside the house and outside.

Thus, they can be used to highlight your terrace, to illuminate your garden or certain plants, to make them shine even at night.

The use of LED lighting gives the advantage of being able to save energy, even if the latter remains lit throughout the night.

In addition, some have the IP65 protection index, or even more, allowing them to resist splashing water.

This makes the adjustable LED luminaires more durable outdoors and protects them from any incident related to water, which could create short circuits and damage your electrical system.

You can also opt for LED track spots as accent lighting . Here, for example, you can highlight a sculpture, a painting, a shop window or a beautiful architectural design.

In which situations should accent lighting can be use?

accent lightingis not only used to highlight the architecture of your home, or certain objects. Indeed, it is use is in several ways, even in the professional environment.

For example, you can find it on the ramp of a fashion show, to create an effect of shadow and light.

Likewise, it is also visible in museums and art galleries, to highlight the works on display.

LED light is also popular in this kind of situation, because it emits very little heat, which means that the paintings on display are not damage.

But this lighting is mainly present in shop windows and shelves to accentuate the aesthetics of the goods.

Do not hesitate to use this decorative lighting to attract attention and add a certain aesthetic to your sales area.

What are the differences between general lighting and accent lighting?

Lighting is not as simple a science as we may think.

Indeed, it is important to distinguish between so-called general lighting and accent lighting.

In the rest of this content, we offer you some examples allowing you to better understand the interest of each and in particular of accent  OR PoE Lighting.

What is general lighting?

We speak of general lighting, for rather classic lighting , which is used to illuminate a room or a specific area quite generally.

For example, when you enter a room in your home, the switch activates a general light.

General lighting is ultimately use is to distribute light evenly and homogeneously in all directions in a specific location.

Of course, it is possible to work on its general lighting, by opting for warm lights or smart bulbs, making it possible to diversify the colors, so as to make the room pleasant.

Of course, it depends on where you are.

New technologies at the service of accent lighting

Ambient or accent lighting, on the other hand , allows you to concentrate part of the lighting on a specific area in order to give

it a festive, intimate or other air, depending on the room in which you are, thanks to light games .

By using new technologies you can thus reduce, accentuate, modify the color of your luminaire, so as to optimize the space and make the area even more pleasant.

You can also use several light sources, more or less powerful and oriented and turn them on according to what you prefer, in order to give a very precise atmosphere to your room.

Why use accent lighting?

In a personal setting, accent lighting can highlight a part of your home, a specific part of a room. But accent lighting isn’t just for your home.

It is found, for example, during a theatrical or musical performance where an area of ​​the stage is often illuminate, thus allowing the spectators to concentrate on what is happening there.

Similarly, accent lighting is found in museums or exhibitions . They are used to highlight a specific work. Finally, this method is used in department stores and shop windows. This allows you to highlight a very specific product.

What is the disadvantage of accent lighting?

Setting up accent lighting requires perfect control of light. It takes time to find the happy medium, to make the place, the targeted area, pleasant to look at. Similarly, knowing nothing about it, it is quite possible to make a mistake and make the targeted place rather unpleasant to look at.

This is why, if you wish to redirect your light in order to accentuate an area, a place,

it is preferable to call on recognized technicians who are efficient in their trade.

They will be able to offer you quality work and performance, in order to create or improve the atmosphere already in place.

What tools to use for accent lighting?

Conventional lighting does not necessarily require very suitable and efficient tools or equipment. On the other hand, to work around the accentuation of a particular area, especially in a professional setting,

It is preferable to turn to suitable equipment: LED lighting projectors and lamps, recessed or track spotlights, adjustable and specially adapted projectors to your environment, the needs are not lacking.

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