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Types and Properties of Building Materials Used in Construction

Materials Used in Construction Projects

The material used in construction projects is of utmost importance because it determines the characteristics of the project, requirements and type of maintenance required. The variety of raw material used is quite extensive. We provide best Services and Products for Construction Companies in Lahore.

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Over time and technological advances, compounds have developed that respond to the changing needs of the industry. Next, we will talk about the properties and uses of the main materials.

Types Of Building Materials

Construction Companies in LahoreBuilding materials can generally classified into two sources, natural and synthetic. Natural materials are those that not processed or minimally processed by industry, such as wood or glass. We provide best Services and Products for Construction Companies in Lahore.

Synthetic materials made in industrial settings after much human manipulation, such as petroleum-based plastics and paints. They both have specific uses.

Mud, stone, and fibrous plants are the most basic materials, aside from tents made of flexible materials like cloth or fur. People from all over the world have used these three materials together to create homes that suit their local climatic conditions.

In general, stone and brush used as the basic structural components in these buildings, while mud used to fill the space between them to act as a type of concrete and insulation. A basic example is the wattle and the mud that used mainly in houses in tropical countries.

Knowing the properties of the materials and the combinations between them will allow them to select the best option to develop a project, for example, a balanced feed plant that has very specific characteristics and must comply with strict regulations for its operation.

Natural Building Materials


The tent was the selected home among nomadic groups from all over the world. Two well-known types include the conical tipi and the circular yurt. It has been revived as an important construction technique with the development of tensile architecture and synthetic fabrics. Modern buildings can be made of flexible material, such as fabric membranes, and supported by a system of internal or steel cables.

Mud And Clay

Construction Companies in LahoreThe amount of every material utilizes to use to get many styles of structures. The game changer typically connects with the nature of the dirt that utilized. Bigger measures of earth commonly mean utilizing the cob or adobe style, while low dirt soil is for the most part connected with turf development. We provide best Services and Products for Construction Companies in Lahore.

The other main ingredients include sand, gravel, straw, grasses in different proportions. Rammed earth is an old and new version of wall making, once made by compacting clay soils between planks by hand, now using forms and mechanical pneumatic compressors to achieve the same effect.

The soil, and especially the clay, is a good thermal mass and allows constant temperatures to maintain. Earth-constructed buildings tend to be naturally cool in the heat of summer and warm in cold climates. Clay retains heat or cold and releases it over a period just like stone.

Earthen walls change temperature slowly, so raising or lowering the temperature artificially may use more resources than, say, a house built with wood, but it stays hot or cold longer.


It is the most durable building material available and there are many types with different attributes that make them better or worse for uses. Rock is a very dense material, so it also provides a lot of protection, its main drawback as a material is its weight and discomfort. Its energy density also considered a major drawback. As stone is difficult to keep warm without using large amounts of heating resources.

Dry stone walls have built during the time that humans put one stone on top of another. Finally, different forms of mortar used to hold the stones together, cement being the most common place now. Most of the stone buildings seen in the big cities. Some civilizations built entirely with stone, such as the Egyptian pyramids, the Aztec pyramids, and the remains of the Inca civilization.

Straw And Brush

Straw is one of the oldest known materials as it is a good insulator and easily harvested. Many African tribes have lived in homes made entirely of grass all year round. Thatched roofs on houses were once prevalent, but the material fell out of favor as industrialization and improved transportation increased the availability of other materials.

On the other hand, the brush made up of plant parts and is a material used in tropical and subtropical areas. With structures formed from branches, leaves and bark, brush constructions resemble those made by beavers. We provide best Services and Products for Construction Companies in Lahore.


The ice used by the Inuit for igloos, but has also used in ice hotels as a tourist attraction in northern areas that would not otherwise receive many tourists during the winter.


Construction Companies in LahoreWood is a product of trees, and sometimes other fibrous plants, used for construction purposes when it cut or pressed into lumber such as boards, planks, and similar materials. It is a generic building material and used in almost any type of structure in most climates.

Wood can be very flexible under load, maintaining strength during bending, and is incredibly strong when compressed vertically. There are many different qualities for different types of the wood, even among the same tree species. This means that certain species are better at different uses than others. And the growing conditions are important to decide the quality.

Historically, lumber for building large structures used in its unprocessed form as logs. Trees were cut to length, sometimes stripped of the bark, then notched or tied in place. With the invention of chainsaws came the mass production of dimensional lumber. This made the buildings faster and more uniform. Thus, the modern western style house made.

Brick And Block

A brick is a block made of kiln-fired material, usually clay or shale, but can also be low-quality mud, etc. Clay bricks formed in a molding or in commercial manufacturing most often by extruding the clay through a die and then wire cutting it to size.


Concrete is a widely used material in composite construction projects made from the combination of aggregate and a binder such as cement. The most common form of concrete is that which consists of mineral aggregate, usually gravel and sand, cement, and water.

After mixing, the cement gets wet and hardens, eventually turning into a rocky substance. When used in the general sense, this is the meaning of a tangible word. This is because concrete for concrete structures of all sizes has a relatively low tensile strength. Therefore, they often strengthened with rebar, also called rebar. Strengthened concrete is reinforced concrete.

To minimize air bubbles that would weaken metal frame fabrication, a vibrator used to remove air that has entrained when the liquid concrete mix ​​poured around the hardware. Concrete has been the predominant material in this modern era due to its longevity, formability, and ease of transportation.

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