Top 7 Hardest Programming Languages to Learn

There are currently more than 500 languages that are programming. The majority of these languages are overlapping, as well as a significant number were never designed to be used in a developing environment.


Which one do you need to learn if would like to start your career in the field of software programming? It will be in better in a position to make a knowledgeable decision if you know which of these are the most straightforward and difficult programming languages to master, as well as their application scenarios.


Learning programming languages can help you greatly when you’re trying to get into technical interviews with Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google (FAANG) and many other top technology companies around the globe.


In this article we will discuss the top seven easiest and toughest programming languages to master and you’ll be able to decide which one you want to learn to improve your skills.


This is what we’ll discuss In this post:


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The top 7 programming languages to master


1. C++


C++ is an object-oriented programming system and is considered to be the most efficient language available. It’s advised to master C++, especially when you’re planning to test to master competing programming.


In addition, due to its efficiency, speed and strength, C++ is typically used in the performance-critical parts of algorithms and products designed for FAANG companies.


Why Learning C++ Is Hard


Being an object-oriented language, C++ is highly dynamic and has numerous moving parts. Sometimes, these components work in a way that is intuitive; other times they aren’t. The onus is on the programmer to figure out the solution.


There’s no need to go deep into the intricate details involved in C++; you must remember it is multi-faceted, and you cannot think of knowing everything about the language. It is important to understand the basics in a hands-on way while working on a small task to make use of your learning.


The process of learning C++ might be difficult, but once you master it you’ll appreciate the speed and efficacy of C++.


2. Prolog


Prolog refers to Logic Programming. It was created in 1972, and is a fascinating programming language for those looking to work with the natural processing of languages (NLP) component of artificial Intelligence.


Prolog is extremely helpful to create chatbots. Eliza — the first chatbot designed was designed using Prolog.


Why Learning Prolog Is Hard


As a language Prolog isn’t too difficult. The syntax is more easy when compared the syntax of C++ or Python. However, the process of creating Prolog programs poses a problem entirely.


Concepts such as facts, rules and objectives are what make Prolog an extremely difficult language to master. You shouldn’t just cut and paste Prolog code in hopes of getting it to work. You’ll most likely encounter compiler errors or endless repetition.


The fundamental logic behind your program should be precise and that makes it difficult to improve. The majority of procedural languages employed today allow programmers to have a free hand to make contradictions.


Programmers can write lengthy lines of code in order to correct the logic-based errors and then adjust the code to compensate for them. However, with Prolog you aren’t able to accomplish this. You must get the logic correct from the beginning.




LISP is a short form in the form of List Processing. Following Fortran it is the second most dated programming language. It was developed in the early days of John McCarthy, one of the pioneers for artificial intelligence in its current form as we see it today.


It’s known as”the “programmable programming language,” that’s a reference to its biggest benefit against other language programming.


Lisp is a language for doing what you’ve been told is impossible.” — Kent Pitman


LISP is designed to be a mathematical notation that is practical for programming and has proven to be the most popular choice of AI developers. Certain of its capabilities such as rapid prototyping and dynamic object creation, garbage collection, as well as extreme adaptability makes it one of the most powerful programs for AI/ML.


Why Learning LISP Is Hard


LISP adheres to the functional paradigm of programming. The majority of programmers aren’t familiar with functional programming or programming languages, such as how they work in practice, how to maintain the elegance of code, etc. This makes the beginning stages of learning to use LISP quite somewhat difficult.


It has some theoretical hurdles to get over because it employs different concepts than you are familiar with, but it’s possible with persistence. Once you’ve mastered the key concepts in LISP including how the evaluator works and how macros can override it, and a few functions that are part of the functional programming approach, things will start to become easier.


4. Haskell


Haskell is named for Haskell Brooks Curry who was a famous mathematician. It was created in 1990, and is a statically typed functional programming language that offers shorter lines of code.


Haskell is extremely efficient at dealing with errors and, as such it is considered to be a secure programming language. The majority of non-syntactical mistakes are detected in the compile phase itself, instead of at runtime.


The most important features of Haskell are:


  • Absorption abilities that are strong
  • Extreme code reusability
  • Less code lines More code understanding
  • Memory management built-in


They, along with other features that are offered by Haskell help improve the productivity that programmers can achieve. While only a few developers are currently using it but it could be able to be able to compete with other languages in AI in the event that it gets more recognition.


Why Learning Haskell Is Hard


The difficulty of learning Haskell is due to its nature as functional language. However, even in the context of other functional programming languages Haskell has its own challenges due to its abstraction and purity, its simple syntax, and usage of single-letter identifiers.


These are the same things that contribute to the strengths of Haskell overall However, these also create it difficult to master and learn.


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5. Assembly Language (ASM)


Assembly Language is an umbrella term that is used to describe low-level code that is native machine code that can be used by any microprocessor. The other languages in this list were more syntactically similar to English and their code has to be reduced to machine-specific instructions using Bytecode.


The code in this example is compiled which is why it’s called. It is possible to understand the purpose of a program that is written by hand in C or Python simply by studying it. If you are using Assembly Language, this task is hard without knowing the entirety of the code in context. Every basic operation, such as the movement of data into memory registers is a complete description.


There’s a reason for these issues. Assembly Language is extremely efficient, particularly when speed is essential. With it, you are able to execute low-level systems programming. They can also be used with other programming languages that are high-level for the development of hardware or for systems programming.


Why Learning Assembly Language Is Hard


As we mentioned previously, Assembly Language operates on various parameters. So, learning and mastering it is an arduous job.


In order to begin beginning to study Assembly Language, you must be aware of how computers work internally. If you’ve only been using high-level languages you might be unable to comprehend how CPU functions in terms of how memory is handled and how you can read and write to registers. There is a huge knowledge gap that has to be bridged prior to learning Assembly Language.

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