The Pros And Cons Of Putting Up For Hundreds Of Sale Sign

A sign that says “for sale” is among those images which come to your mind when thinking about selling your property with reciept holders. However, did you realise that you don’t even need to place one up in the first place?

It is common to place an advertisement for sale outside your house whenever you place your home for sale. The signs usually include the details of your estate agent’s board and reciept holders to allow potential buyers to contact you about your house. It’s among the most fundamental methods of advertising a home but increasing numbers of people prefer not to employ one.

There are a lot of drawbacks of putting up a for sale sign that you might not have thought about, however, the advantages of putting up an advertisement are worth considering.

To assist you in making the right choice when you’re looking for an investor we’ve compiled an exhaustive list of advantages and disadvantages you need to take into consideration.

The Benefits Of Putting Up A For Sale Advertisement

In the case of selling your property, it is helpful to have a variety of tools to market your property to choose from even though the sign for sale might not be a contemporary option, however, it’s possible it can make a huge difference.

Word Of Mouth

If you’ve got an advertisement for sale outside your home, potential people are likely to learn about it via word-of-mouth.

People are more likely to follow the advice of family or friends and if someone drives through and discovers that your property is available for sale, they might let them know. This is particularly helpful when your home is situated in a village or town where there is a sense of community.

Making Your Home Visible

If you’re in search of homes to purchase then you’ll be more likely to see homes as you walk by when you go for an exercise or walk or maybe on your commute.

Properties with signs for sale outside are more likely to draw the attention of buyers and, if they like the style of a house they’ve observed, they may search for it online and inquire.

The Disadvantages Of Using An For Sale Sign

There are definitely benefits to hanging an advertising sign for sale on the outside of your house There are also certain disadvantages that you might not have thought of.

Is A Sign For Sale Serve A Use?

A majority of people begin their home lookup online; by looking through the internet for listings, therefore the sale signs are unlikely to draw a lot of buyers in the overall plan of things.

In addition, people are more likely to investigate the location they want to visit online and then select homes in accordance with the information they find. It is not common to see them visit the location just to walk around and look for homes available for sale.

A Swarm Of Signs For Sale Aren’t Always Appealing.

For-sale signs could discourage buyers, particularly in areas with many for-sale signs. If, for instance, there are a lot of sale signs on your street it could indicate that the location has an extremely high rate of turnover in residents.

Some buyers might ask “why are so many people going to leave the area?’. It’s possible that the number of signs advertising for sale might be an accident however; it could adversely influence the value of your home.

There are some residents and councils who oppose for-sale signs since they are unclean and unattractive. There is a possibility that they’ll be left after the property has been removed from the market.

Do I Require A “For Sale Board To Sell My House?

If you’re planning to sell your home in the near future, one of the most important factors to take into consideration is how to promote your house efficiently.

The question you’ll need to decide on will be whether For Sale boards are good to promote your business. Although some claim they aid in getting more attention others to claim they’re an eyesore and have no role.

Here, using our experience as for sale boards for estate agents and letting agents operating across London and across the UK, we examine the advantages and disadvantages of the presence of a For Sale board on the outside of the house you’re selling.

The Advantages

The most important benefit of having a Sale display is the fact that it draws the attention of those who see your house. It is always the chance that passers-by take notice and then follow up with the initial curiosity. Based on that you may be able to make an offer.

In a more practical sense, For Sale boards create an excellent first impression for potential buyers. They can help your home be noticed immediately.

It is also possible to use the power of associations. People are still strongly linked For Sale signs to estate agents as well as a house that is being sold. When they see an ad, they quickly connect 2 and 2.

For estate agents signs boards are an excellent tool for demonstrating that you intend to sell your home. Potential buyers will notice the sign and be aware that your house is for sale.

In the same way, the power of word-of-mouth works well in this case even in the present time and time. For instance, someone could pass by your home and come across the sign and then subconsciously note that the home is for auction. They might have a friend seeking to purchase or rent a home – a neighbour, friend or work associate or a colleague. They can then pass on the details about your property.

In the absence of a For Sale sign, you might be missing out on an opportunity to attract as many potential buyers to your region as you can. For one thing, people are still drawn to traditional marketing techniques.

The Negatives

The people who are against estate agents signing the UK claim they do not make any difference in a digitally advancing world.

This is due to the fact that most house buyers go to websites like Rightmove and Zoopla in search of properties. A vast array of properties is only a click away. The exposure you can receive online is far greater than what you could receive from the sign that reads “For Sale sign.

Many people believe that word-of-mouth marketing is no longer able to reach the degree of influence (or reach) as the internet has. According to them, it’s less likely people will come across a For Sale board and pounce upon this initial curiosity.

It’s also said the For Sale signs can be unattractive if they’re kept up over a long period of time. Streets that have a lot of signs could make prospective buyers wonder the reason why so many are trying to move out of the neighbourhood.

There is also an opportunity the For Sale board could irritate your neighbours or even the local council. As we’ve mentioned above there are strong arguments on both sides.

Be Aware Of The Law

The laws governing estate agency boards can be a bit complex, particularly when they pertain to the acceptable dimensions of any temporary advertisement.

The reason boards are designed in standard sizes with low-cost corrugated boards, which is why they’re cheap to recycle or create new one. In areas with a high turnover of rented properties, signage may remain in place for long periods of time, making an ugly sight.


Construction site signage can provide additional exposure to your home however; you must consider whether they have sufficient relevance in today’s digitally-driven society. Naturally, with the help of an estate agent, you’ll be able to evaluate both the advantages and disadvantages and make an informed choice.

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