The Asana Software vs Monday Software Showdown

Asana software has design after the concept of a yogic pose that focuses on streamlining the chaotic flow of energy through a calm demeanor. It stays true to its values by integrating features like workload, reporting, timeline, workflow builder, and goals. The Monday software was introduced in 2012 for the first time to help online and remote teams with task management as well as efficient collaboration.

Let’s see how Asana software vs Monday software makes for tough competition through robust features and management tools.

Asana Software

The Asana software is able to match the shifting flow of work without hindering the growth of your campaigns. Your projects do not have to come undone every time there is a change. The Asana software has numerous features that simplify processes for agile teams, like:


When you are working online, it is integral that you have access to all the information. Therefore, Kanban is integrated and gives you the ability to streamline project plans through cards and columns. You can further add labels to the columns and move them around to update the team about the progress.

The cards incorporate information such as the names of the assignees, the dates on which a project is due, and also subtasks that need to complete in order for each task to be finished. The Kanban board is another way of keeping an eye on all the processes or any work piling up. Therefore, it is easier to identify task dependencies, possible delays, or potential conflicts.

Workflow Builder

Since the Asana software is known best for its ability to manage the flow of work, The workflow builder supports the management of various tasks by integrating different tools. For instance, the forms tool is useful for the systematic intake of work requests and ideas. It further ensures that the work requests across teams are being communicated properly.

Likewise, task automation reduces the overall burden of manual work. It can use to trigger a flow of actions that may include assigning tasks and updating status as well. In fact, you can integrate many important tools like Slack or Google Drive to share updates with your team too.

Another tool that supports efficient workflows the workflow reporting which lets you know what is working and what needs to change.


Streamlining the process keeps everything aligned. The timeline feature lets you outline the goals, determine the connection between deadlines and tasks, and ensure that you follow tasks thoroughly.

The timelines will also display the progress of each member as a way to showcase their input. Likewise, you can define tasks and make sure that the team knows what to follow. If you need to make modifications, you can easily make necessary adjustments too.


The shared team calendar lets everyone know about the upcoming deadlines and it is helpful in staying on track. There are many ways through which calendars can use to manage tasks. For instance, you can easily switch from calendars to lists and view the dates in a list layout. You can integrate tools like Google Calendars, iCal, and Outlook in order to import schedule details.

Asana Demo

If you want to see how the software can use to align with your goals, you can also request an Asana demo. The demo presents a brief introduction to the features and their functions. In order to access the demo, all you need to do is to fill in a more straightforward request form.

Asana Pricing

The reason that Asana software reviews show that it has hundreds of satisfied customers is not only due to its features but also because of the fact that Asana pricing is able to support teams of all sizes. There are four different plans to choose from.

Monday Software

The Monday software is able to accommodate a variety of work management requirements with a variety of assorted tools and features. Here is how Monday has become a well-reputed software for online project management:


A dashboard will give you an overview of all the data at a glance. The Monday.com software dashboard will let you keep up with timelines, project progress, and budgets at a glance. Similarly, you can run reports to see what is working, what requires changes, and so on.

There are many other functions of the dashboard too. You can, for example, assign tasks to users, prioritize things that need to resolve before others, and also check what the team is up to.


While working, you may need to refer to data that supports project management and task completion. The files feature on Monday lets you import files and share them with the team. The live annotations let you directly communicate through the files and reduce the time spent on requesting and waiting for feedback.


The Monday software has a task automation system so that manual tasks are reduced. You can stay ahead with an automated process for updates. For example, you can send emails to request the status update of a project and your team can send automated updates too.

Monday Demo

The website blog integrates a Monday demo to help you gain a better understanding of the tools. You can easily understand the value of the software in relation to your work.

Monday Pricing

The Monday pricing is suitable for individuals, small teams, and large-scale businesses as well. There are five subscription offers that consist of elements such as templates, unlimited documents, automated processes, integrations, time tracking, formula columns, and more.



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