Successful QR Code Marketing Campaigns

Companies are successfully adopting QR code campaigns into their marketing routine as QR codes re-enter the marketing spotlight.

Since the introduction of QR codes in 1994, many complex processes have been redefined and simplified. Small and large brands establish a QR code-powered marketing campaign because of their ability to redefine complicated processes.

Aside from its ability to ease activities, QR codes can be used with your mobile device to create and scan them.

If you want to start using QR codes in your marketing campaign, here are some ideas to get you started.

What is the purpose of a QR code campaign?

A QR code campaign is a form of marketing campaign that makes use of QR codes created with the finest QR code generator to store additional marketing materials without having to print new pages for their flyers.

The usage of QR code technology in this type of marketing campaign allows businesses to boost customer interaction.

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QR code marketing that work and how they do it

Here are 10 successful QR code campaigns that assist raise health awareness, as demonstrated by their utility during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Contactless Contact Tracing Dine-in Campaign at McDonald’s

Because the food industry has been one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 outbreak, contactless eating safeguards have been implemented in all dining establishments. McDonald’s is one of the businesses that has heeded this request.

McDonald’s displays their contact tracing QR codes in their customer registration booth because contact tracing is one of the preventive steps that the health community requires.

Customers and employees may engage without having to touch each other thanks to the QR code marketing.

Russia, Australia, and Singapore are the countries that are currently implementing this campaign.

2. Burger King’s VMA Whopper used discount QR codes to promote.

There will be no in-person presentation for the MTV Video Music Awards in 2020. Because viewers are encouraged to watch the show on their televisions at home, Burger King has teamed up with Lil Yachty to provide a Whopper discount and 2021 VMAs tickets giveaway via QR codes.

The campaign begins with Lil Yachty performing his song, with QR codes flashing throughout his performance.

Burger King successfully interacts with viewers and creates a definitive move with technology by using the performer’s VMA performance.

3. Ikea’s Buy Back QR Code Promotion

Because furniture shopping is one of the most difficult things to accomplish nowadays, some consumers make the mistake of buying something they don’t need in their businesses or homes.

As a result, Ikea, a Swedish furniture firm, developed a new buyback system that includes QR codes.

Customers can return an Ikea product in exchange for an in-store gift card that they can use on their next Ikea purchase through the Buy-Back programme.

There are several requirements and conditions that a customer must adhere to in order to return the merchandise effectively. The transaction also facilitates their means of returning the merchandise thanks to the confirmation QR code that they will scan to obtain the referral number from the real store employees.

As a result, Ikea’s QR codes provide a more customer-friendly service.

4. The NikePlus personal QR code recognition system

Nike will use QR codes to boost its customer loyalty drive in 2020. NikePlus created personal QR codes as part of their customer loyalty programme.

Nike employees can scan their customers’ information using QR codes.

Nike’s drive to bring their clients closer to them succeeds thanks to the NikePlus personal QR code acknowledgment system.

5. Halloween delivery boxes from Amazon

Because consumers become bored with the Halloween stay-at-home restriction, Amazon included a QR code in its Halloween delivery boxes to encourage customers to be more creative.

Amazon customers may make their own pumpkin designs on the boxes by scanning the QR codes connected to them with Amazon’s AR app.

The campaign was a success, and they successfully restore Amazon customers’ Halloween spirits.

6. Tourism campaign TopFruit

TopFruit is a juice beverage brand from Oman that focuses on adding value to their product packaging.

TopFruit’s firm, Oman RefCo, has launched a TopFruit tourist promotion using QR codes.

Attaching a QR code that highlights Oman’s landmarks in the product packaging is in vogue as part of a strategy to assist businesses enhance sales and promote Oman.

7. COVID-19 Contact Tracing Census at Maimonides Medical Center

In addition to the corporate sector’s QR code campaign for better marketing outcomes, the health-care system is launching its COVID-19 contact tracing census campaign.

The Maimonides Medical Health Center is a New York City hospital located in Brooklyn. And, with New York leading the COVID-19 case count in the United States, Maimonides launches a new approach to count those who visit their emergency room.

The QR code serves as a contact tracing portal, eliminating the need for users to fill out forms with pen and paper.

Its use allowed the hospital to keep up with the growing number of admissions while adhering to the COVID-19 health guideline.

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