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Choosing the wrong blogging platform is considered to be among the major mistakes committed by beginners when initiating a blog. It is very easy to start a WordPress website and virtually anyone can do it. For around 95% of all users blogging, they choose to use WordPress. It is also called self-hosted WordPress and it is also called self-hosted WordPress and it is available for free. The website design can be customized with, different themes and plugins when installed. WordPress blog’s visual appearance is theme controlled. Hence, as you visit your blog for the very first time, it will show you something that will not be found interesting to many people. It becomes crucial on your part to change the theme to something interesting and exciting so that it can bring in that wow factor and be linked by everyone.

All WordPress Websites come with a built-in blog, ready for your compelling content to push your website to the top search engine results pages. It makes it easy for Google to crawl into the index for the way WordPress categorizes its content.

What does a WordPress platform offer?

WordPress is an open-source system that is free to use, written in PHP, and coupled with MariaDB and MYSQL database. Although it is free, you still need to pay for domain registration, web hosting, and for premium features. There are several other platforms for web design and hosting such as Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and more but none of these have achieved the global power that WordPress has amassed.

It is used as an open-source blogging software – free to download, install, use and customize. Users can use it to create any kind of website. Users do not need a domain name and web hosting to install it.

What are the prerequisites for using WordPress?

Besides, WordPress developers need to choose the right hosting service, and the right domain name, create pages and write/edit posts using WordPress’s Block Editor, customize colours, fonts, the header and footer, the layout, and other design elements, colours, and images and use follow buttons, contact forms, and social media. It helps explore plugins, widgets, and some eye-catching website themes.

How can we get started with WordPress?

WordPress is a brilliant tool for creating websites, whether you’re a budding blogger or a seasoned web designer. Follow these steps :

  1. Configure WordPress on Web Host and get it running on your home computer.
  2. Create your site – Block page, business site, or an e-commerce site.
  3. Adorn it with pictures, slideshows, video clips, music players, and podcasts.
  4. Select from a range of plug-ins to enhance your site’s capabilities, from contact forms to a basic shopping cart.
  5. Customize the WordPress theme to create a site that looks exactly the way you want.
  6. Make use of search engine optimization techniques, site statistics, and social sharing to reach more people.
  7. Use backup and staging tools to protect your content and avoid ad-hoc penalties.

How to find the best Business WordPress Website?

WordPress has hundreds of themes available and are user-friendly with limitations. But themes do nothing for Search Engine Optimization.

  • Features in your WordPress Website that go far deeper than a clean design: Website Hosting, the code that is optimized for search, security, a comprehensive sitemap, branding and colour scheme, navigation, a blog – viewable across multiple web browsers, mobile responsiveness, short load times, social media integration, testimonials, call to action, and tracking. Some companies also offer website maintenance, at usually an additional charge.
  • Themes: A WordPress Website Design Company foregoes the standard themes and creates Semi-custom vs. Custom WordPress and SEO-enriched functional themes that they use in all their websites.
  • Content for your website: Web developers can set the framework for the website. But they don’t always provide the content. Written content gives your website the ability to be indexed by search engines, and found online in the search query result.
  • What should you look for in a WordPress Design Agency: It is essential for a company to make you feel that your ideas are being heard. They contribute ideas of their own, a good designer will be able to offer you expert advice, ways in which you can improve your website, and what’s trending. A good website design company will have a system in place.
  • Understand the company’s research phases: They may use research and planning, design, development, testing, and then launching. Ensure that they understand the WordPress CMS. Also, the designers should make use of referrals, testimonials, and case studies. Read reviews about the company via past client testimonials, and check their social media. They shouldn’t be a start-up. Look for a company that has well established, manages a good reputation, and proven track record, for producing high-quality work. You must get into a fair contract with your Website Development Agency – Read in-between lines. If there are questionable items, find out if the contract is negotiable.

What is the cost to hire a WordPress Development Agency?

The average cost to build a WordPress website is $200 which includes designing, developing, and publishing the site. Also if you prefer adding more features to WordPress Websites to keep it secure, you can consider buying premium versions of free WordPress themes. These cost a huge price range, costing in between $10 – $200, but it can add on to the base price of WordPress website.

WordPress website Hosting Plans are available for as low as $8/month. But in case you are scaling up, you need a complementary hosting plan worth $15-$20.

What questions should you ask WordPress developers in an interview?

  • How long have they been in business?
  • What does their workflow look like?
  • Do they offer domain registration and hosting?
  • Are there backup and restore processes?
  • Are their websites custom, or semi-custom?
  • Looking at our current website, what do they recommend?
  • Do they provide content or images?
  • Will our website be secure?
  • How long will it take to complete our website?
  • Will our website be mobile responsive?
  • Can we modify our website later?
  • Does their service include website maintenance?
  • How do they price their websites?
  • Will there be any additional charges?
  • What do we need to provide – some deposit or signing a contract?
  • Can we view their portfolio?
  • Do they have referrals?

Conclusive: Why should you choose a WordPress Website Development Agency?

If you wish to grow your business with an affordable website choose WordPress as it is the simplest content management system available on the Web. It is a place to write and publish digital blogs. It now supports 1/3rd of the total websites. Kinsta is a premium WordPress hosting that has enabled over 23,500+ companies to switch to better, faster hosting for websites, online shops, agencies, or enterprises with top performance and extra support.

WordPress is a popular solution for content management systems. It is the perfect playground for beginners who want a creative stretch, with a humble background, to the most experient developers who wish to blog. You need a website design company that can help you build a website from the ground up, and optimize the content and images to index it across search engines. Research design companies online, check online reviews, which one is more experienced, who connects to your vision, answers your questions thoroughly, and gives you the soundest advice.

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