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Mobile applications and websites are a first impression for any brand. With the increasing competition in the virtual world, the tech advancements are constantly required. A professional web development company works better in creating top-notch applications. 

For healthcare, ed-tech, entertainment, financial, or any other sectors’ software development, professionals are hired to serve quality solutions along with creativity. 

Although, in the specific segment, the requirements differ. For instance, in the educational industry, two market players with digital products/ apps have differentiated features according to what they offer. Therefore, delivering top-notch solutions considering business niches is the best quality of developers.

The article sheds light on the effectiveness of hiring professionals of top web development companies. Also, by the end of the article, you would get to know top market players to help you out. First, let’s find out the top services offered by web app development companies. 

Solutions offered that scale performance & productivity

As mentioned business niches differ and so do the solutions, here are some major services, professionals offer:

1) Web app development

Professional development companies offer overall website/ web app development services. It helps businesses engage & serve users productively. A web app development company with industry expertise enhances the user-interface. From scratch to successfully launching the software, professionals take care of everything.

2) Web designing/ redesigning

Specific solutions to existing businesses have huge demand & clients hire professionals regarding the same. Every user wants appealing design & smooth navigation because it is a major factor to make audience retention rates higher. Therefore, website designing & designing also fall under their service offerings.

3) Mobile app development

Nonetheless, top web development companies offer mobile app development services as all platforms are the sources to increase audience base. It covers iOS and android app development solutions. As both operating systems have huge users and help in boosting brand awareness and profit scalability.

4) Backend/ Frontend development

Similarly, the services cover server-side (backend) & user-side (frontend) interface development. It is the important factor in the overall development process as there is continuous complexity & uncertainty in clients requirements.

Additional services offered by top market players:

5) Certified AWS partnership

A professional web development company with certified AWS partnership is very helpful in enhancing technical aspects of softwares. 

Firstly, it is essential to understand the value added by Amazon. As Amazon Web Services are a globally recognized platform with more than 200 services. Moreover, the platform is helpful for Ed-tech brands for providing study material & related services to boost global education quality.

Here are some top service offerings from AWS partnership:

a) CloudFront

AWS CloudFront is the best CDN (content delivery network) that helps brands to deliver content to a global audience base. It is helpful in providing better educational content to targeted users/ subscribers. With flawless content access at any corner of the globe, institutions, educators, and Ed-tech brands are helpful with productive solutions.

b) S3

Web development company with AWS partnership allows brands to boost its storage. As OTT streaming brands & e-learning applications require sound cloud storage for protecting users’ data & content. Hence, AWS S3 is very helpful with secure content storage facilities. Therefore the hiring of a development partner with this feature scales software performance in the long run. 

c) Elemental Media services

Robust elemental media services of AWS are helpful for streaming brands. Because live streaming is as important as on-demand streaming and it connects users productively. 

d) Live software development services

At last, AWS live software development along with mentioned app/ website development services, improve the UI/ UX of e-learning mobile apps. Also, a professional web development company includes cloud storage, elemental media along with robust CDN. 

6) Digital rights management

Short for DRM, the service is helpful in protecting online content from theft & piracy. Not only this, streaming businesses need to protect revenues & subscription rates. Therefore, DRM is useful for prohibiting unauthorized attempts to access content. Also, it limits the number of times content can be consumed along with password protected measures while users sign-up.

7) AI Chatbot development

Websites require AI chatbot so that users’ queries get resolved real-time. The top web development companies with tech expertise implement the AI chatbot without impacting the existing tech aspects of the websites/ softwares. This feature is very useful as it saves users’ time & they retain on the platform for longer-time.

Benefits to hire professional for top-notch development solutions

Let’s understand what the mentioned services bring to clients’ businesses.

1) Improved performance

The quality development solutions increase the overall performance of the website. The best web development company with industry expertise & considering business requirements update softwares features which help users get value. Hence, at the end with improved performance, clients’ businesses scale.

2) Increased revenues 

With the above mentioned point, once users get value of their time, they engage with software more often. Therefore, if the features are very helpful for targeted audiences, they invest in the website by purchasing or doing what businesses want them to do. As a result, businesses’ revenues increase in the long-run.

3) Boosted users’ retention/ engagement

Similar to the two points, the boosted performance & revenues display user engagement. In the long-run, a professional web development company helps clients retain potential users on the software by adopting innovative, creative, & quality web development solutions. 

4) Brand awareness

For every investment done in hiring the right development company, clients want maximum returns. The major expectation is establishing brand identity with improved app’s features.

5) Competitive edge

Last not the least, the mentioned services give clients a first mover advantage or competitive edge in the market. As with custom AWS & robust DRM, the brands (clients) get returns of their investment made.

Final Thoughts

Every platform is important & drives significant benefits to clients. Mobile apps and website development are very productive. However, hiring the right web development company is time consuming. Therefore, to help you out, our recommendation is AppSquadz, a leading mobile app development company that has a proven track record of developing best performing websites & mobile apps. With over fifteen years of industry expertise and 850 app development project deliveries, it is the best fit for your business. Consult with their experts to know more.

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