Rent a Selfie Booth to Celebrate This Christmas Party with Full Enjoyment

We go to Christmas parties every year, but no two Christmas parties are the same. One of the best ways you can spruce up your Christmas party this year is by renting a selfie booth! Below, we’ll share how to rent a selfie booth near you to celebrate at your upcoming Christmas party. 

Make Memories That Last This Christmas

Photo booths make excellent additions to any event. If you’re planning on throwing a big Christmas party this year, a photo booth can help make your event memorable by:

  • Encouraging guests to mingle
  • Helping guests form lasting memories
  • Entertaining guests with a variety of activity options

Plus, photo booths are now available more than ever. While finding a photo booth used to be a challenge, finding one today is easy with so many photo booth businesses opening up nationwide. Below, we’ll share some information about how you can rent a photo booth if you’re in one of Selfie Booth Co.’s primary California locations. To learn more, read on!

Rent Selfie Booth Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a photo booth in central California, consider Selfie Booth Co. You can rent selfie booth Los Angeles by going to Selfie Booth Co.’s LA location and inquiring about their rental packages. These packages are affordable compared to other photo booth companies and give you the most bang for your buck. 

This is an award-winning location that has worked at a variety of both small- and large-scale events. No matter how large your LA Christmas party is going to be, Selfie Booth Co. can hook you up with a photo booth package that will fit your needs. 

Rent Selfie Booth Orange County

Those in southern California will want to rent at Selfie Booth Orange County. This southernmost Selfie Booth Co. location is happy to help with all of your Christmas party needs in the area. The Orange County Selfie Booth Co. location offers a variety of packages, including add-ons, such as:

  • Props
  • Backdrops
  • Extra prints
  • Custom logos 

All of these items can really draw attention to your photo booth and make it a central part of your Christmas party. Your backdrops and props could have Christmas themes, such as Santa hats or Christmas trees. You could also add a custom logo with your Christmas party name and date or perhaps your family’s name if you’re having a family Christmas party. This can help your loved ones remember this fun event when they go back to look at the photos years later. 

Rent Selfie Booth Bay Area

Finally, those in northern California can rent at Selfie Booth Bay Area. The Bay Area Selfie Booth Co. is proud to offer the residents of northern California options for their upcoming Christmas parties. This location has several 5-star reviews from events, including birthday parties, weddings, and family reunions. Like the other Selfie Booth sites in California, this location also offers a variety of affordable packages, so you get everything you want in one rental. 

If you’re planning to have a big Christmas party, consider the type of machine you want. Bay Area Selfie Booth Co. has a variety of rental options, including both physical and digital machines. Physical machines give your guests printed photos, while digital send the photo directly to your guest’s phone or email. 

For big Christmas parties, you may want to opt for a digital machine as you don’t have to worry about paying for exorbitant amounts of paper and ink. This also makes the photo options unlimited, as guests can take as many photos as they want without having to carry the photos around with them for the rest of the night!


This Christmas, don’t be afraid to try something new. Getting a selfie booth for your Christmas Party is a great way to bring people together and make wonderful memories. Make sure you find a location near you and pick the package you’re most interested in this holiday season. 

If you know of anyone planning a Christmas party this year, like and share this article with them to help them make it a party to remember. Feel free to leave any questions you have for us in the comments below – we’re always happy to help however we can. 

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