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Prashar Lake Trek

A Complete Guide to Prashar Lake – Himachal Pradesh


Prashar Lake Trek is an undiscovered gem in the Himalayas, boasting magnific decor and a lovely path. Prashar Lake Trek leads you through lush timbers with lookouts of snow-limited mountains in the coliseum-shaped vale of the Dhauladhar range, making it a true jewel in Himachal Pradesh.


It’s a short hike that’ll fit impeccably into your long weekend plans and satisfy your wanderlust. The views of the lake at night are stirring, and your passage will be that much more important.

Prashar Lake is not your typical trip, which is one of the reasons it’s so worthwhile and unique.


The trip is located in Kullu, at an elevation of bases, and may be completed in two days. It’s a fairly simple rise through emerald woods with demitasse clear streamlets running through them. likewise, a floating islet floats on the lake’s face, mimicking the movement of the water. The Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal, and Kinnaur mountain ranges may also be seen from the lake in a crescent shape.

During the downtime months, the snow piles over snappily around the lake. The journey route is substantially closed throughout December. The maximum temperature ever recorded then’s around 21 °C, with layoffs dropping to below-8 °C.


A regard of the once


  • One of the most worthwhile and unique routes is to Prashar Lake. It’s like the painite jewel of lakes, the rarest and most satisfying of its type. This lake is considered to be a crater left by Bhima, the Pandava family who’s the most important. With Lord Kamrunag, the Pandavas returned triumphant from the Kurukshetra war( God of rain). After stopping by the Prashar Lake region. Kamrunag was so taken with the peace that he decided to remain a little longer. Bhima rammed his elbow into the mountain, producing the Prashar Lake, with all due respect for the Lord’s judgment.


  • This is also one of the reasons why no one knows how deep the lake is because they believe it was erected by the strongest man of the time. As a result, the lake is affectionately appertained to as Kamrunag Lake and the vale as Kamru Valley.


What’s the way to get to Prashar Lake?


  • The lake can be reached via hiking or a motorable road. Because there’s no direct public transportation to Biaggi, the common starting position, it must be reached through Mandi. There are also motorcars from Mandi, a Himachal Pradesh quarter, to the lake. One of the most realistic and doable results is to use public transportation.


There are two routes to the lake that are constantly used.


  • Lakes Mandi, Bijani, Kamand, Biaggi, and Prashar( 50 Kms)

Bhuntar – Bajaura – Shayari – Bagi – Prashar Lake Kullu – Bhuntar – Bajaura – Shayari – Bagi – Prashar Lake( 65 km)


  • Mandi is positioned at a significant distance from the major metropolises.
  • 415 kilometers from Delhi to Mandi
  • 300 kilometers from Jammu to Mandi
  • 178 kilometers from Chandigarh to Mandi


  • Motorcars to Mandi are available from all of these major routes.

There are no direct trains to Mandi; still, you can take the nearest one from Chandigarh, from whence you can bespeak taxicabs and motorcars.


  • The Bhuntar field, which is 56 kilometers from the Prashar lake, is a possibility for an air trip. still, because rainfall oscillations determine the vacuity of airplanes and other services, this isn’t an impeccably dependable volition.


Route for Trekking


  • One of the unique aspects of the Prashar Lake trip is the variety of druthers for choosing a starting place. The most popular route is through Biaggi, which is around 4- 6 hours down from Prashar Lake.
  • Motorcars run on occasion between Mandi and Biaggi, and the trip takes about 2 and a half hours without stops.


When is the best time to go to Prashar Lake?


  • Although this walk may be done at any time of time, the months of January and February are ideal because the lake is nearly firmed and covered in snow. Being in the hills has a special appeal, with the snowy white mask adorning everything in sight and the bite of the air making you feel all the more alive, ever.


  • Arriving in Biaggi, the journey’s morning point


  • Prashar Lake can be reached in 2 ways.


  • One is a direct road trip from Biaggi vill through the forestland, and the other is a hike through the forestland. The road from Biaggi Village to the peak is roughly 20 kilometers long. During the downtime, the only way to get to Prashar is to journey or drive to the final accessible point and also hike the rest of the way along the road.


  • Prashar Lake is a great place to stay.


  • At Prashar Lake, you can hire a roof for roughly INR 300- 500 per person, depending on the season. You can also reserve a room at the Forest Rest House, which is located 500 meters from the lake.


  • Because it isn’t permitted to pitch a roof near the lake, you can also take your camping gear and pitch it at a distance from the lake. You can stay in the tabernacle dorm, which is close to the lake if you are on a budget.


Where to eat?


  • There are no food options on the journey. still, many options for food are available at the lake. Many cafés serve tea, coffee, Maggi, Parathas, and Rajma Chawal. Rates are enough normal.
  • You should always carry your water bottle and refill it as numerous times as you need water. It’ll not only keep you doused always, but you’ll also help in saving the Himalayas from plastic scrap. Flashback, every bitsy step counts, and your step in this direction can help save the Himalayas too!!

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