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New Stucco Construction Los Angeles

New Stucco Construction

Investing in a new building is an important investment decision. To get the most out of it, all of your service providers need to perform at their best. It can be very discouraging to see your new building develop mold and other structural problems before it’s even occupied. If it happens to a commercial building, the loss can be devastating. On most new buildings in Los Angeles, plain stucco is applied in the three-coat process. This ensures the strength, longevity, and protection of your EIFS for days to come. The three layers are scratch, brown, and finish. However, for best results, the installation should be done by a professional who understands the water barrier and can ensure that the whole process is done in the required manner.

How We Do New Construction Stucco

Before installing the scratch coat, we first make sure that the battening and waterproofing are done correctly. The anti-scratch coating is usually installed over the exposed furring wire. Our experienced best new stucco contractors will use the best materials and in the right proportions for your new construction. The composition of the risk layer is made up of aggregates, sand, and water. To provide you with the first cement barrier on your new stucco wall construction, we have made the scratch coat application thicker. After application, we mark the surface in an even direction. This creates a gripping platform that the brown coat sits on.

After the scraping layer, the brown layer is installed, which is also a mixture of water, aggregate, and sand. This layer is evenly distributed over the scratch layer and is less thick. This adds another layer of protection to your new build. We leave the brown fur for about 7 days to heal. The healing process is important because it limits any future movement or settlement.

The last coat we apply to your new build is the color coat. This coating includes a base mix with an added color package. The base mix may include a 16/20, 20/30, or 30/30 grit sanded finish. This is what will give the exterior of your building its preferred texture.

To give your new construction amazing color, we mix the base with the color to create an even mix of stucco and color. This saves the cost and the need to paint after the final coat is applied.

Benefits of stucco for your new construction

Let’s face it, the exterior of your building is what creates a lasting image for your customers or guests. The reason stucco is chosen and applied outdoors is, among other things, to give your building a crisp, clean look. Other benefits you will get by letting us apply EIFS stucco to your new construction include:

Durability – Stucco is a very durable material and, with proper maintenance, can last up to 50 years.

Maintenance: Unlike other exterior materials, stucco does not cost as much to maintain. No need for repeated painting, regular cleaning, or reinstallations.

Added Value – Installing stucco on your home or commercial building increases its curb appeal and value. Stucco is energy efficient, rot-resistant, fire-resistant, and sound absorbent.

The installation process is not that expensive and takes little time. We invite you to try our stucco installation services for new stucco construction Los Angeles.

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