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Modern Floor Tile Designs that are on Trend this Year

The perfect floor tile design can genuinely change the aesthetic of a room, whether you prefer a classic grid pattern or are ready to make an edgy statement beneath your feet. Actually, when one thinks of the definition of the interior design of a floor, the floor frequently does not receive the attention it deserves. People frequently focus more on the components that come before it. However, if floors are considered carefully, it can be seen that they are a significant surface that affects the sensory perception of space as well as the environment as a whole. Realizing this, you might decide that now is the ideal moment to improve your property with distinctive, long-lasting, and trendy tile floors. This will be possible by knowing which are those modern floor tile designs that are on trend this year. 

It is actually quite simple to go towards a brand-new kitchen, bathroom, or mudroom space if you are planning a home remodel this year. But have you considered reconsidering your floors? The modern floor tile designs that are highlighted in this article are ideal for enlivening your room and giving a facelift to your home’s most used areas. Whether you are picturing a gorgeous new kitchen floor, a warm and inviting living room floor, or a fashionable yet tough mudroom floor that can withstand whatever you throw at it, incorporating the latest and the modern floor tile designs this year will help.

In fact, things are becoming much more interesting this year, and this trends roundup is here to provide you with all the information. Be prepared to witness a focus on enormous wood-like planks, striking patterns, forms, and decorations, as well as many fresh, bright looks.

Wood-Look Tile Flooring

Reclaimed distressed wood-look floors, which satiate the demand for immediate warmth and character, are one trend making waves in the design industry. Distressed wood-look porcelain tiles give character and make any plain room into a distinctive area with a lived-in quality by evoking comfortable charm and country décor. These tiles are ideal for adding a reclaimed wood appeal to your flooring without worrying about wear, scratches, or damage from water, furniture, pets, or youngsters. They range in style from vintage whitewashed charm to antique wood-look finishes.

In fact, wire-brushed, hand-scraped, and distressed wood surfaces are this year’s biggest texture trends in both solid hardwood and wood substitutes. They are all comparable and frequently mistaken for one another. Each textured wood finish also has its own style and personality. These wood-textured tile flooring give your house a pleasant, modern, and costly appearance. If you choose ultra-durable tile versus finicky hardwood, you will get an equally elegant look with far less anxiety and upkeep.

Chevron Floors

The chevron design trend, which originated in recent years and was given its name for resembling the bones of the herring fish, is still popular today. This type of modern floor tile design with an elegant pattern is still visible until 2022 and beyond, according to trend predictions, with the love for antique geometric patterns in residential and commercial designs at full force. Chevron tiles add a new dimension to an otherwise flat room and elevate any space from the ground up, making them an innovative flooring solution for those who want their design to stand out. They are ideal to fit virtually any space, from formal living rooms and modern hallways to contemporary kitchen or bathroom spaces alike.

Due to its arrow-like shapes, chevron floors also enhance fluidity on the floors and aid in adding length. Eye-catching V-shapes flow gracefully across the surface of the floors, drawing the viewer’s attention from one end to the other and working wonders in a small bathroom, shower, mudroom, or kitchen! The best thing, though, you will not have to worry about your floors being slick while they are wet since grout lines provide additional traction.

Two-Toned Floors

The classic color combination of black and white has a significant influence on the floors, enhancing the drama from the ground up. With their classic designs like hexagons, penny rounds, and herringbones, black and white mosaic tiles are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners wishing to add vintage elegance to their flooring.

The traditional checkerboard floor design, which has been a favored appearance for ages, is another illustration of two-toned flooring. Marble checkerboard tiles are a modern twist on a fashionable classic that may enhance any floor design. Trendy checkerboard floors can make any place appear wholly unique, making them sure to leave an impact on visitors in the hallway, restroom, or commercial lobby.

Marble-Look Tile Floors

Has the marble appearance ever gone out of style, really? Marble floors are one of the most sought-after diamonds on the market for flooring because of their brightness, cleanliness, and elegance. Unfortunately, the majority of people cannot afford to have kitchen floors made entirely of marble.

But then, the truth is that there is a good reason why marble appearances are instantly linked to sophisticated elegance. They are extremely expensive when you first get them. Additionally, some ceramic tile producers have perfected the marble appearance and provide it to you in a less porous, stronger, more affordable, and more widely available material. It is the best of all worlds.

In fact, bathrooms are where marble aesthetics are most popular right now. They transform your master bathroom into something out of a palace or a posh hotel, and you can buy them for a lot less money than you would have to pay for the genuine thing. Marble is definitely timeless. Your home will always be fashionable if you invest in a marble look.

Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles are among the timeless, functional, and attractive design choices. It has been used for decades as a water-resistant indoor and outdoor flooring material. Also popular are terrazzo tiles’ ornamental speckled pattern and soft textured pattern, which are subtle, classic, and fashionable. Terrazzo tiles are now firmly back in the spotlight with new designs and contemporary details, and they will continue to rule the décor industry due to their power, toughness, and exquisite beauty.

Key Takeaway

As you can see, there is a lot going on in the tile flooring industry today. There are so many various, distinctive choices and more modern floor tile designs that are in style and are probably here to stay for years to come. And if you have already pinned and chosen every element, including the furniture, window treatments, and fixtures, be sure to stop and consider how much better every little piece will look with a wonderful design from wall to wall before moving further.

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