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Materials Testing in Edmonton for Construction Projects

Materials Testing in Edmonton

The construction and building structure have been there for centuries now; with changing times the requirements and methodology have been changed for them. However, with the changing trends and the demand for high-rise buildings have brought the need for materials testing in Edmonton.

Canada is an industrial hub that largely depends on construction projects, transportation, and other versatile projects contributing to the economy. Central Materials  is a material testing lab in Edmonton offering its services to individuals around the corner for their construction projects.

Importance of Material Testing in Edmonton

Material testing is of great importance as the durability and service life of the building and construction projects clearly depend on it.The more longevity you need the more you should be cautious about the material selection as well as Material Testing in Edmonton. For excellent material testing services in Edmonton, one must know the particular type of construction materials used in the buildings and construction projects.

Matetial Testing in Edmonton

  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • Soil
  • Bricks
  • Cement
  • Rocks
  • Aggregates


One of the best construction materials that are used for construction site projects and other building structures is Asphalt. Asphalt surfaces offer tremendous benefits including a reduction in noise pollution, cost efficiency, and comfort. Consuming asphalt materials in roads, buildings, & other construction projects gives a reliable solution to durability, longevity, and environmental efficiencies.


Current constructions cannot be made without the indulgence of concrete. Civil engineers carry out several concrete is to assess the quality and fitness for a given construction project. Concrete testing certifies that the concrete meets the terms specified in the mix design. An exhaustive examination of the concrete’s general strength is carried out to recognize any possible fractures. Moreover, the water permeability test regulates how long the concrete will serve.


For construction projects, Soil Testing Edmonton requires doing an in-depth examination of the soil to conclude whether it has a wet or dry foundation. Material testing technicians in Edmonton enable you to decide whether to abandon or continue the particular soil depending upon the testing in Edmonton results. The basis of a building may drop or degrade entirely without soil testing, subsequent in the collapse of the entire structure. Consequently, soil inquiry must be in line with the laboratory examination of the subsurface soil.


Bricks are a load-bearing materials for supporting and structuring your business. It used in construction projects must be hard and long-lasting since fragile ones may disintegrate a building soon. Material testing technician in Edmonton must analyze a sample in a lab or onsite to guarantee low-quality bricks must not be utilized in construction projects. It need to strong as they need endure natural disasters.












Cement is one of the most prominent building material in utilizing in building. A few lab tests are carried out to guarantee that the cement is tough enough to sustain the structure. A refinement test is performed to conclude the particular grain size of the cement which requires various procedures to confirm cement’s excellent quality. A consistency test is done to define how much water is needed to make the cement a paste.


Mountainy rocks are the best building material as they give natural strength to withstand natural disaster. The majority of bases are made of rocks. Consequently, the quality of the stones employed in the construction must be incomparable. Rocks have three types including:

  • Igneous,
  • Sedimentary
  • Metamorphic

Materials testing technician in Edmonton conduct a variety of tests to conclude the type of rock for electrical resistivity that helps in controlling the electric shocks from occurring during construction. Stones is a sign of durability and slaking tests to validate that they will not grind if unprotected to water.


Construction projects relies on the usage of aggregates. Aggregates have a substantial impact on the load-transfer abilities. Therefore it is essential to assess them before use fully. They are evaluated for their toughness, hardness, strength, water absorption, and form.

Main advantage of material testing in Edmonton?

The main advantage of Materials Testing Lab in Edmonton is to facilitate individuals and businesses with an understanding of how construction materials will behave. This gives a clear understanding related to the strength or pressure a sample can endure, thus knowing its exact point of construction failure. Material services in Edmonton reduce the risk of costly repercussions in the future.

Types of Material Testing in Edmonton

  1. On-site/Field Testing

Tests are carried out remotely on-site for industrial & construction projects such as utilities, apartments, malls, transportation infrastructure, warehouses, and airports that rely greatly on on-site or field testing.

Visual evaluations and non-destructive testing are the two main mechanisms of on-site testing. These good construction projects includes steel structures, soil foundations, and retaining walls.

  • Laboratory Testing

For complete material testing services in Edmonton, laboratory testing is required with the proper environment to investigate the critical findings. The technicians in Edmonton reveals the necessity for additional investigation if field testing isn’t enough. Additionally, when field testing is indecisive, material samples are gathered and transported to a lab for testing and inspection.

Material testing services in Edmonton is a great way of investigating the physical and mechanical makeup of a material. Material testing in Edmonton includes Soil PH testing, concrete compression rate testing, and much more.

Construction materials that are most widely employed for construction projects and their firmness must be tested correctly. Look into deeper detail for what type of tests are performed on them.

Material Testing Lab in Edmonton

Asphalt Laboratory Testing

  • Density Testing
  • Bulk specific gravity
  • Flow
  • Stability
  • Gradation

Concrete Laboratory Testing

  • Compression strength testing
  • Efflorescence testing
  • Absorption
  • Unit weight
  • Flex Strength testing
  • Tensile strength testing
  • Structural concrete testing

Soil Laboratory Testing

  • Classification
  • Compressive strength testing
  • Chloride testing
  • Bearing ratios
  • PH testing
  • Hydraulic Conductivity
  • Swell testing
  • Density testing
  • Permeability testing

Material in Edmonton offer builders and developers the confidence to go with the specific material. Testing in Edmonton allows the manufacturers to go with the correct product for a superior project outlook. Moreover, health and safety boxes allow the developers to guarantee building structures that can avoid costly remedial charges even after years. These services in Edmonton are great to protect investment and workforce safety together.

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