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Yes, even during a pandemic, ‘love’ is always trending, which means there is always a wedding planned.

Why should we wait when the big fat Indian wedding season is in full swing? Let’s make some exciting and romantic wedding plans. A big crazy wedding can be made more interesting by coming up with a catchy theme. Kanaiyaazhi The best Themed wedding planner in Chennai can help you with wedding decoration ideas. So, let us take a look.

Beach wedding theme

Beaches are always a cosy place for serenity seekers, and nothing beats dancing barefoot near the bluish waves to the romantic rhythm of the sea. Getting out of the muck and feeling the sand grains beneath your bare feet is a much more exciting experience. With Kanaiyaazhi the best Themed wedding planner in Chennai, this themed wedding can make your dream day unforgettable.

With sea-side detailing, your dream day with a beach-themed wedding would remain unique. The delicate seashells add a bohemian touch. Bamboo gateways are ideal for this theme. Choosing the right wedding event organisers makes your dream day unforgettable. Sea-themed invitations will undoubtedly pique your guests’ interest in the upcoming special wedding day.

Theme of a vintage wedding

There is a lot more to the Vintage theme. Everyone’s heart will be engaged by a vibrant vintage feel with refined details. It enhances the whimsical and romantic atmosphere. There are so many different styles…decades to choose from!! In this wedding theme, everything from cutlery to colours, decorations to dance will reflect a vintage style. So be the trendsetter and receive uncountable compliments for your originality and the best wedding decorations from the best Themed wedding planner in Chennai.

The concept has the potential to go far. Displaying your parents’ old wedding photos and childhood photos as a ‘walk down memory lane’ to flowing drapes, pretty chair caps, crockery with floral print, and romantic blush centrepieces as a highlight to the theme. Using dramatic lighting, you can make your vintage wedding both modern and classic. The calligraphy on the invitation cards and welcome boards has a vintage feel to it.

Why put off…

Kanaiyaazhi the best wedding event management company in Chennai has all the ideas to make your wedding day unforgettable.

Theme for a Royal Indian Wedding

Every couple’s dream is to get married in a royal manner, holding hands with their love while dressed in royal attire. A traditional palace or a heritage fort may be the best option. Choose the best event organisers for weddings in Chennai to make your dream day even more spectacular with the best wedding decorations based on this royal theme.

Theme of a sustainable wedding

As environmental issues become more prominent, we must plan an eco-friendly theme wedding to reduce waste and plastic. Wedding decorations made of reusable materials could be used. It is possible to use e-invites instead of paper invitations. If we still need a printed card, seed paper invites made of biodegradable paper embedded with seeds that can be planted later are an eco-friendly option.

Handwritten chalkboard signs are used. Avoid using plastic and non-biodegradable materials and instead use local flowers and leaves. Use recyclable wine bottles to create aisle décor pieces for your Mehandi and Haldi functions.

Using old wooden furniture, you can create a lovely photo booth. We The best wedding planners in Chennai would make your day unforgettable with sustainable wedding decorations, as there are numerous ideas available with the best wedding event organisers.

Flamingo Wedding Theme

A flamingo theme wedding is a fun wedding theme that you would love to choose, especially for a pool party or Mehandi. It’s cool, tropical, and pink. The wedding decorations include massive flamingo-shaped floral arrangements that would look stunning and pleasing at either a sangeet or a reception.

Casino Wedding Theme

What about a fantasy wedding in LAS VEGAS? Yes, you read correctly! Even if you are unable to travel to Las Vegas, we have the best wedding planners near us who can help you plan a fun-filled casino-themed wedding.

Planning a casino wedding is not an easy option; however, planning and organising any type of wedding requires extensive research; thus, a casino wedding can be made successful by informing your guests about the attire and providing a brief description of the theme, which will be of great assistance.

It would be interesting to create an authentic atmosphere by using traditional casino colours. This theme works best in luxurious resorts. Arranging tables with games such as blackjack and poker, for example, would add colour to the theme.

Bollywood Wedding Theme

As the festive season approaches and the love for Bollywood movies and songs endures, the best wedding planners in Chennai can make your dream wedding a reality. Everyone enjoys Bollywood, from children to grandparents. Aren’t romance, drama, and action all-time favourites? So, let’s take a look at this lively theme!

Bollywood is identified for its glitz and glam, as well as the Red Carpet Night adds to the opulence of the wedding ceremony. A Bollywood blockbuster entrance would add a party atmosphere to your entire wedding ceremony. Kanaiyazhi the best wedding planners in Chennai are here to assist you with their best wedding decorations and ideas.

Sangeeth is a celebration of movie songs and those iconic dance moves from your favourite movies. Bollywood hits add to the fun. A Holi-themed Haldi celebration would be ideal. Chennai’s best event management team is here to help you with wedding decorations and plans.

Theme For A Fairytale Wedding

Kanaiyazhi, the best event management team in Chennai, have original ideas for transforming your wedding venue into a dreamy fairy tale. Consider a wedding with stars, flowers, and chandeliers. With the best wedding decorations for this dazzling theme, we can transport you to an entire fantasy world. For wedding receptions, blooming archways are always the centre of attention.

Laced curtains would enhance the theme’s charm. This category includes Disneyland, which is every girl’s dream. Choosing the best event organisers at the right time helps to make your day memorable. Kanaiyazhi, the best wedding planners in Chennai assist you in creating the wedding of your dreams.

I hope that these brief views on new wedding trends have provided you with information about the wide range of ideas that the best wedding planners in Chennai have for your dreamy big day!!

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