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Lord Vishnu Names for Boys with Meanings. Congratulations! On your newborn baby boy in the universe. A baby boy is continuing your generation in the world. Parents take responsibility after born a new baby. A newborn boy who continues your generation in the world. Choosing a new name is a difficult task for parents. After born a new family member every family member searching a name for the baby. It is the main responsibility of parents who decide the final name. The final name that suits your baby’s personality and family. Decide the name it’s related to your family and tribe.

Hinduism is the world third largest religion in the world. It separated the whole world after Christians and Muslims. Lord Vishnu’s followers live in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and many other countries in the world. There are many names of Lord Vishnu in the world and Hindu people love to choose their names. The name is modern and unique at any time. Lord Vishnu’s names are old but still loves to choose the Hindu religion inspired by Lord Vishnu.

I have collected Lord Vishnu Names for Baby Boys with Meanings. You have come to the right spot to choose names for your newborn baby boy. These names are modern and unique also popular names for boys. These names are meaningful and with great sounds. You have chosen single, double, and triple names for your newborn baby boy. The first name is modern then adds family and tribe names as well. I hope, you like these names and find a beautiful sound name for your baby boy.

Furthermore, you have also searched Lord Shiva’s names for boys with meanings. These names are popular and modern with beautiful meanings. For more searches visit my site World Baby Names.

Lord Vishnu Names

S.no Name Meanings
1 Aadhavan As brilliant as the sun
2 Abhima Destroyer of fear
3 Achyutam One who will never perish
4 Adeep Light of Lord Vishnu
5 Adhrit One who does not require support
6 Adwith One who is most powerful
7 Ajeya One who cannot be conquered
8 Akshar One who cannot be destroyed
9 Amogh Performs everything with a purpose
10 Anand Pure bliss, Happiness
11 Anantajit Someone who is always victorious
12 Ananth One which is endless
13 Anvith One who bridges the gap
14 Arnav As vast as an ocean
15 Aravind One who has lotus like eyes
16 Ashok Sorrowless
17 Ashrith Who is always eager to help
18 Badri The fullness of the Moon
19 Bhanu Bright as the sun
20 Bhavesh One who rules the world
21 Bhuvanesh Lord of the Universe
22 Chakradhar One who carries a chakra
23 Chakradev Lord of chakra
24 Chakrapani Lord Vishnu
25 Daksh Smart one
26 Devesh Lord of all the Gods
27 Hananjay One who winds wealth
28 Eshan The passion of the sun
29 Evyanvan Granting desire to one object
30 Gagan Sky
31 Gadhadhar Name of Lord Vishnu
32 Hemang Having a golden and shimmery body
33 Hrishikesh God of the senses
34 Jagadish Ruler of this world
35 Janardhan One who helps people
36 Jayant Always the victorious one
37 jayapal King
38 Jishnu Victorious
39 Jyesth The eldest
40 Kamalakar A lake where Lotus grows
41 Keshav Lord Vishnu
42 Kumud A lotus
43 Kanil Indestructible
44 Koustub A gem on the chest of Lord Vishnu
45 Kritan Skilled
46 Lathik Very Powerful
47 Loknath Lord of the world
48 Madhav Lord Vishnu
49 Mahil Affectionate
50 Mokshith One who has attained moksha

Lord Vishnu Names

51 Mukund The one who liberates
52 Namish Well-mannered
53 Nanda Great achiever
54 Narayan Refuge of man
55 Nikesh The savior
56 Nimish At the moment
57 Nitin Owner of the truth
58 Parthiv Son of the Earth
59 Padmakar Lord Vishnu
60 Pranshu Tall, High
61 Pramod Happy, Growth
62 Reyansh The first rays of the sun
63 Rishik One who is full of knowledge
64 Rishikesh One who controls senses
65 Ranganath A colorful Lord
66 Ramesh The preserver
67 Rivansh A strong desire to succeed
68 Rohin Blossom, Rising
69 Shauri Brave
70 Shresth The best one
71 Shrish The Lord of wealth and prosperity
72 Shrihan Lord Vishnu
73 Shrivas Lord Vishnu
74 Shrikar Giving good fortune
75 Shripad Divine feet
76 Shrish Lord of wealth
77 Sreenikesh Lord Vishnu
78 Srinand Lord Vishnu
79 Sourish The Lord of the Suras or Devas
80 Shreemaan Consort of Goddess Shree Lakshmi
81 Sriyan Being sensible
82 Suhrit One who is a friend to everyone
83 Sumukh One whose face is charming
84 Trilokesh King of all the three worlds
85 Taran Heaven
86 Trivikram Lord Vishnu
87 Upendra Brother of Lord Indra
88 Vaidhyah The greatest doctor
89 Varun The sun
90 Vikram An expert
91 Vineet Having great knowledge
92 Vishal Very great
93 Viresh The brave Lord
94 Viraj Splendor, Courageous
95 Vishruth A person who is famous and well known
96 Vishvaksen One against whom no army can stand
97 Vithal One who gives fortune
98 Yajnesh Lord of worship or Sacrifice
99 Yajnadhar Lord Vishnu
100 Yathavan Lord Vishnu

Lord Shiva Names

1 Achintyah One who is unimaginable
2 Achyut Imperishable
3 Adikarah The first Creator
4 Adyah The first
5 Alok Light
6 Amaresh Lord of the Gods
7 Aniket Lord of the world
8 Arha Lord Shiva
9 Ashutosh One who fulfills wishes
10 Bhairav Lord of the terror
11 Bhavesh Lord of the world
12 Blonetha King Hearted Lord
13 Chandrapal The one who controls the moon and is her master
14 Chandraprakash One who has the moon as his crescent
15 Chandrasekhar One who has the moon on the crown
16 Chatresh Lord Shiva
17 Daksh One who is perserving
18 Dakshin Guru of knowledge
19 Dev The greatest God
20 Devadev God of Gods
21 Devarsh God’s gift
22 Devesh God of the divines
23 Dhanush A bow in hand
24 Dhanvin Great Archer
25 Dhruv The immovable God
26 Dhruvah One who is immovable
27 Dhyandeep Light of knowledge
28 Dirghah Of great height
29 Durjay Invincible
30 Edyah God’s decoration
31 Eeswar Creator and protector of the Universe
32 Ekaling Lord Shiva
33 Ekambar The divine force filling up the entire sky and space
34 Eshah Desire
35 Gangadhar Bearer of River Ganga
36 Gaurinath Spouse of Gauri
37 Gaurish Lord Shiva
38 Girik God of mountain
39 Girindra Firmness
40 Girish Lord of the mountains
41 Guru One who is the teacher
42 Hara One who dissolves all bondages
43 Hara A person who will remove sins from the planet Earth
44 Harish Both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishu
45 Himanshu Part of Ice
46 Ishaan Who is the ultimate ruler of the world
47 Jagadish Master of the universe
48 Jagat World
49 Jatin The saint
50 Jayanth One who is victorious

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