How to unclog drains with a pressure washer?

You don't have to wait until you have a clogged drain to clean it. Regular duct maintenance is recommended to avoid having to deal with the formation of a larger clog.

You don’t have to wait until you have a clogged drain to clean it. We recommend regular duct maintenance to avoid having to deal with the formation of a larger clog. In all cases, it is an indispensable instrument to achieve its ends. This is a high-pressure cleaner  .

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Highly effective, this professional cleaning tool preserves the integrity of pipes, unlike the repeated use of chemicals. What is a high-pressure cleaner? When should a drain need cleaning? How to unclog a pipe effectively?

Unclogging high-pressure pipes: instructions for use

If the pipe is clogged, you have probably tried to unclog it using the good old rubber plunger (for example, the toilet plunger ).

This traditional tool has long proven its effectiveness, but only when the plug is located close to the duct entrance. Otherwise, this mechanical unblocking solution cannot work effectively.

As we said in the introduction, avoid using a chemical unblocker because it ends up attacking the pipes.

  • Step 1
    Install the hose on the nozzle of the professional cleaner.
  • Step 2
    Place the cable inside the pipe, pushing it as far as possible, but sending no pressure yet.
  • Step 3
    Turn on the NHP, then send pressure jets into the pipes. Take it small, then increase your pressure gradually.
  • Step 4
    With each pressure, advance the pipe even further in the conduit.
  • Step 5
    Let rest from time to time by cutting the pressure and even bringing the pipe slightly towards you, in order to gain momentum.
  • Step 6
    We equip the ferret with various markers and have a marking ring, which allows the operator to be informed of the state of progress inside the pipe. There is no risk of folding since a specific mechanism protected the equipment. There is also no risk of degradation of the accessories, where the ferret has a brass tip of great robustness and durability.
  • Step 7
    Then resume the operations, combining pressure jet and push of the hose. 
  • Step 8
    The water propelled at high pressure into the pipes will do its job by eliminating all the blockages encountered in its path.

Protect yourself with appropriate PPE:

Start by equipping yourself with suitable protective equipment. Provide waterproof boots or safety shoes, protective gloves, as well as glasses, and a mask protecting your face. Also, be sure to protect your forearms and legs with long clothing.

What is a high-pressure drain of unclogging?

The high-pressure cleaner is therefore used both for unclogging surfaces and for unclogging pipes.

The high-pressure pipe unclogging technique is motorized. It sends a flow of 80 liters of water per minute, thus eliminating all the plugs formed in the pipes, without damaging them.

The power delivered by the device adapted to this curettage operation is 150 to 250 bars.

This professional cleaning machine can both unclog pipes in an emergency or rinse them as part of regular cleaning  maintenance operations.

Choosing the right compatible drain unblocked

Depending on the needs and the configuration of the premises, you may need a hose of a long length. It is a flexible hose 20 m long and can withstand the high pressure of up to 200 bar!

It is necessary to combine it with a rotating nozzle which is suitable for cleaning the less easily accessible areas.

What are the advantages of the pressure washer drain unblocked?

Unclogging a pipe using a pressure washer is a very efficient operation. It is, a solution that is both economical and ecological. Discover below the advantages of an NHP to optimize the flow of wastewater in pipes.

The efficiency of the professional pressure washer

Clearing a drain with a pressure washer is certainly far more effective than any of the other traditional methods. The ability of the hydro explains this cleaner to penetrate the plugs formed by limestone, tartar, dirt, or layers of grease.

This device also makes it possible to fight effectively against the rooting, in the flow ducts, of trees located nearby. Using a motorized high-pressure unblocked is suitable for small maintenance operations and for clearing a completely clogged pipe.

The length of the hose to deploy in the piping is such that we can use it for any type of configuration. The high-pressure cleaning works to unclog obstructions no matter how far away and no matter how twisted the angle.

Unclogging high-pressure pipes is economical

The second advantage of unclogging high-pressure pipes is the gain in profitability. An absence of professional, complete, and regular cleaning of the ducts inevitably results, eventually, in the formation of repeated clogs.

This requires calling on specialized companies frequently, at a relatively high economic cost. In addition, this solution avoids dumping, in desperation, chemicals unblocked into the pipes, with eventual structural degradation of these.

Unclogging a high-pressure pipe protects the environment

Not using chemicals to unclog a pipe is also a very appreciable ecological gesture. There is, in fact, in such a case, no emanation of toxic odors for the environment or for your health. Finally, some argue that spilling several liters of water down the pipes is wasteful. But, this is not the case, since the volume of water is only blown in for a short period because of the rapid effectiveness of this method.

Why clean a drain?

When the ambient air fills with unpleasant odors, it is more than necessary to clean the sewage pipes of the home or business.

This is the warning sign that the ducts are about to become clogged, preventing the smooth flow of liquids.

So rather than having to urgently call a company specializing in unclogging pipes, it is better to prevent them!

How? By regularly using a professional pressure washer, and this, without waiting for the nauseating odors to rise and settle.

Take the opportunity to also spray your gutters to remove lichens, dead leaves, or other dirt. The force of the water projected by the device can make all this disappear while removing dirt from surfaces or pipes.

A pressure washer: what is it?

There are two categories of pressure washers: the cold water pressure washer and the hot water pressure washer.

In addition, depending on the type of power supply to operate the device, you have the choice between a thermal pressure washer or an electric pressure washer.

In all cases, the principle is the same: it consists in propelling a jet of water at high pressure on a surface or, in this case, in a conduit to unclog a pipe.




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