How to Style Pullovers at Different New Year’s Eve Parties

New Year’s Eve is almost here. It’s a time of reflection, goal setting, and, most importantly, parties. When you dress your best, you dance your best. That’s why pullovers are such a good outfit piece on New Year’s Eve. They combine comfort, versatility, and style. Here are five different parties and how to style your favorite pullovers for each one.

Show Off Your Best Moves and Best Outfits at Dance Parties

Dancing is one of the most popular ways to ring in the new year for a reason. Hitting the dance floor shows how excited you are about the grand adventures the next 365 days hold. So, how can you make your pullover shine as much as your dance moves? That’s easy.

Make sure your pullover is made from breathable, stretchy material. You’re going to work up a sweat while breaking out the moonwalk and robot, which is why a performance-based golf pullover is a good choice for the occasion. Keep your base layer light, preferably a plain-colored T-shirt. Then, stick to some comfortable jeans on the bottom.

As far as accessories go, the dance floor is the place to bring out the lightest and brightest. Light-up hats, colorful glasses, and fun sneakers. This is the last time you get to make your pullover look this exciting all year.

Dress Up and Get Ready for Fancy Dinners

On the other side of the New Year’s Eve party spectrum are the more toned-down events. In this case, it’s a dress-up dinner at a fine dining restaurant. These parties can be just as fun as the wild dances—lots of great food, a calm atmosphere, and the chance to wear one of your favorite pullovers.

In a situation like this, it’s important to layer your pullover properly. Underneath it, you should either wear a polo or a button-down shirt. That way, if it gets too hot, you can shed a layer while still fitting the restaurant’s vibe.

Now, the pullover itself should match the occasion. A cashmere sweater with suede trim and ribbed cuffs will help you look right at home. Make sure to pair it with your favorite dress slacks, and you’ve got yourself an outfit ready for five courses, a live jazz quartet, and a new year full of resolutions.

Pullovers Are Perfect for Family New Year’s Parties

One of the best ways to transition from one year to the next is in the company of the people you love the most. You spend so much good time with your family throughout the year that it only feels right to welcome the new one together.

In this case, your pullovers need to serve two purposes. First, you want to stay comfy and relaxed, and second, it should still feel dressed up enough to make this night feel special—because it is.

Pick a pullover made from materials like cotton and polyester that feel like your favorite sweatshirt but still look ready for Sunday dinner. This is the vibe you should aim for when spending New Year’s Eve with your family. Pair that pullover with five-pocket khakis and some comfortable sneakers, and you’re ready to be the best-looking dad on New Year’s.

Game Night with Friends Brings Competition and Style Together

If your resolution last year was to get a few more wins, then you’re in luck. This is the best way to get one more crack at it before the year changes. Getting all your buddies together for some fun and games is a great way to hang out together and celebrate another year with each other.

Just like when you’re on the golf course, you should be ready for competition. You want to look sharp yet still be comfortable and have a good range of movement. Pick a breathable and four-way stretch golf pullover that you feel comfortable competing in. If your game night is indoors, comfy cords are the perfect addition. A pair of grey or colored pants with some casual sneakers is a good combination.

Wear a baseball cap or beanie as an accessory, and then tuck the front of your quarter zip and undershirt into your shorts to show off your favorite belt. A nylon belt with fun prints puts the finishing touches on your fun, casual, and competitive look. Just make sure everyone agrees to a timeout while you count down to the new year. Then, you can get back to the intense games so you can start the year off with a W.

Enjoy a Peaceful Night with Your Significant Other

New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be a big party. If you and your significant other prefer to spend quiet nights together, this can be the perfect opportunity to share a special occasion. You can count down the hours to the new year by sharing your resolutions, recounting the fun times you had this last year, and planning ahead to the next one.

When picking out your outfit for this date-night/holiday combo, you should make sure to put thought into the details. Of course, you are starting with your pullover. Make sure it’s in a color that your partner loves. Maybe wear the one made from comfortable fleece that she likes to steal from time to time. Then, wear low-profile loafers that are lightweight and super comfortable—something you can easily take on and off for when you two go outside to watch the fireworks.

For your pants, stick to something simple. A five-pocket French Terry pant in a charcoal or grey colorway is a great choice. You’ll look good in the pictures you take together and look back fondly on this special night with an outfit that helped set the mood.

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