How To Pick The Best Consultancy For Visa Application?

Best Consultancy For Visa Application

After making a strong mind to study abroad, the next strenuous task is to pick a reliable immigration consultant for visa application. In this generation where fraudsters are increasing day by day, it is hard to trust anyone blindly. So you must be cautious and do proper research before shaking hands with immigration consultants. 

In this article, we have highlighted the whole procedure of choosing the best study visa consultants. If you follow every step scrupulously, every single penny paid by you is going to be worth it. Otherwise, you may end up wasting your valuable money and efforts. Trusting inexperienced visa consultants may lead to your visa rejection, so you should approach the best study visa consultants who have in-depth knowledge and vast experience in the immigration sector. 

Here are some important points you must not miss to pick the best consultancy for visa application:

  • Check google reviews 

Honest reviews can help you make the best selection. So, before you shake hands with any consultancy, make sure to check their google profile in order to notice all the reviews. Properly check their ratings, the average of good reviews as well as bad reviews. If there are a number of good reviews and just a few bad reviews, you can easily trust them. However, if the count of bad reviews is more than the good ones, check the reason for their negative reviews. If the reason is the same for everyone, don’t ever try to trust that consultancy. On the contrary, if everyone has shared a good experience with the consultancy,  you can proceed further.  

  • Check official website 

If the immigration consultancy is reliable, it will surely have an official website. If the immigration consultant doesn’t have their website, remove this option from your list. However, if they have a website, you need to consider a few more things. So, make sure to scrutinize the website and read the entire matter such as their services, terms and conditions and other crucial information. Afterward, check their success rate and testimonials by clients. 

Once done, now it’s time to think technically. Check the SSL certificate of the website. For those who don’t know, an SSL certificate ensures the security and reliability of the website. To check this, you just need to analyze the URL of the website. IF the website URL starts from ‘https’, the website is safe. However, if it starts with ‘http’ then it is not reliable. 

  • Check the license 

An immigration consultancy that works without a license is illegal and unreliable. So, before you make a deal with the immigration consultant, make sure to check the license of the company. Don’t try to hand over the money for your visa application to consultants who just make fake promises and are unauthorized. It’s time to use your brain and not your heart. IF you work with your heart, you are surely going to fall into their sugar-coated talks. However, you are the one who will suffer and regret it in the end. 

  • Vast experience in the field 

Just think, would you be able to do a kidney operation if you don’t have prior experience in the medical field? Impossible! So how can an immigration consultancy help you with your visa application if it doesn’t have any prior experience in the same field? So, you must go for a staff that has immense experience in the immigration sector and is known for its high success rate. To know whether the immigration consultant is experienced or not, you can ask a bunch of questions regarding your visa application. If the consultant is able to answer every question right with full confidence, you can easily proceed further. However, if the consultant is fumbling while giving an answer, giving irrelevant or illogical answers or just answering yes and no, you can go for some other option. 

  • Check background 

Everyone has a background, some have positive and some have negative. If the performance of immigration consultancy is improving day by day, you can easily trust them. However, if their performance, quality and success rate are degrading with each passing day, don’t ever pick them for your visa application. 

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Summing up: 

To sum up, it is hard to hand over such a big task and a huge sum of money to anyone. So, make sure to follow the above-mentioned steps appropriately to pick the best immigration consultancy for your visa application. 

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