How To Pay APDCL Bill Payment Electricity Bill Payment Online?

The Assam Government formed the Assam Power Distribution Company Ltd. (APDCL) to supply power to the area. The Company’s ultimate goal is to carry out power distribution, trade, supply and monitoring of bijali bills in Assam and elsewhere, in line with applicable laws, as well as any related or auxiliary businesses. Company has its own process for APDCL bill payment.

How to Check your APDCL Bill?

Most DISCOMs (distribution companies) have their own app or website where you can check status, bill amount, and other information. Similarly, APDCL has its own website for keeping track of bills and payments.

Follow the steps below to check your bijali bill and pay your APDCL bill online:

  • Visit the official APDCL website: https://www.apdcl.org/website/paybill
  • Click next after entering your 12 digit customer number from your bill
  • You may now check your electricity bill and pay the amount.

DISCOMs distribute physical power bills to registered addresses based on the service number of the bill that was generated.

How to make APDCL Bill Payment?

To make APDCL bill payment through the APDCL website, one should follow the outlined steps:

  • Visit the APDCL official website: https://www.apdcl.org/website/PayBill
  • Click on view after entering your 12-digit customer number from your bill.
  • After choosing Pay Now, a list of payment options appears.
  • Choose a payment option and complete the transaction.

Payment through Mobile App

Due to digitalization of the globe, consumers now have access to a variety of payment options, including e-wallets and mobile apps. The steps below should be followed to make online APDCL bill payment simple:

  • Choose from PhonePe, Google Pay, MobiKwik, Paytm, and other options.
  • Navigate to the Bill Payment section.
  • Click on electricity Bill Payment
  • From the list of electricity billers, choose your DISCOM.
  • Enter your account or service number.
  • Check your connection name and amount of bill
  • Use your UPI password to make the payment.

Of course, you can make the APDCL bill payment offline as well, for which you can use Google Maps to find the closest power bill counter. Get to the nearest billing counter as soon as possible, and make a cash payment on your bijali bill.

APDCL Bill Quick Payemnts

Customers can pay their electricity bills quickly using their mobile phones’ Paytm wallet, Google Pay, BHIM, Amazon Pay, PhonePe, PayZapp, and other apps. Some apps even reward you for using their app to pay your electric bill. These are some of the most convenient ways to pay your power bill.

Why does the Government make the Update/Registration Compulsory?

APDCL (Assam Power Distribution Company Limited) has made it mandatory for consumers to register/update their email addresses, Aadhaar numbers, and occupation information, as well as link their mobile numbers to APDCL. They asked their customers to update their information on the official website (apdcl.org) by July 15, 2021. Consumers can also update their information in person at the APDCL office.

The primary reason for updating/registering consumers’ mobile numbers and email addresses with APDCL is that APDCL will be notified or send alerts to its customers on electricity bills, outages, and restoration, as well as the causes and duration of these events.

Personal Information in the portal that needs to be updated:

  • Name
  • Mobile No.
  • Consumer No.
  • Aadhaar No. 
  • Email ID (if available)
  • Occupation

Key Points to Remember

  • To alter your name on your power bill, go to the nearest electricity board office and fill out an application form. Submit the application and the required documents to the office’s officials.
  • Consumers can change their personal information either online or offline. The following two processes are available to customers. The online technique entails going to the official APDCL website, whereas the offline option entails going to the local APDCL office.
  • The bill is computed by multiplying the number of units used by the rate per unit. The quantity of units utilized can be calculated using the meter reading.
  • The National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) developed a one-stop portal named ‘BHARAT BILLPAY’ for national and international payments for bijali bill, mobile, water bills, DTH, and gas.
  • Bharat Bill Payment System provides a one-stop bill payment service for all recurring payments with 200+ billers across India in categories such as electricity, gas, insurance, water, loan repayments, telecommunications, DTH, FASTag recharging, and cable.

Despite numerous physical obstacles, APDCL is growing its distribution network. In locations where the distribution network cannot reach, such as Amarpur, APDCL is building off-grid solar projects. Assam Power Distribution Corporation Ltd. (APDCL) currently serves over 33 lakh customers across the state. To make APDCL bills payment simple and convenient, the government has created a variety of payment options, and the APDCL website contains all the necessary information regarding your Bijali bill.

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