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How to Order Fresh Food on Train for a Large Group

You are always find noticeable when you journey with friends, rather than miles. And if you’re one of those people who love travelling in large groups normally. You must be aware of the struggle of getting the logistics right. Travel with IRCTC and you’ll never have to worry about hunger again. The best way to avoid those hunger pangs is by ordering quality food on train for your entire group. Don’t think it’s possible? Try IRCTC e-Catering ‘Group Online Food Delivery Service’.

Quick and Simple Steps to Follow for Group Food Order in Train

Ideally members considered for a group of minimum 15 people. This service allows you to order bulk meals as per your requirement you may place customized order too. All you have to do is just follow these quick and simple steps.

  1. When you are looking to get delivered a fresh food in train then simple, order online via IRCTC eCatering “Food on Train” app or visit the official IRCTC eCatering site i.e. www.zoopindia.com and click on ‘Group Food Booking’ on the top right corner of the page.
  2. Now fill in all the relevant details like your mobile number, name, number of passengers, date of journey, PNR and food preference, if any.
  3. After this, select your choice of language, click submit, and sit back and relax. You’ll receive a call back from one of our executives shortly.
  4. Once you choose some foods from the list of available options and confirm your order, you can easily find to pay online or cash on delivery.
  5. System then notifies the restaurant to start preparing your order and it deliver directly to your train seat/birth, right on time.

IRCTC eCatering’s ‘Group Meal Service

Who would have thought quality food delivery on train, that too for a large group could be this easy? The IRCTC eCatering’s ‘Group Meal Service’ comes in handy while providing customized services to large groups of members belonging to police, armed forces, PSU, companies, governments, organizations as well as other departments and organisations. It is also perfect for mid-size corporate groups, tour groups, students on educational tours as well as a group of religious pilgrims. And let’s not forget about wedding/Anniversary parties. If you’re travelling with your entire family to the wedding venue or celebrating other occasion on train, then this service will be everything you’ve ever wanted and more. Get customized foods such as delicious biryani, fulfilling thalis or exotic Thai curries to make your train journey a true & memorable celebration!

Use App to Order Group Food in Train

It is rightly said that friends or colleague that travel together, stay together. So, don’t let anything come in your way of having an epic vacation. Gather all your colleague or friends and make lasting memories on a beautiful train journey. To make travel better with office colleague/friends, order food for travelling in the train through Group Food Delivery Service’. And if you’re travelling alone, you can choose value combo meals or get food box delivery on train using app. Just download it from the Play Store/ App Store to order healthy, fresh food on the train without any hassle. Alternatively, you can visit www.zoopindia.com or call on 1323 to place your food orders. To know more about IRCTC eCatering ‘Group Food Delivery Service’, visit Group Food Order in Train | Book Bulk Meals Online | Food on Train (zoopindia.com)

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