How to Optimize Amazon Product Listings

Amazon Product Listings

One of the most effective ways to boost revenues through Amazon is to locate the ideal product that is in demand and popular all throughout the year. However, even if you offer the most sought-after and ideal item that people would love to purchase, you will not be able to increase sales without a well-designed product listing.

By optimizing your Amazon product detail page you will gain more exposure and get people to buy from you instead of your competition.

Pro tip: 

Amazon Listing Quality Check is a tool to assist you to determine the rank of your products in relation to similar items on Amazon’s listing. 

Amazon Listing check makes use of Amazon stats information like the seller’s rank on Amazon and other factors to determine the rank of the listing of an item, SellerApp has a tool called Amazon Listing Quality check which helps you determine what you can do to enhance the visibility of your items on Amazon.

What should you do to improve your Amazon item listing? Here are some things to take into consideration:

Product Title, Features, and Descriptions

The title of your product will be the first thing that consumers are able to see when your product’s listing appears in the results of a search. First impressions matter So make sure you include the following information in your title:

  • Include appropriate keywords within your titles
  • Include the short benefits and features of your product
  • Keep the title less than 250 characters, and show what features are included to draw buyers.
  • Don’t use keyword stuffing or provide too numerous details, as this can create a large amount of unrelated traffic, and create a problem for users to understand what your product is.
  • Do not add any promotional information Do not include promotional phrases, which Amazon prohibits. 
  • Be sure that your title is short and informative by capitalizing only the title’s first initial. Avoid using special HTML tags or characters too.

It’s the same with your most important product features and description of the product. 

For your most important product features, it must be under 1,000 words with five bullet points that emphasize your product’s features, while highlighting the benefits it has and how customers can benefit from it.

In your description make sure you describe the most important features of the product within 2,000 words while providing accurate details. Be sure to avoid using promotional or subjective content, such as HTML or other special characters.

When you are done ensure that you are using correct punctuation and grammar. Make sure you check the listing prior to posting it.


A photograph (and video) is the equivalent of a million words that can translate into sales on eCommerce! Images of your product are an important element of listing your products as buyers will be able to see the appearance of your product.

However, you shouldn’t upload photos just to show that they’re in your listing.

Your focus should be on putting out videos and images of high quality that conform to Amazon’s specifications. In addition, they must be appealing and clear with a focus on the product. It is possible to rank better by correctly naming your images and thinking about SEO.

Don’t show any accessories and items that are not included in the product as this can confuse customers.

Product Reviews and Ratings

It’s not just about putting in the right keywords and social media but also making sure that your customers are happy with your product and services. 

Ratings and reviews are social proof that shows that your products and business meet the customers’ expectations.

Be sure to provide the highest level of customer service and that your items are of the highest quality, based on the way you described them. Invite customers to leave reviews that are positive after they’ve completed a wonderful deal with you.

If you are receiving negative feedback Respond and act immediately, while also learning the areas you can work on.

If you’d like to get higher rankings in Amazon’s search results You’ll have to improve the Amazon listing of your products correctly.

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