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How to learn to swim properly the fastest.

Start quietly and only increase afterward.

Many new swimmers make the mistake of thinking they should start swimming 1000 meters with lifeguard training near me.

Not only is it a really bad idea if you can not swim at all. It is also a bad idea if you have not swum for several years at all.

Because even though swimming should be one of the least harmful sports, you risk some injury when you start so hard.

This is also why when I was an elite swimmer and we came back after a 6 week break, we also did not start swimming more than 1,500 meters even though we usually swim 6,000-7,000 meters per. work out.

Find a swim partner in the beginning

It may sound banal, but this is where many are already falling off again.

Because if you just go swimming yourself, it quickly becomes a little lonely and boring.

And it may sound strange, when you are actually just swimming for yourself without being able to talk while swimming.

But when you get to the edge after a series during the break or something, it’s just really nice to be able to talk to someone there.

It is the same when you do strength training and the like. It just makes it a little easier to get going when you are not alone about it.

And a lot of adult Danes want to swim, because it’s such an easy sport to get started with, but they probably also just need the extra push that you also do.

Alternatively, you can take your children to the swimming pool once a week, and while they are playing down in the “play pool”, you can swim your meters up in the training pool. Then you are still not alone with it all, and it becomes more of a joy than a duty.

Join a swimming club near you.

And this is where you can really learn to swim properly.

For good enough, you can just go up to the swimming pool and swim a little for yourself with your swimming partner, but you just have a hard time teaching yourself the right technique.

And here the solution is simply to join a swimming club, where you and your swimming partner can learn the right swimming technique from the start.

In addition to giving you some good advice / tips / exercises below, you will also just need someone who can continuously correct your swimming for the better.

For such a thing is difficult to see when you yourself swim down in the water.

In addition, it means that you have some fixed swimming times a week, which you can plan differently according to.

In addition, this means that you do not have to pay for entrance to the swimming pool every time, which can quickly become quite expensive if you only train once a week. You can avoid this by joining a swimming club near you.

By the way, you can find all the swimming clubs right here , so you can find one near where you live.

Alternatively, you can consider buying some private swimming lessons where you yourself are in focus all the time.

Be safe in the water first

Are you also one of the many 100 thousand who have difficulty with water in general?

At least you’re not alone in that.

But it is one of the most important things to get a grip on as one of the first.

Because otherwise you will never learn to swim properly.

A good three-step rocket to follow to get a handle on this rather big problem is:

1. Find a place in the pool where you can bottom and then go in to the knees
2. Find an edge and hold on while the water comes up to over your chest and approaches your neck
3. Have one you are sure of around you and try to dive head under.

Now you are already over the biggest step and ready to learn to swim, which is really much easier once you are safe in the water and are aware in your head that nothing serious can happen.

Start with simple breaststroke

When many people start swimming, they think that they have to be 100 meters champion in butterfly swimming.

They certainly should not.

Instead, you should start with the easiest style of them all. Namely breaststroke

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