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How to choose kitchen design for your new home

The area in your home responsible for getting the best of taste, energy, positivity, and a lot of love to your plate with every mouthful of food needs unique making and designing. The house’s most crucial area should be aesthetically pleasing and offer great functionality simultaneously! If you are planning to get new interiors, choosing a suitable layout is an essential requirement.

The Basics of Kitchen Interior Design

Whether your kitchen is tiny or spacious, it’s essential to have a floor plan to make sure the best comes out in the area meant for the kitchen. Following are the basics that a kitchen must accommodate:

1. Sinks, counters, and the stovetop

2. Cabinets

3. Electric points

4. Space for movement

5. Lighting

Irrespective of the size, any kitchen should ensure proper movement of the person working in it. The space needs to be well-planned. 

Choosing the Best Layoutthe best kitchen type based on your needs

Modular Kitchen Design

With a perfect picture of the placements of every item in the kitchen, the next thing to do is decide which type of kitchen will fit best in the stipulated area. 

Modular kitchens are the first choice of anyone, irrespective of budget. These are not just attractive in look but also offer great functionality. It’s very convenient to install the modular kitchen in a short time. 

 Know your space’s size, plumbing requirements, and natural light sources when exploring kitchen design ideas. Modular kitchens are so adaptable you can maximize storage, light, and space per your taste.

1. Single Wall Kitchen Design

A single-wall layout is the most doable thing if the space is small. All your cabinets, workspaces, and counters can be aligned along a single wall in this configuration. The storage is vertically arranged, and most areas you don’t want in the front can be closed when not in use. Ensuring that the potential is used to the maximum by lighting every room adequately and keeping the items in the assigned space is a must.

 2. Parallel Wall Design

If your kitchen space is longer than wide, the similar layout is an easy, simple kitchen design that maximizes your usable area. This layout allows for ample storage and space. Counters also mean you can optimize your storage area 

vertically, and the workspaces can be designed for different purposes, reducing accidents and creating a functional shared space.

3. The Galley Layout 

This traditional arrangement is an easy and adaptable approach to a smaller or narrow area since it combines the benefits of an ergonomic workflow with maximized space. The galley layout works best as a modern kitchen design when appliances and lights are pre-planned and countertops are planned so that sinks and cooking surfaces have enough landing space. Electrical outlets are set at safe and efficient intervals.

Because of the restricted floor area, galley kitchen concepts emphasize appropriate lighting to balance the higher cabinets and top storage. Choose brighter colors and accessories to make the room appear larger and more cheerful.

The Best Kitchen Design for Storage Is a U-Shaped Layout

4. A U-Shaped Layout

The U-shaped plan, often known as a horseshoe kitchen, is ideal for kitchens divided into living and eating spaces. This practical design uses three neighboring sides and is a modular kitchen suitable for large and small rooms. Optimizing storage and work surface provides enough space for appliances while eliminating the need for a separate pantry area. Using carousel-style cabinets, pull-outs, or clever shelving, ensure easy access to hard-to-reach locations and that no corner spaces are wasted.

The U-shaped structure is one of the most fantastic kitchen design ideas if you have a large family. Numerous individuals may use it at the same time.

 5. Island and Peninsula Kitchens,

These kitchen layouts are the most suitable when creating extra space and making everything look organized. The Peninsula model is for a different food prep station with additional under-counter storage; the Peninsula is often used as a breakfast table or bar counter. Families, where get-togethers at home are frequent, prefer this layout of the kitchen.

6. Personalized Kitchen

After you’ve figured out the structure and functional necessities of your home kitchen design, you can start adding personal and distinctive touches with kitchen furniture design selections and other items that represent the atmosphere and spirit of your area.

Setting up a kitchen budget

Setting up a kitchen budget only when the kitchen is getting renovated makes sense, if the whole house is getting renovated kitchen work is a part of the entire budget. In any case it’s a wise idea to set a budget for your kitchen and stick to it. Understand how the expenses will be distributed and set aside 20% of your budget to deal with the unexpected. Make a list of the renovations that are most important to you. Once you know how much you have to spend, get the quotations and get going with the work.

Kitchen colors

Colors that are warm and welcoming should be used.

White, gray, blue, red, yellow, and green kitchen colors truly stand out. Each of these hues has a unique effect on the room, but they all contribute to the creation of a warm and welcome environment.

Choosing kitchen countertop

When it comes to choosing the ideal surface for your kitchen counter, it’s crucial to consider factors more than popularity and cost. Countertops set the tone for the kitchen, so select materials and a style that not only represent your taste, but also correspond to how you use the kitchen.

Choosing flooring

Tile is a popular choice for spaces that are frequently exposed to water, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Ceramic, porcelain, and stone tile are all popular options for kitchen flooring. Tile is available in a number of sizes and colors, and it may be put up in a variety of designs to suit almost any design motif.


For making your kitchen draper and also having great functionality, you need to consider various options that are available to you within your budget or selecting proper kitchen interior designers. Ultimately it’s you who has to work in it so it should be best suited to your way of working. Be it your choice of equipment, furnishings, cabinets or color scheme, essentially your kitchen should be your style!


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