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How to Buy Good Quality Artificial Grass

There are several ways to buy good quality artificial grass. Some of them are discussed below: Infill, Face weight, Antimicrobial properties, Warranty and more. Before you purchase any artificial grass, make sure that you know the important things to consider before You Buy Artificial Grass Online. Listed below are some important factors to consider when buying artificial grass. Read on to know more! And remember to keep your budget in mind. You won’t be sorry!


When purchasing artificial grass, there are several factors to consider, including the infill you use. There are three primary types of infill for synthetic turf. Sand is the cheapest option and is good for keeping blades upright and providing good drainage. However, it can harden and lose its permeability, and is known to trap odors. To avoid these problems, you should look for an infill that is acrylic coated.

Silica sand is a common material used for artificial turf infill. This type is inexpensive and suitable for low-traffic areas. Unlike other infill types, it doesn’t hold moisture. As a result, it may cause bacteria and mold growth on the artificial grass surface. Silica sand is also susceptible to odor, so it’s best to choose it if the surface of your artificial lawn isn’t used for heavy traffic.

Sand infill is also a good choice. This infill adds a layer of protection to the turf backing. It helps the turf retain its shape and bounce back after being walked on. The best infill for athletic fields is rubber, which also adds shock absorption to the surface. Rubber infill is also better for aesthetic purposes. A weed barrier can also be covered. You should choose a durable commercial grade infill for a durable turf.

Good Quality Artificial Grass

Sand is a better choice for artificial grass infill than rubber. The first type is more pliable, and the second one is more expensive. Sand is less porous than rubber, which means it is less likely to harbor bacteria and mold growth. It also helps control pet odors and dirt buildup. The only disadvantage to this type of infill is its price. This type is the most expensive, but also the easiest to install.

Face weight

In order to choose the right fake grass, you must understand its face weight. The heavier the face weight, the more durable the grass will be. The wrong face weight can compromise the look of the artificial grass and decrease its lifespan. Therefore, you should be very careful in choosing the right face weight. It should be heavy enough for your usage but not too light that it will not support much foot traffic. Here are some guidelines for choosing the right face weight:

A good quality artificial grass has a high face weight. A higher face weight means a denser turf, and the density of the yarns within the turf will be greater. High face weights are more durable, and will require less maintenance over time. It is also more expensive, but it will be worth it in the long run. To choose the right face weight, you need to know the maximum face weight of the grass.

The face weight of good quality artificial grass is usually greater than 100 grams per square yard. This is the indicator of durability and density. The higher the face weight, the better quality the artificial grass is. You should buy a heavier face weight if you intend to install it in a high-traffic area. Similarly, if you’re installing an artificial grass in a low-traffic area, a low-face weight product may cause severe matting and other damages over time.

If you’re not sure how to choose the right face weight for your project, you should consult with a landscape designer or turf installer. The best way to learn more about different face weights and their effects on durability is to purchase a few samples. Also, don’t forget to compare different pile heights and face weights to see which one best suits your needs. There are many options available in the market for your budget and climate.

Good Quality Artificial Grass

Antimicrobial properties

An important component of an artificial turf’s design is its antimicrobial properties. The antimicrobial properties of good-quality artificial grass can help to prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms that can harm the health of humans and pets. These properties are enhance by the presence of AlphaSan, a zirconium phosphate-based ceramic ion-exchange resin that contains silver. The presence of silver ions is safe for human contact, and its antimicrobial properties add value to artificial turf applications. But it is important to remember that bacteria still find their way onto ForeverLawn fibers, even with AlphaSan’s antimicrobial properties. The silver ions in AlphaSan attack microbial metabolism and inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Using an antimicrobial product to clean an artificial lawn is essential to preventing bacterial growth. By using a non-toxic cleaning solution, you can effectively clean and disinfect the lawn. But how do you know that it will do the job effectively? Fortunately, there are several products available for this purpose. Some of these products are even hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and formulated specifically for artificial grass.

Antimicrobial in Nature

Many companies in the turf industry claim that their products are antimicrobial in nature. However, a study done at the University of Pennsylvania found that the bacteria that cause bio-fouling in synthetic grass had 10 times more colonies than those on a natural lawn. To address this problem, manufacturers have added antimicrobial material called AlphaSan. AlphaSan is a synthetic polymer material that helps in preventing bacteria from growing and causing discoloration.

Microbe-Safe(tm) is another product that is available for artificial grass. This product reduces microbial load, reducing the transfer of degrading microbes to the turf. Additionally, Microbe-Safe(tm) inhibits the growth of odor-producing, stain-causing, and mold-causing bacteria and fungi. This means that antimicrobial turf products are an excellent investment for anyone who wants a clean, sanitary surface.


If you are considering buying a new synthetic lawn, you’ll need to pay close attention to the warranty. These warranties are typically written by the manufacturer, supplier, or a third-party company. They should cover specific issues and are worth checking into before you buy. Keep in mind, though, that a warranty will not cover normal wear and tear or issues that may arise after a few years. This article will discuss the factors to look for when purchasing a warranty.

Good Quality Artificial Grass

When choosing a warranty, it’s important to choose a product that was made by a reliable company. The warranties for synthetic grass vary, and a reputable manufacturer should provide a written guarantee that you can rely on. Make sure to check the STC’s Buyer’s Guide for more information. While warranties can be tricky to obtain, it’s important to make sure the warranty will last the life of your artificial grass.

Some warranties cover installation and materials, but not melting. Since many installers don’t have the experience to assess these risks, the warranty only covers defects in the backing. This is one of the disadvantages of an artificial lawn. A warranty covering the installation is a must for anyone who wants a high-quality lawn. However, it should be noted that many warranties only cover the product’s manufacture and installation, and may not cover your specific situation.

In addition to warranties covering material and labor, there are other considerations to consider before purchasing your artificial grass. You’ll need to be sure the warranty covers any damage that may occur to the turf. In some cases, the warranty will only cover the labor costs of repairing or replacing the affected area. Oftentimes, warranty policies will also have terms stipulating how you should clean and maintain the turf. Furthermore, the warranty may not cover any damage caused by acts of God.


The price of a good quality artificial lawn is around $2.80 per square foot. However, there are many other factors to consider. Aside from size and color, you should also consider the infill that will be use to fill the grass. Infills come in a variety of varieties, including silica sand, acrylic coated temperature reducing sand, and flex sand. All of these types of infills vary greatly in price, so choose wisely.

Good Quality Artificial Grass

The cost of installing a good quality artificial lawn will depend on the specifics of your job. While a small rectangle lawn on flat ground will need little labour, a large area with unique angles or elevation changes will require considerable labor. Before making a final decision, consider everything at the site, including accessibility, existing materials, and location. Once you’ve decided on the materials and the installation method, it’s time to find the best price for your artificial grass installation.

The installation process will require a fairly smooth surface and a sub-floor that is suitable for drainage. Additionally, you’ll need to remove any concrete or old turf to get to this point, which will add to the cost per square foot. While some pros will quote separate prices for the prep work, others will include it in the cost of the total square footage. However, it’s best to hire a professional installer for the job.

The installation process itself will cost an average of $120 per square foot, including weed barrier fabric and class 11 road base. The first part of the installation process is the cost of the base, which will typically cost between $0.40 and $41 per square foot. Depending on the area of your lawn, you may also need to purchase a weed barrier fabric to prevent natural weeds from growing in the grass. A weed barrier fabric will add an additional $25 to $300 per 1,500 square feet and can add up to around $20 per square foot. So Keep in Mind All these Things Before you Buy Good Quality Artificial Grass.

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