Hoodie is a Sweatshirt

Hoodie is a Sweatshirt:

A hoodie is a sweatshirt with a hood. It is so popular in the world because it provides comfort and style at the same time. Although there are so many styles, materials and cuts of hoodies for men, the most popular cuts on the market are Hooded Pullover and Hoodie (Raglan).

Wear your clothes loose:

Hooded pullover is good for more sporty look. If you like to wear your clothes loose then this style is perfect choice. Furthermore, on hooded pullovers the front of the garment may be pulled up slightly to make space for some mesh behind it. This way you can use this type of hoodies as quasi-mask against insects or bad weather without losing too much of your body heat. You can find some nice Hoodie Pullovers at Nike Sportswear, Adidas originals , Dsquared2 Menswear Clothing , D&G, Monocle Grenoble , Timberland, Tom Ford and many more. Click here

Hooded Pullover:

Hoodie (Raglan) provides less warmth than Hooded Pullover but it is much easier to put on. This type of hoodies are usually made from cotton or high-quality synthetic material for better durability . The main advantage of this style is that it doesn’t provide compression while pulling the shoulders forward reducing the possibility of injuries while running. Furthermore, Raglan sleeve style allows your arms to move more freely since there are no seams on the sides. Some examples of good Hoodie brands are Alexander McQueen , Canada Goose Outlet , Diesel Clothing Co , Jallraven Jackets UK , Lacoste Menswear Clothing , North Face Outlet , Ralph Lauren Outlet Store and many more.

Hoodies in Cotton:

The most popular material for hoodies is cotton. It will give your garment a classic look and provide with comfy fit at the same time . The disadvantage of cotton is that it absorbs moisture from perspiration, so if you are planning to do some exercising or walk in bad weather then synthetic fabric style might be better option as they wick away moisture faster than cotton ones.

To be softer and feel more durable:

In addition, fleece is very popular now days as an alternative for traditional cotton due to its superior insulating properties and comfort. Woolen fabrics (excluding Angora) also tend to be softer and feel more durable than their acrylic counterparts, but can be itchy and uncomfortable sometimes. Wool attracts moths and other insects so if you have some woolen hoodies then you will need special care for them .

Hoodies over t-shirts:

Another great thing about hoodies is that they can be paired with almost any type of bottoms. Jeans look really good on this type of sweatshirts, but even more comfy are sweat pants or cycling shorts which also tend to have zipper pockets along the sides. Of course you can wear your hoodies over t-shirts or long sleeves shirt base layers during colder days. Some popular color options are black , grey , white , beige , red , blue and many more. It all depends on your personal style! Shop Now


From my point of view, it’s much better to choose simple color palette rather than following trends when you will buy your next hoodie. This way it will match any other clothing in your closet much easier and won’t look out of place if you decide to wear something different from time to time. If you prefer a more stylish look then I suggest going for a sporty style – meaning that the fit should be not too loose but also not too tight . You can find some examples of this type of sweatshirts here, here and here. Another advantage of sporty style is that it will make you appear taller than usual so every good man should try such cut at least once!


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