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Hiker Store Guide: Good grip on Your Phone While Keeping your Cards Safe

In this digital world, we all have gadgets & smartphones which are used in our day-to-day life. Millennials and Gen Zs, tend to buy the latest mobile accessories which are one must-have, which makes their lives more comfortable and side by side keeps them on trend and on top of their game.

Smartphones are now an essential part of our day-to-day life. Phones are much more than just a phone, they keep us in their company, entertain us,  and even help us through the GPS navigation system .somewhere. It’s unbelievable to have our lives without a mobile phone and social media as they have now become integral parts of our life. 

You should make sure that your mobile is safe and secure and you should use Mobile Card Grip Holder. 

It enables you to your smartphone without any difficulty. The multi-functional Mobile Card Grip Holder by Hiker Store combines the functions of a safe credit cardholder with a phone grip. With this, you can get a good grip on your smartphone while keeping your cards safe and using it as a phone stand.

Mobile Card Grip Holder - Hiker Store
Mobile Card Grip Holder – Hiker Store

Features of Mobile Card Grip Holder:-

The stick-on wallet for the back of your phone comes with an attached Flap to keep your credit cards, business cards, or ID cards and private information safe and also the phone strap protects not only your hand and fingers from aching but also gives you a better grip on your phone and prevents your iPhone or Android device from accidentally falling down.


It is designed with the basic function of all wallets since it can store credit cards, business cards, & some cash safely. Not only that, the adjoining strap acts as a stand and can hold your phone safely with only one finger or keep it steady on a stand.


You can store between 1 to 7 cards in Mobile Card Grip Holder by Hiker Store safely in the pouch. Alternatively, you can keep cash or small business cards safe at all times.


The highly elastic grip band will wrap tightly but comfortably around your hand so you don’t drop your phone and it also keeps your costly iPhones and Android phones safe. The grip will not break or loosen easily with time.


The leather pad that is attached to the grip not only gives a hint of color to the design but it can be curved in order to use it as a phone stand on the go!

Benefits of Mobile Card Grip Holder

1. You don’t always have to carry your wallet 

Debit card, credit card, ID card, business card, and cash… You can store between 1 to 7 cards safely in the Mobile Card Grip Holder.

2. The Only Vertical Storage Wallet with Vertical Strap Holder

There are many vertical strap products in the market. However, there is an inconvenience that all have to be inserted horizontally but this product from Hiker Store is a Vertical Storage Wallet that is Mobile Card Grip Holder.

3. Available for a Magnet mount

You can use any magnetic mount without attaching a metal plate inside or outside of the phone case.

4. Leave Your Wallet at Home

Whether you’re going to the beach, the bar, or the gym, you can leave your purse behind & only carry the essentials like your driving license, credit cards & cash with the help of Mobile Card Grip Holder.

5. Strong Adhesive

This stick-on wallet is applied with 3M adhesive tape backing for a strong hold on the surface of your phone. Thus keeping your phone and card safe.

6. Easy Installation

Peel off the Mobile Card Grip Holder cover and stick it to the back of your phone and finish by softly pressing it.


  1. Remove the 3M sticker from the backside to use it.
  2. Paste it on the back of the phone or on the phone case. 
  3. Store your credit card, cash safely, or ID.
  4. Close the flap for the best protection.


Summing up everything into one, the latest mobile accessories you must have with you are those which are used and most needed for your smartphone. Many of the most recent mobile accessories are available at www.hikerstore.in 

Hiker Store is a one-stop solution for purchasing the latest gadgets & lifestyle accessories in India which provides the latest mobile accessories you must have in 2022. 

Furthermore, they will also provide you with all the perfect options that are the most up-to-date.

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