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Grab Your Gym Gloves and Get Ready for These Back-Building Lifts

Your back is made up of quite a few essential muscles for functional strength. From your traps to your lats and the essential erector spinae, these muscles are vital for your health, mobility, and strength. It’s important to incorporate lifts focused on your back in your weekly workout routine. A strong back is one of the signs of an overall strong body. You can work out these muscles in a variety of different ways, and each method has its place. Strap your gym gloves on and get ready to add these four back lifts to your lifting routine.

Find Your Gym Gloves and Get Ready for Barbell Lifts

First, let’s start with a pair of barbell lifts. These two are compound lifts that can work out a wide variety of muscles—from your back to your legs and core. It’s all there. These exercises should be at the top of your priority list every back day.


This lift is a classic for a reason. In fact, the deadlift is your one-way ticket to improving your entire posterior chain (the muscles along the back of your body). All in all, you get stronger, your back gets more defined, and the rest of your body experiences many benefits. To perform a deadlift, keep your feet slightly narrow, and bend down to the bar by moving your hips. Then, pull the bar up by driving your hips forward into the bar and moving your body up. Be sure to keep your back straight through the whole movement.

Bent-Over Row

A bent-over row is another good way to work out a range of back muscles and build your strength. Step up to the bar and bend over at the hips until your back is parallel to the ground. Use your legs to generate some power to get the bar up, and then pull it up to your chest by pulling your shoulder blades back. Don’t forget your gym gloves to help you keep a good grip on the bar while lifting all that weight.

Supplemental Exercises Are a Great Addition to Your Training

For those days when you want to try something different and shake up your training, there are even more ways to get your back workout. These two exercises require some sturdy equipment to perform but are easy to add to your other back lifts and incredibly effective for supplemental training.


If you want lats that stand out, doing pull-ups with your gym gloves is a great way to complement your other lifts. Not only that, but they work out most of the rest of your back muscles and can also give your biceps, abs, and chest a little extra supplemental training. Do a pull-up by grabbing a bar with a wide grip and your palms facing away from you. Then, pull your body up until your head is above the bar. Finally, lower yourself back down slowly until your arms are extended again, and that’s one rep. Alternatively, if you find pull-ups too difficult on your joints or hands, try doing negative pull-ups by starting with your head above the bar and lowering yourself as slowly as possible.

Inverted Row

If you’ve just started your bodybuilding journey, then an inverted row is an excellent beginner-friendly supplemental exercise that targets your back muscles. First, you want to find a bar or railing at the right height— something about waist-high. At the gym, this might be a squat rack or Smith machine. Then, grab the bar and position yourself underneath it, facing up and using your back muscles to pull your chest toward the bar. Lower yourself back down, keeping your core tight, and you’ve completed one rep. Keep it up, and with some targeted lifts and supplemental exercises, your back could be the strongest it’s ever been.

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