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Google Maps Data Export Tool – Google Map Extractor

The Best Google Maps Scraper

This blog will go into detail on downloading business information from Google Maps legally. Manually copy-paste all businesses from Google Maps results into the database takes a lot of effort and time. That is where our Google Map Extractor can be really helpful for everyone who needs bulk b2b leads from Google Maps to Excel.

Extract And Export Data From Google Maps To Excel In Minutes

Nowadays, Google Maps is a wonderful source to get business leads for b2b marketing and b2b business. A huge number of marketers find business contact information manually for the businesses registered on Google Maps. Google Maps Data Scraper automates an entire procedure of scraping this kind of data from Google Maps efficiently.

Google Maps data is useful for different prosecution and lead-generation objectives. At Ahmad Software Technologies, we provide the Best Google Maps Data Extractor software to scrape or extract data from Google Maps results to Excel or CSV files. The Google Maps Listings Scraper can scrape every place and business that results in the Google Maps search results.

Google Maps Lead Extractor is the easiest way of scraping data from Google Maps to Excel or CSV files. Google Maps Email Extractor can find data by zip code, business name, address, and business listing URL.

The Google Map Extractor Can Extract The Following Details From Google Maps

Google Maps Business Extractor can scrape or extract the following data fields from Google Maps:

  • Google Map Business Listing Link
  • Company Name
  • Business Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Website Link
  • Ratings
  • Total Reviews
  • Opening Hours
  • Image URL
  • Latitudes
  • Longitudes
  • Zip Code
  • Category and much more

Google Map Extractor Features

Extract Emails From Google

Emails aren’t listed on the Google Maps business listings however, Google Maps Contact Extractor can still scrape email addresses related to listed businesses. It’s a unique feature that makes you stand out in the competition for Google Maps results data scraping. The Google Maps Crawler visits the website given in the business listing and searches for contact details from the website.

Works Like a Human

Due to the human behavior of Google Maps Phone Number Extractor, you don’t need to worry about being blocked by Google Maps. Moreover, you can use proxies to avoid blocking by Google Maps. You can scrape data from 1200-1500 business listings in a day.

Speed And Accuracy

Google Maps Extractor can capture contact details as well as other important data from the Google Maps. The Leads Extractor Google Maps provides a list of business leads within a few seconds in a CSV, Excel, and Text file.

The accuracy of data is almost 99% because the data is scraped directly from Google Maps. You may also search through any keyword or categories like architects, hotels, restaurants, etc. in any location, city, state, or country.

You may also use zip codes to get more targeted data from Google Maps. The software can also produce sales leads from Google maps and create new business contacts.

Wrap Up:

Google Maps has proven that it is a hard nut to crack as far as scraping is concerned. In most cases, if you try scraping it by using a simple Google Maps scraper, you will get detected and blocked. Unless you know what you are doing, the best option available to you is to use the Google Maps scrapers developed by experts. One of these has been discussed above.

See How Software Works?

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