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Get To Know The Fortinet Network Firewall: An Introduction

A firewall protects against dangerous traffic, protecting your data and obstructing unauthorised access as a crucial element of your company’s IT security.  If you want to improve network security, you might as well search for what is fortinet network firewall, I believe you can gain benefits from that. 


Don’t know what a firewall is…?


A firewall, which controls which traffic is allowed into and is not allowed into your network, should be in the centre of your network, whether by hardware, software, or a mix of both. 


What is FortiGate Firewall? 


The leading provider of IT cybersecurity, Fortinet, offers organisations of all sizes the best threat defence with its next-generation firewall, FortiGate. A FortiGate firewall provides unrivalled performance and protection while streamlining your network thanks to purpose-built security processors and threat intelligence from FortiGuard. 


From the entry-level FortiGate-20 series for small offices and retail networks to the FortiGate-1500 series for big businesses, Fortinet has FortiGate models to meet any deployment requirement.


The Functions of the FortiGate Firewall


In a nutshell, a FortiGate firewall checks the data that enters your network to see if it is secure to pass through to your company. 


Firewalls with lower specifications will often evaluate this data based on details like its location and source. The lower specification will then determine the ability to let this information through by comparing it to a predetermined list of permissions.


A firewall offers the first line of defence against security risks. Still, as cybercriminals get more skilled, it gets harder for a firewall to fight against the wide range of dangers to cybersecurity, many of which can be encrypted behind what seems to be a trustworthy source. 


According to Gartner predictions, 80% of the traffic to your company in 2019 will be encrypted, with 50% of assaults against firms like yours buried in encrypted communication. 


FortiGate firewalls offer comprehensive protection for your company even against encrypted traffic, with purpose-built security processors and top-tier threat detection from FortiGuard.


Features of FortiGate Firewall 

  • High-performance threat prevention, such as web filtering, antivirus software, and application control, assures that cyber security risks like malware and social engineering won’t hurt your company. 
  • Protection for network segments with extremely low latency and highly scalable segmentation for mission-critical application protection. 
  • Automated risk assessments, workflow, and auditing functions lessen the workload for the IT department. 
  • Using FortiGate’s security ratings, you may adopt “best practice” security procedures. 
  • You are protected from known and unknown attacks thanks to continuously updated threat information that has been independently validated. 
  • You can manage security assets wherever they are with enterprise-class security management. 
  • Share risks across the IT security infrastructure using the Security Fabric connection to quickly and automatically defend users. Find out more information about Fortinet Security Fabric.


Why Do You Want a FortiGate Firewall?


Your company must change to keep up with the growing nature of IT security risks. One breach might be enough to have significant repercussions for your organisation as we enter a connected corporate world. 


A FortiGate firewall can provide you and your company the confidence that your company is safe from the most recent attacks.


What Does FortiGate Firewall Protect Against?


The next-generation FortiGate firewall can protect against several security threats. Including:


  • Malware
  • Spyware (Grayware)
  • Phishing / Social Engineering schemes
  • Pharming attacks
  • Instant messaging viruses
  • Peer-to-Peer networks
  • Blended network attacks
  • Email
  • Intrusions


FortiGate Firewall from Spectrum Edge


We are Fortinet Platinum Partners and subject matter experts in IT security. Our security experts hold many Fortinet accreditations, including NSE 4, 5, 6, 7 and the highly sought-after NSE 8. (the highest technical certification you can achieve as a Fortinet partner). 


We are entirely equipped to manage your whole security architecture because we are a Fortinet Platinum-level partner. Before building, implementing, supporting, and proactively monitoring the integrity of your network, our managed IT security solution comprises a thorough network vulnerability analysis. To keep your network secure, our proactive managed IT security solution works your firewall, compliance, email security, endpoint protection, and SIEM, continuously scanning for possible threats and taking the necessary precautions. 


Please contact us right now to discover additional advantages of using a FortiGate firewall. Alternatively, you can purchase a FortiGate firewall directly from our website


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