Effective Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Tips for Websites with Low Traffic

Small websites do not need to cease conversion optimization. Following CRO tips and approaches are effective for websites with low traffic. 

For an online business, having a website, website traffic matters and is important.  More website traffic means more visibility and can be effective in having more conversions and online sales. 

However, traffic is required for carrying out data-oriented optimization processes such as CRO. Prevalent CRO approaches depend majorly upon website traffic in order to perform decisive tests.  

Obtaining intuitive data from website traffic is not a difficult task for well-established companies which obtain a large amount of traffic daily.  

But, conversion optimization is quite difficult for websites with low traffic. 

However, that does not indicate the website with low traffic or small businesses have to stop conversion optimization and make use of arbitrary assumptions. 

Following CRO tips and approaches are effective for websites with low traffic. 

The Problem in Optimizing Websites with Low Traffic 

It is known that the purpose of significant testing is to make sure that the website functions perfectly and produces revenue. 

Tests depend upon data and for obtaining an important outcome, plenty of data is required. 

Improving the ranking of websites for obtaining more traffic is effective in collecting data. 

However, following the above-mentioned approach requires time and effort to put. Carrying out CRO in the instance of website obtaining low traffic can be difficult. Moreover, it requires an unsuitably long time frame or period to get to statistically significant in the case of carrying out tests with little samples. 

Furthermore, concluding a test ahead of getting to statistically significant poses the danger of applying an error or false positive. It causes problems for self, potentially damaging any development that has been made eventually. 

For this reason, A/B testing, as well as improvement for websites with low traffic, is difficult for the majority of marketing professionals. 

CRO Tips for Websites with Low Traffic 

On searching CRO tips, one can see lots of general CRO approaches that work effectively on websites with high traffic. 

However, what in the instance of simply beginning with a new website or trying to have an audience for different objectives? 

  • Performing tests with the Reduced Confidence level  

The confidence level is an important component of statistics that signifies how accurate the test outcomes are for the whole pool. 

Put simply, it informs how trustworthy the analysis results are and how protected one is from applying inaccurate outcomes. 

The more the confidence level, the more the probability that a test outcome is accurate. 

In the instance of performing tests on websites with low traffic, it is acceptable to reduce the confidence level to lower the test piece or sample size required to get to statistically significant. 

Lowering confidence level even accelerates the test and facilitates accomplishing outcomes in the less or small-time period. 

It is important to know that although in the case of reducing confidence level. One could reduce the accurateness of test outcomes.    

It is preferable to test diverse variations in a small time period instead of anticipating a huge sample size to perform a test having 95% or 90% confidence. 

  • Tracking  smaller conversions 

Conversion is a range with plenty of smaller or micro-conversions that lead to the macro-conversion that is the final objective of the website.

Micro-conversions are basically gradual steps that signify the interest of a user in the product or brand.

Tracking smaller conversions can be a useful initiative or concept at the time of optimizing a website with low traffic. For the reason that micro-conversions take place regularly and therefore are higher in number in comparison to a macro conversion. 

  • Carry out Important Changes 

Carrying out influential changes in the variation can result in a higher rise in the primary variable. To put it another way, in the case of implementing a considerable change in the variation. There are higher chances to view a highly considerable variation in the current conversion rate or baseline conversion.   

In the case of applying a substantial change on the website, one could observe a higher rise amid control as well as variation. 

  • Utilize Individualization Through Dynamic Data 

Personalizing website or website personalization is an important CRO approach that can result in higher conversions, irrespective of the quantity of traffic a website gets. 

Website personalization includes presenting dynamic content to website visitors, for the reason that this content is highly appropriate to their likings and greatly approaches them.  

Presenting dynamic content is even a data-oriented method.  It forms on the data collected from several sources including interaction with the website, positioning, online activities, social interaction, demographic info and searches history of a user, and more. Certainly, personalization even requires testing as well as improvement.  

  • Set up User Testing  

Usability testing entails testing a website to find out its areas of improvement and find out how adequately the website caters to its targeted audience. 

The step can assist in finding out the major areas that need optimization and augmenting the complete user experience. 

User testing is very important for websites of each and every scale. 

However, the step is specifically useful for websites with low traffic for the reason that the step entails few individuals to conduct tests and produce significant outcomes.  

The objective of enriching user experience is to enhance conversions. As a result, enriching user experience through user testing must be an important component of CRO assembly.

  • Utilize Incorporated Evaluation Forms 

The objective of CRO is to improve the website for an improved user experience.  

Knowing the audience is essential for a high-quality user experience and therefore should be thought about in conversion improvement. 

Utilizing onsite feedback forms facilitate knowing the behavior of users. Application of the forms is effective in getting understanding into how the target audience acknowledges. Think about the website and about their requirements. 

Through close assessment, one could find out user behavior inclinations or trends that can thereafter direct the improvement procedure. 


There are several optimization tips and approaches that can be applied for increasing conversions, irrespective of the quantity of traffic a website obtains. Even though the website traffic is quite low, one can carry out user testing or utilize feedback forms to obtain important info and insights. You can contact GlobalHunt Technologies. We have your back; the best SEO agency in India send us your inquiry today.

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