Dealing With Ant Problems in Your Home

No one wants to hire a professional when there is a work that needs to be done and you can do it yourself. Actually, when it comes to a little ant infestation, we actually recommend that individuals try to handle it themselves.

If you are currently experiencing issues with ants and have been dealing with them for a long time, you could consider skipping the remaining part of the article and contacting a professional directly. A professional will address your issue and use time-tested procedures which have minimal effect on the environment. Experienced ant colonies typically need a skilled method to address them properly and a professional is always up to the task. We are a company which specializes in pest control in Rockledge, Florida – so you can pretty much count on that we have seen it all.

Double-sided Self-made Strategy

Regarding ants, there are two primary kinds of self-applied baits that you may purchase at the store. This is because the majority of ants will either be attracted to sugary foods or non-sugary items with a gritty texture.

There is a type of ant pest treatment that comes in granular form and can be purchased. You may sprinkle it in the corner or about your property. If you have children or animals, you might want to think about buying the kind that is enclosed in a plastic “hotel” style. The ants need to really get inside the protective container to get the bait. This bait is intended for ants that do not want sweet food, sometimes known as the “grease ant”.

The alternative kind of bait is typically in a transparent liquid form. You can place a small amount of this substance on a small piece of cardboard and leave it near the ants. They will ultimately discover it. If they haven’t begun consuming the bait within 24-36 hours, it indicates that you are dealing with a different type of ants. You should get the granular formula.

The process involves ants collecting a small amount of food (bait) and returning it to the colony. Here it will be stored for usage by the group. They will begin consuming it soon. The concept is that by eliminating a significant section of the group at the nest level, which includes the queen, it is possible to completely eliminate the colony.

If you are attempting it by yourself, get two varieties of bait and distribute them throughout your home. You will not exceed a total of $20 on these baits.

Be sure to carefully read the directions and follow any safety measures suggested on the container, such as wearing gloves or other protective equipment.

Contact an Expert

If you are not experiencing any success or you simply desire the task to be completed correctly, contact your nearby pest control agent. We can address your ant issue and bring it under control with only a few visits. This is what we have accomplished for more than four decades.

As always, we are here to help with any questions via email or phone call. Our goal is to help you live a happier , pest free existence. That is literally our job.

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