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Digital cheap printing Birmingham is one of the most popular services in the modern world. Such popularity is due not only to the high speed of printing, but also to the incredibly high quality that is characteristic of the resulting image, both in color and in black and white. We offer our customers not only standard services for copying and printing documents of various formats, but also a full range of digital color printing services on A4 and A3 at competitive prices.

We have a state-of-the-art production facility that allows us to print large quantity orders in a short amount of time at a low cost. Whether you need one banner, 10 banners, 50 banners, 100 banners or thousands of banners printed we can help you out!

For everyone

Standard document printing is carried out on paper with a minimum density of 80 grams per square meter. Black-and-white and color printing is also possible on other media: thick Whatman paper, coated paper, textured, design and self-adhesive paper, and special film.

The high-tech equipment used in our centers guarantees an incredibly high quality of all copies and an exceptionally high level of productivity. We work with both small and large print runs: we will help you create bright, high-quality, colorful business cards, calendars, tickets or forms for specialized purposes.

You can print order in Ufa within a few minutes: the client submits a layout for work, we print, if necessary, we immediately cut and hand the client his order.

To obtain high-quality black and white copies. We use a multifunctional, high-speed printer and risograph to make the most accurate copies and large-scale replication. The high-speed printer is great for making single-sided and double-sided copies in short runs.

More specifically about specific proposals

Our banners are printed on high-quality 13 oz vinyl banner material and include hems and grommets at no extra cost. Banners are printed in full color – there are no limitations on the number of colors and graphics you can have. The banners can be up to 16 feet by 50 feet without seams.

Serico PRINT is the best modern equipment, experienced and knowledgeable workers, and excellent and diverse printing materials.

The print speed for images in black and white is over 90 ppm, and for color documents in the same format, over 50 ppm.

We are also ready to offer services for:

  • Large format copying of various documents.
  • Scanning documents (text,, graphic, and combined format).
  • Printing services for technical documentation in various formats, project documentation, diagrams and drawings.


Our specialists will be able to make copies of the documents fastened together without damaging them. We work with specialized programs, create layouts for printing, and make two-sided black-and-white and full-color copies of any documents.

By the way, we also make logos for workwear. You can call us on the numbers in the header of the site.

Color printing and copying is a service in demand in everyday life, as many office workers, students and teachers. Store workers, and others need to print documents and other files.

Printing and copying files in color moderates done on professional digital equipment capable of producing clear, b, right and rich prints. You can print materials in both single-sided and double-sided modes.

You can order printing and copying documents in color and at a low price in our digital printing house. We will perform the work quickly and efficiently, regardless of the number of copies.

Serico provides all these quality services:

  • Cheap printing Birmingham
  • Sack holder bins Birmingham
  • NHS bins Birmingham
  • Cigarette bins Birmingham
  • Cup bin Birmingham
  • Waste bins Birmingham
  • Recycling bins Birmingham
  • Plastic bins Birmingham
  • Bin manufacturer Birmingham

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