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Can You Pick Gender with IVF?

This is the 21st century which is known as the modern era. In this era, science and technology have developed so much that even the gender of a baby can be determined. The fertility specialist by examining the embryo in the woman’s body. While doing the process of In Vitro Fertilisation IVF. There are many IVF courses in India that have become a blessing for many women who are unable to become pregnant due to various reasons.

Also, during the lab tests of an embryo. Gender can be identified in the early stage of development of an embryo. There are many reasons why a couple decides to go for gender selection. Some parents often choose this selection process so that their family can be balanced.

Few couples even face genetically transmitted diseases as per the gender of a baby. This process allows a couple to be safe as it allows them to select the gender of a baby as per the couple’s disorder. Which can make them at lower risk at the time of the procedure of In Vitro fertilization (IVF).

Another case is where a couple wants to select the gender of a baby. Is as if they have lost a child and want another baby of the same sex to be psychologically strong.

There is a testing process preimplantation genetic diagnosis that is PGD and preimplantation genetic screening/testing aneuploidy that is PGS/PGT-A which determines the gender after the egg of a woman and sperm of a man are combined and then fertilized together to form an embryo which is then examined by the fertility doctor who then determines the gender of the baby. This process also identifies the abnormalities present in the chromosomes which may cause defects in the baby. Fertility specialists can easily identify the chromosomes. So if an embryo carries two X chromosomes then there will be a baby girl and if it carries an X and a Y chromosome then there will be a baby boy. This is the process of identifying the gender of a baby accurately.

There are many couples in which either of them is unable to produce healthy embryos of the desired sex. There are several factors like age, quality of the sperm, and quantity of the egg produced, which stop them from producing healthy embryos. Many couples here, take the help of a donor egg or sperm as per the requirement.

Some People donate their healthy sperm and egg to medical clinics so that they can be frozen and can be used later when required.

There are several pros and cons of this IVF process that each couple should consider as per their situation. The positive thing is that a couple can become parents who have gone through several factors. And the negative thing is that the process of IVF is very much expensive.


Gender selection is done by most couples, be it any process either by normal or while opting for IVF. In the IVF process gender can be identified easily. The process which analyses the gender is a preimplantation genetic diagnosis that is PGD. Preimplantation genetic screening/testing aneuploidy that is PGS/PGT-A. IVF is an expensive process but it gives the pleasure of becoming parents after facing a lot of ups and downs. There are several IVF Training courses in India. The fertility centers offer fellowships and provide training in infertility. It is a one-year training program after a student chooses a medical line as their stream and wants to become successful in the IVF process.

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