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Camping Near Houghton Lake in Michigan: 10 Best Camping Spots

RV and Primitive Camping in Mid-Michigan


Michigan’s Houghton Lake is blessed with an abundance of campgrounds. Ranging from rustic to luxurious, they offer a variety of options for families, couples, and solo travelers alike. These campgrounds are near the top places to go for Michigan tourist attractions. So it’s no surprise that some of them are also popular spots for RV enthusiasts. In this post, we’ll highlight ten of our favorite campgrounds in and around Houghton Lake—each one with its own unique features.

1. West Houghton Lake Campground

West Houghton Lake Campground is a favorite for campers because it’s not far from the lake and offers full amenities, including a pool and playground.

Located on West Houghton Lake in Michigan, this campground has been around since the 1960s. It’s one of the closest parks to Houghton Lake in our list of 10 best camping spots near Houghton Lake.

There are 128 campsites at West Houghton Lake Campground that can accommodate tents or RVs up to 35 feet long (no hookups). Each site has its own picnic table, fire ring, and grill. For those who prefer more comfort during their stay here, there are also cabins available for rent at this campground.

The price per night ranges from $30-$40 depending on your preferred site type—primitive or premium—and whether you’re tent camping or have an RV with hookups. Cabins start at $60 per night depending on size (sleeps up to 6 people) and are available year-round; however, most sites require reservations made well ahead of time due to high demand during summer months when vacationers flock here en masse!

2. Trout Lake State Forest Campground

  • Trout Lake State Forest Campground is located on the shores of Trout Lake and offers plenty of water activities for camping families.
  • The campground is open year-round but closes each winter when temperatures drop below freezing. During the summer, you can enjoy swimming at the beach or fishing off one of the three piers. If you’re up for a hike, check out nearby Cole Road Park or take advantage of their boat launch to go boating!
  • This campground has something that every camper needs—a playground! Kids will have fun running around and playing on this playground while parents rest in their campsites nearby. There’s also ample space for family games such as volleyball, horseshoes and bocce ball.
  • For those who like more modern conveniences while camping (and who doesn’t?), this campground has a dump station available for use by all guests at no extra charge—just remember to clean up after yourself!

3. White Birch Canoe Trips & Campground

Located on the west side of Houghton Lake, White Birch Canoe Trips & Campground offers canoe rentals, camping, and more. As a bonus, it’s also one of the most affordable spots for enjoying Michigan’s beautiful nature.

The campground has 13 sites available for both tent camping and RV parking. Sites are $20-$33 per night and can accommodate up to 30 people each. There is also a dump station available at no extra charge! The campground opens in May and closes in October—so you’ll want to plan your trip accordingly!

4. Houghton Lake Travel Park Campground

Houghton Lake Travel Park Campground is a great place to stay if you want to go camping near Houghton Lake. It’s located in Michigan, and it’s a great place to stay if you want to go camping near Houghton Lake.

You’ll be able to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine at this park, which offers plenty of activities for all members of your family. You’ll find that there are many amenities available here, including swimming pools and playgrounds for children as well as picnic areas with grills so that families can cook meals together. When staying with us at Houghton Lake Travel Park Campground, we make sure all guests feel welcome by providing clean facilities and friendly service from our staff members who work hard every day making sure everything goes smoothly no matter what comes up!

5. Fought’s Resort

  • Fought’s Resort is located on the north side of Houghton Lake. It has a private beach, swimming pool, and a large campground. There is also a restaurant, bar, and gift shop on site.
  • Camping at Fought’s Resort is full hook-up camping only (water/electricity/sewer). They have pull-through sites available that can accommodate RVs up to 32ft long with slide-outs. The tent sites are quite nice as well!

6. House Lake State Forest Campground

House Lake State Forest Campground is a great option for those looking to camp in the Houghton Lake Area. The campground is open from May through October, and it’s located on the House Lake State Forest property. At House Lake State Forest Campground, you’ll find plenty of amenities including a dump station, showers, swimming beach, and boat launch. The campground also features a playground (complete with swings and slides), as well as a camp store that sells firewood—perfect for your next evening around the campfire!

7. Wooded Acres Family Campground

If you’re looking for a campground with all the amenities, Wooded Acres Family Campground is the place to go. It has all of the basics covered: full hookups, laundry facilities and even an arcade room! Plus, there are hundreds of campsites available so you won’t have to worry about fighting for space. If staying at Wooded Acres sounds like your cup of tea then be sure to call ahead of time so they can set up your site just right (there are plenty of sites that are already set).

The drawback here is that this campground gets booked up quickly during peak season—you might have trouble getting in if it’s not reserved well in advance. But if you can manage a reservation then I highly recommend this option because it has one thing no other campground on this list offers: indoor plumbing!

8. Great Circle Campground

The Great Circle Campground is a great place to go if you want to spend some time on the water. The campground is located on the shores of Houghton Lake and offers boat rentals that allow you to explore the lake in style. There are plenty of fishing opportunities at the Great Circle Campground, as well as opportunities for boating and exploring the surrounding area.

If you want something more than just a campsite on land, Great Circle Campground also has pontoon boats available for rent through their sister company, Houghton Lake Pontoon Boat Rentals.

There are also other activities nearby such as biking trails and hiking paths for those who love nature but prefer not to sleep under it!

9. CCC Bridge State Forest Campground

  • CCC Bridge State Forest Campground

If you’re looking for a camping experience that honors the past and pays homage to Michigan’s natural beauty, this state forest campground is the place for you. Located just northwest of Houghton Lake the Manistee River. This campground has everything from modern amenities to old-fashioned charm. You can stay in an RV or tent cabin, but if you choose to go primitive camping—which means no hookups—there are still plenty of options available.

Campers praise this spot because of its great location near both Houghton Lake and Lake City; easy access off I-75; abundant wildlife; and ample activities like kayaking, hiking, biking and more! The campground has several recreation areas where kids can play safely while parents set up their tents nearby: including basketball courts with lights overhead so they can play into dusk hours too!

10. Poplars Resort & Campground

Poplars Resort & Campground is located in Houghton Lake and is a family-friendly campground with large sites. The campground offers a bathhouse with hot showers and toilets, as well as free wifi. There’s also access to electricity for your RV or camping trailer if you need it.

Poplars Resort & Campground has 50 campsites available for overnight stays, ranging from tent camping spots to RV hookups that can accommodate up to 45 feet long vehicles. You’ll also find cabins available at Poplars Resort & Campground for larger groups that want more space than just a sleeping bag on the ground!

11. North Higgins Lake State Park Campground

The 11th best camping spot near Houghton Lake is North Higgins Lake State Park Campground. This campground is located in Higgins Lake State Park and has many amenities to offer campers, including showers, flush toilets, a dump station, playgrounds, picnic tables, and a boat launch. There are also cabins available for rent. Bring your beach wagon for the kids and spend a day on the lake. 

Camping at North Higgins Lake State Park is open year-round and tent sites cost $25 per night while RV sites cost $30 per night. Cabins cost between $50-$85 per night depending on what type of cabin you prefer (smaller or larger).

12. North Higgins Lake State Park Campground (South)

Located on the southern end of Higgins Lake and opened from mid-May to mid-October, North Higgins Lake State Park Campground offers 100 campsites with a dump station, showers and restrooms.

The campground also has a boat launch where you can take advantage of water sports like swimming and fishing. If you want to enjoy more land-based activities then make sure you check out nearby Shanty Creek Resort for its golf course, restaurants, and entertainment options. In the near future, expect to see EV charging stations available at most Michigan state parks. 

13. Grayling State Forest Campground

With a dog-friendly campground and ample fishing spots, this is a great place to bring the whole family. The campground has sites that are tent only, RV only, or both. You’ll find 60 sites available with picnic tables, fire rings, and electric hookups. Some of the amenities include:

  • A boat launch
  • A swimming beach (open seasonally)
  • A playground area for kids to play on
  • A dump station near registration so you can empty your waste tanks before leaving!

You’ll also have access to several nearby attractions such as:

  • Michigan State University Open Space Preserve (1 mile away)
  • Grayling State Park (5 miles away)

There are so many great places to camp near Houghton Lake in Michigan!

Discover the best places to camp near Houghton Lake in Michigan!

Camping is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It also allows you to spend time with family and friends, enjoy nature and explore more of our world. Camping offers you an opportunity for relaxation and adventure that most people don’t get in their daily lives. The best part? You can find beautiful campsites wherever you go in Michigan!

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