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Best Places in Spain to Invest in Real Estate in 2024

Spain is quickly becoming popular for more than being a tourist destination with lovely history, beaches, and parties. The last couple of years have put Spain on a real-estate radar as a country with reasonable prices for property purchases.

Spain has a lot of history behind it and was always deemed a great place for tourists. Its climate, geography and sea line offer much to anyone who decides to visit or live there. Visiting is easy; you don’t have to think about it much. You will set aside a weekend or a bit longer and try to see as much as possible and visit the places praised and suggested by those who have already been there. When living in Spain, you need to focus and research because, thanks to its political foundations, some places may be more difficult to move to than others.

Regarding real estate, the political state of certain parts, taxes and permits will greatly increase or decrease the housing costs. This is why you need to know certain rules and laws that to help you determine the area in which you want to live and the area that will give you the least headaches. You can easily find whatever you are interested with and, thanks to the help of professionals, easily decide where you want to live in Spain.

Today’s article will also try to help you by bringing you the best places to live in Spain and why.


Valencia has some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Spain. If you are a sea lover and like to party, this is where you need to properly browse. Valencia will offer you everything you need, from lavish nightlife, fine wine and dining, shops, and other amenities you can find yourself in need of. If you are a bit of a budget buyer and don’t mind a bit of a trip steer clear of beachfront property that can be a bit pricier for obvious reasons. There are several places in and around Valencia that you can afford, and they will make you feel right at home. The prices are moderate to high considering it is a big tourist destination offering an awesome life.

The Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca is a huge area, and what we see as more fitting for anyone looking to settle in this region is the Javea. Here you can find luxury villas for sale in Javea. This will be where you can settle for longer or simply visit a few months a year. It is a bit prestigious area to live in and probably for those of you who have a deeper pocket. Its beauty and prestige are viewed through breathtaking villas and townhouses. This is the perfect place for a modern apartment if you are not looking for a specific house because this region has many high-rise buildings. If you are looking for real estate that will bear these descriptions and the money isn’t an issue, this is the place to start looking in.

The Costa Calida

The Costa Calida in Murcia is another place offering nice infrastructure and services one would need to settle here. This part of Spain is rich in history and is on the coast as well. According to some information available from Spanish governments, most of the people who decide to settle in Spain run toward beachfronts and seasides. Spain also offers plenty of places on land that are truly remarkable, but we will mention some of them below.


For most, Seville is the capital of Andalusia. It is a beautiful place to settle and buy your real estate. Architecture, warmth, riverfronts, and their honest vibrancy are some things that will draw you in instantly. If you do not like beaches and the seafront that much, Seville is awesome because it will offer you mountainsides, just a few miles away. It is a nice change, considering that everything so far was tied to sea and summer vibes. Spain also has a great rural end, and some of the cheeses and wines you will taste there will be the best you ever tried. Another great thing about Valencia is that it gives out that small-town feel most new people love, although Seville is Spain’s 4th biggest city.


If you want a different style of life in the urban environments, then look no further because Bilbao will give you a mix of both something you already know and something elusively exotic. Since it is not that famous and well sought after as a place to settle in, at least until recently, real estate prices have been reasonable, and you will not have difficulties settling here. In Bilbao, you will be able to experience a different side of Spain, which is more sensible and more private, and the proof of that is the people coming in and settling here. The prices on everything are moderate to low depending on where you decide to settle, even though this is Spain’s 5th most expensive city. It has a big industrial past and a lot of history that locals here cherish, and it can be seen all around.


We are returning to the beachfront, this beautiful resort, hotel and port city. Coming to Spain means it will be difficult to run away from its breathtaking coastline. What you will find here is a lot of stuff tourists love, and most of it will revolve around pleasing them, a lot of commotion, and generally being a livelier place than the previous few. Malaga also brags about its infrastructure, which you should consider if you are buying a property here. It also has beautiful architecture and top-class cuisine. Some of the foods you will try here are just remarkable. If you want to settle in a calmer place where you can have peace, try to check out La Malagueta, Limonar, and the like. These are all family-friendly areas and will offer typical houses and flats.

Spain is truly remarkable, and whatever place you choose to settle in and buy your real estate you will not regret it. The prices are going down, and according to some predictions, they will remain down until at least half of next year, so if you are on a home hunt in Spain, take your time, do your research and try and see if you can snag the best place for reasonable money over there. Happy hunting all.

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