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Basic Computer Knowledge You Need to Know

Across the last two decades, the computer revolution has changed people’s lives all over the world. It has boosted productivity in businesses as diverse as deep-sea drilling and fashion design, facilitated global communication, and put the world’s knowledge at your fingertips. Knowing how to operate a computer has practically become a basic survival skill as the world becomes more digital.

It might be tough to learn basic computer knowledge. Fortunately, anyone can learn to operate computers with the correct guidance:

Understanding the Basics of Computer


  • Motherboard. The motherboard is home to BIOS, or Basic Input/Output System, the very basic piece of software that comes with a computer, in addition to giving space for the hard drive, CPU, and other components we haven’t addressed yet to plug into.
  • Graphics Card. The graphics card, often known as a video card, is the component that displays images on your computer’s monitor or display. Although some motherboards include built-in, onboard, or integrated video cards, the quality is inferior to that of a dedicated video card purchased separately and installed on the motherboard.
  • Hard Drive. Since we’re already talking about hard discs, let’s go over what they are. For non-techies, this is perhaps the most familiar piece of computer hardware, but don’t worry if you don’t know what it is. A hard drive is a storage device for a computer.

Firstly, The capacity of your hard disc determines how much data it can hold. Early hard drives (around the 1950s) could store roughly 5 MB (megabytes) of data and were about the size of an industrial-sized fridge-freezer combo unit.

Secondly, Aside from the physical size, 5 MB is about the same as one MP3! It’s insignificant. Hard drives have lately shrunk in size and can now store enormous amounts of data,

ranging from 250 to 500 GB (gigabytes) for the average computer user to 1 TB (terabyte) for the power user. A terabyte is equal to 1,048,576 megabytes.

However, Solid-state discs have become increasingly common in recent years. Solid-state drives, unlike hard disc drives, do not have any moving or spinning parts, making them a faster and more dependable way to store data and improve.

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Therefore, the overall performance of your computer. They’re also unbelievably silent! Solid-state drives are becoming increasingly popular among PC gamers. For additional details, see this guide on how to build a gaming PC.

Central Processing Unit

The central processing unit, commonly known as the processor, is your computer’s “brain.” It does precisely what its name implies: it processes all of your computer’s activities.

However, processors are small square components having pins and connectors on one side that allow them to be plugged into a CPU socket on the motherboard of a computer.

Selecting the Right Peripherals

So, while your computer may contain a hard disc, motherboard, CPU, graphics card, and power supply unit, it is useless without peripherals. Peripherals are the physical components of a computer that allow users to interact with it.

Monitor. Firstly, The display of a computer is referred to as a monitor. You wouldn’t be able to see anything you’re doing on the computer if you didn’t have this, making the machine almost useless if your purpose is to use it for email and browsing the internet!

Keyboard. You can input items into your computer using the keyboard. You wouldn’t be able to type commands in the BIOS, send emails to your buddies, or get much work done without a keyboard.

Other. Speakers, which produce sound from your onboard or dedicated sound card; headphones, which allow for more discrete sound enjoyment; and microphones, which allow you to use your voice to communicate with others on the internet or record your voice for videos and music, among other things, are other computer peripherals that enhance your computer experience.

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