App Development Agency In London: 5 Tips For Developing Android Apps

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Consider yourself a fan of Android apps? It’s okay if you say no—not everyone does! But even if you are an Android user, it can still be difficult to choose the right app development agency in London. If you aren’t sure how to tell whether an app development agency can help your business, check out these five tips below. They’re designed to help you with choosing the best company to develop your Android apps.

1) The importance of design

Design is arguably more important on a mobile app than it is in any other industry. Smartphone and tablet users rely on their handheld devices to stay in contact with others, locate businesses, keep track of appointments, listen to music, read books, check email and browse online content. Mobile apps are effectively serving as an extension of a user’s mind. If your design isn’t attractive or easy to use, you run the risk of losing customers before you even had a chance to make a sale!

2) Invest in backend app development

Make sure you’re not ignoring an important part of your app development. Many developers focus on front-end design and neglect back-end development, but if your app has a seamless user experience from start to finish, users will be more likely to sign up, pay, and come back. That doesn’t mean that you have to code everything yourself—just make sure you have a solid understanding of backend operations.

3) Prioritize UX

Consider how your users will interact with your product. With app development agencies in London, you can focus on UX; it doesn’t matter if your idea is solid if no one knows about it or if they can’t use it when they discover it. By putting yourself in your users’ shoes, you’ll be able to create a more intuitive experience that helps guide them through key functions without forcing them to read instructions—and happy customers are more likely to make repeat purchases. According to Nielsen Norman Group, just 1 percent of mobile users return to an app that was difficult for them to use.

4) Avoid creating an empty shell

Instead, you need to think about what people want. Start by looking for apps that are similar to yours and see how popular they are. If your app is going to have any competitive advantage, then you need to make sure it’s readily apparent from the start (you don’t want users downloading your app only to realize that it doesn’t offer them anything new). Once you know what people want, focus on a target market that will resonate with your app. Who is most likely to download and use it? What niche are you going after? Are there other apps out there that provide a service or an experience similar to yours? How can you improve upon those existing apps?

5) Don’t make it complicated

Many new app developers are tempted to take on a massive project and begin developing a complex system that has a wide variety of features. However, it’s important to keep your apps simple in order to make them more accessible. If you look at some of today’s most popular apps, such as Instagram or Twitter, they’re streamlined to perfection and incredibly easy to use. Keep your eyes on function over form—apps should solve a problem for their users above anything else.

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