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9 Ways to Make Your Backyard an Ideal Entertaining Space

What is plainly the difference between living in a house and living in an apartment, is the long standing idea of a house being more associated with being a set home for a family.

Even the language around both domiciles as people are more likely to have conversations about renting an apartment and buying a house, than the reverse – as simple as it sounds. There is a good reason for that as owning a house in the suburbs complete with magnetic screen doors, fireplace, chimney and backyard space for some people is much better than paying over the odds for an apartment that places a property premium on location above actual living space.

Add to that psychological pressure of eviction especially for a month-to-month renter, who is always at risk of eviction for no reason. That means a person, and their family, could have to pack up and move within 30-60 days. All of this has the potential for being very traumatic.

Perhaps the most important thing about ownership of houses above renting in an apartment building or complex is the ability of the owner to customize their living space. People typically are not allowed to customize a rental very much. When a person owns a home, they can do anything they want to it – remodel, upgrade, or simple things like paint and flooring, even expanding their porch or deck. With a rental, it is definitely not advised to try most of that. And even small things allowed, like painting, the property has to return to its existing condition whenever a family leaves.

Finally, there are restrictions imposed on renters that may not apply to homeowners. Things like not being able to own a pet, or certain parking restrictions for complexes. These can have a major impact on a family’s emotional or psychological feelings about renting. And they are one of the big perks of homeownership.

It is that freedom we are celebrating here. The ability to add, or subtract, mold or scrape as we so please. The ability to host a toga party or wine and cheese brunch, a barbecue tailgate party or a kid’s 7th birthday party; really adds to the appeal to, in essence, calling your own shots as a homeowner. However, there might be some guidance as to how to attach, meld and affix the items that will change the setup or arrangement of a backyard which would be able to entertain a variety of guests.

What Are The Ways To Make Your Backyard A Great Entertaining Space?

  1. Light Up The Night – String lights all around the backyard. No matter the type these lights transform an otherwise shadowy landscape into an enchanted scene and guarantee that guests feel welcome long after the sun has set.


  1. Add An Outdoor Rug – Make the outdoor entertaining space more inviting by dressing it up with a well placed rug. This should give the space instant outdoor living room vibes.


  1. Have Beer On Tap – An ultimate gamechanger. Having an outdoor kitchen takes its countertop to the next level with a built-in tap for beer. Here both the party hosts and the guests can pick, choose and refuse beer sample options from around the world.


  1. FIre Pit – This little addition could come in real clutch as the seasons change from the fall into the winter. From the delicious campfire scent to the added warmth, adding a wood-burning fire pit to an outdoor setup could really have people lining up to join in the fun.


  1. Magnetic Screen Door – Magnetic screen doors can also be key for entertaining a party. These doors also effectively keep out dust, dirt and insects by closing quickly. But probably most importantly, these doors are essential for hosts who have to travel to and fro with their hands full with food, drinks, furniture and such.


  1. Adding An Outdoor Kitchen – Cooking outside makes meal prep and service a literal breeze. Warming drawers and grills means that almost anything can be cooked outside. Sinks can help with vegetable prep and allows for easy cleanup. Long countertops are ideal for setting up a buffet which can handle anything from a small get-together to a large party bash.


  1. Rolling Bar Cart – This will make enjoying a couple drinks among friends even better. Plenty of room to hold a cooler, serving dishes, glassware and much much more. Adding this furniture-like piece to an outdoor entertainment setup will make any space feel even more livable and lounge worthy.


  1. Bluetooth Speakers – A good music speaker is a must when it comes to creating an inviting outdoor entertaining space. Whether you’re playing subtle background music or ready to get the party started by liven things up with the perfect playlist, the right tunes is one of the best ways to keep people engaged at a party.


  1. Pool Table – Getting a good pool table installed outside on a deck in the backyard simply means that the party can come alive – outside. After setting it up, the party host has a myriad of options for their guests to play.


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