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6 Best Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills for Board Exams

Are you preparing for the board examination, or have you finished your syllabus but are afraid of getting low marks because of your inadequate writing skills? Then this blog will be very beneficial for you. 

Many students often encompass their entire body for the board examination. However, they land up getting lower marks in the examination. Later they regret their preparation. However, it is not all about practice; other factors also matter, like writing skills, examination environment, stress level, etc.  

You know the weightage of essay writing, but do you know how to write an essay effectively to get full marks. Most of the students never get full marks in essay writing because they do not see the format of essay writing, students who are gearing up themselves to face the board examination. Adhere to this; you will get the most out of this blog.  

Tips to Improve Writing Skills For Board Examination

1. Train of Thoughts

Whenever you encounter the questions, your mind starts irregularly gathering information. Suppose you have to travel from Bhopal to Delhi. In this journey, you know the origin and destination. 

Similarly, the student must know how to start and conclude while writing the answer. Irrelevant and mismatched answer writing let them score low marks in the examination. So it is must necessary for the students to frame the solution from start to the endpoint. 

2. Organize the Answer Properly

Writing organized content in the examination is very important. Most of the students perform mistakes by writing irrelevant answers to the questions. E.g., the examiner asked to write about the heart’s function but mistakenly started writing with pulmonary arteries. 

So this is the mistake most students make while writing for the examination. It is also one of the primary reasons why the students’ thoughts are not in a streamlined flow. Frame the layout in your mind and practice answer writing in an organized manner. Check the NCERT solution for class 10 to better understand this point.

3. Knowledge is Key

If you do not know, the answer leaves the question. Never try to fill the question with trash answers. However, it is a big issue if you do not know the answers.

Never do irrelevant writing if you do not know the solution to the question. It negatively impacts the examiner that turns off your answer copy with poor marks. So make sure to understand and learn the concept carefully. 

4. Labeled Diagram Neatly

The importance of a diagram cannot be neglected in the board examination. As one’s said, “a picture says more.” Drawing a Neat and clean diagram in a question can help you fetch maximum marks in the examination. Students can also check important questions for class 10 science.

Understand how to label diagrams neatly with the example given below. 

Draw a Labeled Diagram of a Neuron

Diagram of a Neuron

5. Avoid Decorating the Answer Sheet

Most students think decorating the answer sheet brings them higher marks in the examination, so they start using different pen colors to write the heading and subheadings. Doing this kind of decorative work will not fetch them extra marks, but it will help them take away the precious time they spent on futile efforts. 

6. Avoid Writing in Paragraphs, Use Bullet Points

This is one of the most important things that most students avoid while answering writing. They frame their answers in lengthy paragraphs, thinking that this technique will get the maximum marks

Write a brief and to-the-point answer; avoid writing in paragraphs. Use bullets to represent your solution. It creates a remarkable impact on the examiner.


Getting a good score in the board examination is not hard to crack. With the proper guidance and strategy, one can easily score excellent marks in the board examination. Students often avoid these small things during exam preparation and get low marks on result day.

This blog has shared the six best ways to improve your writing skills to help you score maximum marks in the examination. I hope you find this blog helpful. If you have any questions, mention us in the comment section.

Falak Arya

I'm Flak Arya and I am a Teacher working for Physics Wallah, one of the leading ed-tech platform in India. I am passionate about teaching students and writing and have been in this field for 10+ years.

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