5 Pink Makeup Looks That Take Your From AM To PM Instantly

Pink is an all-around beautiful color that can bring out the natural flush that is present in your cheeks

Pink is an all-around beautiful color that can bring out the natural flush that is present in your cheeks , and also warms the face. When you imagine pinkmakeup, your thoughts might immediately go to the bare lips and romantic blush But pink makeup can be stunning when applied to the eyes as eyeshadow, or to highlight your eyes with a shimmery highlighter.

Today the makeup trends of pink are having a moment (unsurprisingly and so are peach and rose gold hair). The stars are splashing the shade across their facesand who can blame them? Pink makeup is the perfect combination of traditional and contemporary.

The shade adds a hint of sweetness to the face , while remaining fresh. There are many methods to rock pink including using the color to cheeks, lips and eyes for a trendy monochrome look or even making a splash of pink the main attraction in the spotlight. Below, take a look at examples of the most popular pinks makeup trends ranging from fuchsia eyeliner to a muted pinkblush.

It’s a date, or a brunch with your girls… A pink makeup style is appropriate for all occasions. They’re pretty and feminine to behold. Pink pigments are versatile as they complement all skin tones. The greatest thing about this is that they show distinct in skin tone tones which lie from each other. For example an eyeshadow with a peachy hue will subtlely enhance a wheaty skin tone , but also add an element of shock to skin that is dusky… appearing amazing on both.

It’s something about pink eyeshadow that creates a romantic and soft look! If you’re wearing pink lips, choosing a stunning pink eyeshadow or perhaps applying a touch of blush — the color is so elegant. Additionally, it’s one of the shades that can be worn with any event, from a date night, brunch with your girlfriends or even an evening out. Check out the many different pink makeup looks that you can experiment with this season.


Pink Makeup Looks

Pink in 50 different shades? What’s wrong with that! Here’s how to make 5 makeup looks that will fit your every mood and style!

Smokey Wonder

Do you want a beautiful smokey eye look? This makeup style in pink gives your face a romantic look. It’s a great look to pair with a winged eyeliner and a naked lip, and you’re good to go!


How to Make It?


Step 1 – Apply the Eyeshadow


Pick soft pink shades with hints of shimmer to complete this style. Apply the lighter shade to the inner corners your eyes. Apply darker shades to your outer corners.touch of mauve in your liner to add depth and the appearance of the look of your eyes. Blend, blend, blend away!


Step 2: Apply the Eyeliner

Make sure you have an angular and dramatic wing for this style. Begin with a thin line and gradually increase the drama of the line by getting all out! You could even make an iceberg tip If you want!


Matchy Matchy


Make sure you match your eyes with your lips with this makeup look in pink. The metallic pink eyes , when paired with matte lip products makes this the perfect look for a party.

How to Create This:

Step 1: Apply The Eyeshadow

Create a soft smokey look by using a pink-colored eyeshadow. Mix it up with a touch of purple for more dimension and depth. Blend it all together then smoke the edges to create a seamless style.


Step 2 – Apply some Eyeliner

Make the perfect cat-eye that is dramatic, however not OTT. Apply a liquid eyeliner and no kajal pencil this purpose to draw that sharp line.

Step 3: Add Lipstick

Choose a matte pink lip color! You can opt for liquid lipsticks or opt for traditional lipstick.


Wings Away


You can get a solid matte shade by applying this makeup look in pink! Simple yet eye-catching, don’t you think?

How to Make This

Step 1 – Apply the Pink Eyeshadow

In a dramatic wing-like shape, apply a thick shade in matte eyeshadow. Blend the color into the middle, but ensure the wings are strong and clear.


Step 2 – Add Mascara

Apply one coat of mascara to your eyelashes. You’re looking for a slight more pronounced look but you don’t want it to look like you’ve applied a heavy coat of falsies.


Soft Focus

Are you looking for a romantic date night, romantic style? This makeup look in pink is the perfect one for you. It has a delicate shimmery pink accent, with glossy lips and a touch of blush, highlighter Everything about this look screams beautiful.

How to Create This:

Step 1: Apply The Eyeshadow

In this case, you must choose a single, shimmering pink hue. Blend until it appears effortless and smooth.


Step 2 – Add Some Blush & Highlighter

When it comes to makeup, you can’t stay without a good highlighter or blush. Enhance your makeup with a the addition of a little color to your cheeks. First, apply some blush to the apple the cheek. Finish it off with the addition of a little highlighter, too.


Finer Liner

Stop using eyeshadow and apply a slick liner to create these hot-pink makeup style. Apply the trend of floating lines and apply it to the upper part of your lid. You can enhance your look by applying pink eyeshadow along the lower lash line to create an even more dramatic look. You can also add some highlighter, and you’ll have a complete look.

How to create this look:

Step 1: Draw Your Lids

You could opt for sparkling champagne eyeshadows or use an eyeshadow that highlights the bottom on your eyes. Then, blend away by focusing your attention on the inner corner of your eye.

Step 2 – Apply the Liner

Make use of your preferred pink eyeshadow for an eyeliner. Apply the liner using the use of a fine-pointed brush. Make use of a flat brush to apply it to the lower lash line, and blend it until it looks like it’s smoked.

A hot pink pout

What better way to enhance your makeup other than hotpink! The remainder of your look neutral with a touch of blush pink for your eyelids and cheeks. Add a touch of hot pink to your lips to create a dramatic pout.


Peach lip on lips, lids, cheeks and lids


Who doesn’t love a peachy glow? It brings a youthful look to your face, and makes your look younger. It’s easy to do by putting lipstick on in with a peachy hue or opt to go OTT as the Riverdale model and sport the look of a monochrome peachy lookDon’t forget to play with texture.


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