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5 Common Questions About a Menstrual Cup for Beginners

Learning how to navigate your period is hard enough, let alone all the products that go along with it. But at the end of the day, we all want what’s best for our bodies and the environment. That’s where using a sustainable menstrual cup comes into play. Reusable period cups are changing how people with periods support themselves and their flow. Here are five commonly asked questions about period cups to help get you started.

How Does a Menstrual Cup Work?

By far, one of the most commonly inquired questions about period cups is the most simple: How do these things work? A period cup works similarly to a tampon in that you insert your cup into your vagina. But instead of absorbing your flow like a tampon, your cup collects it. You can clean and reuse some of the best cups for up to 10 years. And they eliminate the need to rush to the store for supplies the day your period starts.

Can You Use a Period Cup on Your First Period?

You can totally use a menstrual cup on your first go-around! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never used a tampon. A menstrual cup is perfect for anyone with a cycle. Just take your time and go slowly. Like with any new period care product, there is a learning curve with a period cup, so it might take a couple of tries before you really get the hang of it. Don’t let this discourage you!

How Much Will My Period Cup Hold?

How much a period cup holds varies based on the size you use. But generally, a menstrual cup, even a smaller one made for teens, should hold about 1-4 tampons worth of fluid. So, depending on your flow and personal anatomy, you can decide which size cup works best for you. You can wear a high-quality cup for up to 12 hours and skip out on all those sneaky hidden tampon trips to the bathroom throughout the day.

Should I Wear Leakproof Underwear with My Cup?

Once you master your cup, you can say goodbye to worrying about leaks. But while you’re still figuring out how to use your menstrual cup, many people like to use leakproof panties. This gives you an extra layer of protection without any of the uncomfortable bulk of wearing a pad. Look for one featuring a thin, comfortable, and absorbent gusset. Leakproof underwear is also excellent for those days when your period is at its end and you spot from time to time. It should be comfortable, stylish, and highly absorbent, so you never feel wet.

What Are Some Advantages of Using a Menstrual Cup?

Of course, you want to know exactly how your reusable period cup benefits you. But the benefits extend far past giving you comfortable period care. The list of advantages is quite long, so we can just summarize some of the biggest ones here.

You’ll Save Major Money Over Time

Reusable period products go a long way toward saving your wallet. Instead of spending money on disposable products every month, you only need one initial investment. Month after month those savings really add up.

Period Cups are Better for the Environment

Think about all the plastic waste that gets thrown away every month from traditional period products. Just one period cup saves thousands of tampons and pads from landfills.

You Won’t Even Notice It’s There

Periods are hard enough as it is between cramps, bloating, and fatigue. Thankfully, a soft reusable menstrual cup sits in the vaginal canal comfortably, so you can’t even feel it when inserted correctly. Your most comfortable and relaxed period is just one cup away.

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