10 Super Fun Guessing Games for Kids To Play

10 Super Fun Guessing Games for Kids To Play

The games of guessing are excellent for warming up fillers and review games. They are not just entertaining however, they’re great for teaching the basics of grammar and vocabulary.

On this page, we’ve listed the top 10 entertaining games for children to guess. While the games are designed for children, however, many of these game concepts can easily be adaptable to teens and adults.

For more ideas for games in the classroom visit our other article, 10 Amazingly Fun Vocabulary Games For ESL Children. Calculate the probability of the winning game with this probability calculator.

Guessing Games for Kids

1. Guess what the Word Games

Whatever subject you’re teaching A simple game of guessing the word while easy, can be extremely efficient. Give students flashcards, and ask students to practice following your instruction. After students have had enough practice select one flashcard and do not show them. Ask them to figure out what the word means using the target phrase.

For instance, if you teach animal vocabulary and students make guesses, they could ask the teacher, ‘Is this an elephant?’ and the teacher could reply ‘Yes, it’s an elephant. But it’s not.’. Here, find the probability calculator is not that hard. There are lots of online websites that provide online calculators for easy calculations.

2. Hidden Picture Guessing Games

In this game of guessing, there is a hidden image in a row of colored squares. By clicking on the squares the picture slowly comes out and students are required to figure out the meaning of the image.

This game is an excellent opportunity to introduce or revisit the new vocabulary of students. It can be played in any language. For hidden image PPT games that cover a variety of topics and a template that can be edited go here.

3. Guess The Picture (Pictionary)

This simple game of guessing requires little or no preparation. The only thing you require to play is something that you draw. If you want to play with your whole class, ask one pupil to sketch something onto the whiteboard during the lesson. Then, ask them to figure out what the drawing is made up of.

In order to make the experience more enjoyable To make it more enjoyable, split the class into three or two teams. Each team is given about 30 seconds to make as many guesses as they are able to. The game is lots of fun, and children particularly enjoy playing with their creativity.

4. You must guess the mystery Object

Utilizing actual objects inside the classroom is a fantastic way to connect the words and grammar pupils are mastering to their everyday. An excellent method of doing this is by playing a game called Guess the Object. To play, you’ll need either a bag or a box to place the objects you are trying to guess into.

Students, one at a time, stand up in front of the class. They will grab the bag or the box and feel the item inside. While not looking into the item, they have to attempt to guess the mystery object. This could lead to many hilarious answers! This is a great activity for kids as well as older ESL students.

5. Online Guessing Games

In these online games of guessing Students must utilize ‘Telepathy to read their teacher’s thoughts and discover the answer. Of course, they cannot really read minds, but they enjoy pretending to be able to.

In these guessing games, each answer is a possibility, and students are required to pick one and then write it down. If they can answer it correctly they earn a point. If they fail it doesn’t count. A variety of online guessing games are available on the Activity Videos page.

The sport can also be played by itself or in small teams. To download a Telepathy game template with PPT and an answer sheet to print you can click here.

6. “I Spy” Guessing Games

As a kid, you likely played a version of this type of game some time or differently. In the traditional (British) variant of I Spy, one person was able to look around, pick an object they could observe, and then declare “I’m spotting with my little eye something that begins in (b ).’. After that, all the other players have to figure out what object begins with the letter b that he/she is thinking about.

This type of game could be played in the course of your English class to refresh various topics and words. For instance, if you are instructing colors, one class member may look around and select an object. Then, he or she can say “I’m seeing something (green)’. The rest of the students have to determine what green object they’re thinking of.

In the case of teaching adjectives, one of your students may look around and pick an object and describe it with adjectives. Like, “I see something heavy and massive.’.

7. “Act It Out” Playing Guessing Game (Charades)

The old-fashioned version of charades was using actions instead of words to perform an occurrence from a film or book, play, or song. When it comes to classrooms in an English teaching environment, this type of game could be used to refresh essential vocabulary and terms the students learned.

To play, write the lessons’ keywords or phrases on paper. You can place them all in small containers. Then, divide the class into two teams. Each team member will pick a piece of paper and perform the phrase without making any noise or speaking. If the team correctly guesses the word correctly, they earn points.

8. Guess The Word to “Save The Teacher” (Hangman)

Hangman is a popular class game where students are required to try and figure out what the instructor is in search of by making guesses about letters from the alphabet. If they guess the wrong word, then the teacher will start drawing a picture of hanging men. If the students make a mistake multiple times before the teacher finishes the drawing and the students are disqualified, they lose.

Even though this drawing is a simple stick figure the concept of showing children an image of a person hanging from his neck is horrifying to me and is not suitable for children. To make a great alternative to hanging you can try “Save The Teacher’ by watching the above video. The rules are similar to hangman.

To play, you must think of one word, then draw a line that corresponds to each letter in the word. Then, ask the students to make guesses by first guessing the letters of the alphabet. If they are able to guess correctly, then write the word in the appropriate space on the whiteboard. If they are wrong, they can watch the video, so that the fuse can move closer to the launcher. If students make a mistake repeatedly the teacher and the rocket will explode into space!

9. “What am I Guessing Game

In this game of guessing the teacher will think of something, and then provide students with three clues to what the object is through a series of sentences that make it seem like they were the subject. For instance, if the word that the teacher thinks of is ‘The Sun’, then the three clues she could give could be “I have a hot body. I am bright. I’m hard to see at night. What’s my name?” This is a fantastic way to strengthen students’ comprehension of the vocabulary used in class. It’s also an engaging review exercise. To find more ‘What am I? tests, take a look at these 40 What Am I?’ questions.

10. Guessing Game Using Cards

A majority of ESL textbooks nowadays include a small picture or word cards in the back. If you’re not lucky it’s possible to download and print your own free mini flashcards from our page on flashcards. To play the game, have students form small groups that are 3/4. Each group will be given the same set of cards. Each member of the group is to look away while others in the group make a point at each of them.

The student must then be able to look at their eyes and determine the card they selected using the language of their choice. If they guess correctly, they’re allowed to keep that card. It’s then the next player’s turn. The game ends after all the cards have been gone and the player with the highest number of cards wins.

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