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10 Prettiest Nail Polish Colours To Rock This Winter

Most women love to flaunt long and beautiful nails. So if you are one among them, you must have a collection of different nail polish shades to suit your mood. Moreover, since different shades go with different seasons, the more you have, the better! For instance, summers are for vibrant and cool shades. For winter, you can invest in new nail polish shades that are bold and dark. Here’s a list of the best nail polish shades to try this winter:

  1. Burgundy

Burgundy is a rich shade that ensures your nails stand out even in dark and gloomy weather. It has been a favourite nail polish shade for decades and pairs well with light-coloured gowns and apparel. Burgundy nail paint makes you look fashionably luxurious.

  1. Soft Grey

A soft grey or pale grey might look dull, especially in winter. But it is the classiest winter shade and pairs well with formal and casual outfits. If you don’t have this colour in your arsenal, buy nail polish online and explore different shades of grey. A soft grey is an excellent choice for those who want to try metallic silver nail paint but find it too glittery and bold.

  1. Dark Blue

Dark blue gives your personality a different vibe and adds character to your nails. It’s the ideal shade for those who want a glamorous look. In addition, dark blue is a trendy colour and goes perfectly with white or pastel ensembles.

  1. Dark Red

Women prefer red nail polishes and lipsticks because they are timeless classics. Dark red nail paint is sophisticated, making it perfect for dinners and parties. Use dark red nail polish with a glossy finish for a bolder definition and a more sensual feel.

  1. Mustard Yellow

A bright yellow or dark yellow might not complement your nails in winter. Mustard yellow, however, can be the perfect winter hue as it’s neither too bold nor too vibrant. Apart from adding solid warmth to your fingernails, this shade is great for working professionals who want to go bright but not loud.

  1. Hot Pink

Hot Pink is a favourite nail polish shade, especially among young girls and teenagers. But now, an increasing number of older women opt for shades of hot pink because of its vivacity and chicness. Hot pink nail paint is the easiest way to look fashionable.

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  1. Pastel Lavender

If you plan to explore new nail polish shades, try pastel lavender. Women who prefer pastel shades would love the smoky depth it adds to fingernails. In addition, pastel lavender complements the mood of the winter, adding to a luxuriously exotic look.

  1. Olive

Olive nail paint is easily the trendiest among new nail polish shades. Experts say the colour is popular because it adds uniqueness and exudes a pleasant vibe. Olive is the perfect shade for those who love green but avoid wearing most shades of green as they are too bold and grassy.

  1. Nude

Nude has been quite a hit among the pastel palette of new nail polish shades. A nude shade is a must-have for every nail polish lover; it’s classy and sophisticated. It’s classy and sophisticated. Buy nude nail polish online and add it to your collection if you don’t have one yet.

  1. Sparkling Black

Sparkling black is the perfect glitter and sparkle to flaunt this winter. The shade gives a bold and edgy look to your persona and goes perfectly with smoky eye makeup. It can be worn with both formal and casual attire and is great for night-outs!

These are the top 10 prettiest nail polish colours that you definitely want to wear this winter. Buy nail polish online to explore different shades and finishes. Also, don’t forget to buy nail polish remover that allows you to try multiple shades without any issues.

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