Who owns Discord?

You may have wondered who founded Discord and the company’s current owner. We will explore the history of Discord ownership in this article.

We cannot know who owns it because the information on this topic is private.

However, by exploring Discord’s funding rounds and looking at its founders, we might at least get an idea of ​​who the majority shareholder is.

Let’s dive in.

Jason citron

Discord’s origins began with Jason Citron after he created OpenFeint, a similar social platform for gamers later sold to GREE. After the sale of OpenFeint in 2012, Jason Citron founded a game development company called Hammer & Chisel, Inc.

Within a couple of years, Hammer & Chisel, Inc. abandoned the idea of ​​developing games and redirected their resources to Discord, which was released to the public in 2015. Hammer & Chisel, Inc. is now known as Discord Inc.

Jason Citron is, therefore, the founder of Discord and its current CEO. It is likely that he still has a percentage of Discord shares.

Stanislav Vishnevskiy

Jason Citron was not alone in his journey of founding Discord Inc. Stan Vishnevskiy was its co-founder and is also the current CTO of Discord.

The collaboration between Jason and Stan has been a big part of Discord reaching its current heights.

Unfortunately, there is no publicly available information on how many Discord shares Stan owns. However, as a co-founder, it’s safe to assume that he still has a large percentage.

Main investors

To reach its success so quickly, Discord has been the subject of several funding rounds over the years, with each game raising millions and helping Discord get an organization valuation of over €15 billion.

With each of these investments, investors can acquire a significant (or small) ownership stake in Discord.

Here are all the investors leading those funding rounds:

  • Dragoneer Investment Group – Leading investors of the Series H funding round on September 16, 2021. Dragoneer Investment Group and several other investors raised €500 million.
  • Sony Interactive Entertainment: €3.3 million was raised during the secondary market funding round in 2021, with Sony as the lead investor.
  • Greenoaks: lead investor for a €100 million Series H funding round in 2020 and another in 2018 with a €150 million budget.
  • Index Ventures – Raised over €150 million as lead investors in two different funding rounds. One in 2017 and one in 2020.
  • Greylock – Led one of the first funding rounds for Discord in 2016 together with Spark Capital.
  • Spark Capital – Partnered with Greylock as lead investor for the 2016 €20m funding round.

Here is a video of what Jason Citron had to say about the €500 million funding round.

Other investors

Naturally, the funding rounds are backed by multiple investors. These other investors also receive a share of ownership of Discord.

Here is a list of all of them:

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As you can see, Discord has been through many rounds of funding. However, most information about company ownership is private.

It could be that some of the major investors, such as Dragoneer Investment Group, have become the majority shareholders of Discord. However, it is equally possible that the company’s founders retained ownership.

These are my two proposals, all kinds of opinions and comments are accepted. I look forward to your valuable and important participation and hope that we can make the best decisions for our Wiki.

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