What Are The Best Vape Starter Kits For New Vapers In 2022?

Before stepping into the vape world, let us not deny the confusing reality that new vapers go through. Everything seems to be blurry at first. However, if you are a chain or heavy smoker trying to quit smoking, do not back off. Because transitioning from tobacco to nicotine will change your life, do not hesitate to drop the vaping idea because things will get clearer after reading this blog post. Let us equip you with the most important vape answers without wasting a second. 

What should things be considered before buying a vape?

The components and specifications of the vape are to be necessarily checked before buying vapes. Whether you are purchasing a disposable vape device or a regular bar, this step should not be skipped. Below are those parts of the vape that require most of your attention before making the payment.

  • The first one is the vape battery. This part of vaping is crucial. I’m deciding the vape time of your device. The timing and flavour intensity also depends on a good quality battery. Always check the range and life of the battery before buying your desired vape device. 
  • The second important component is a reservoir, pod, tank, or cartridge. These are responsible for carrying all the flavours of your vape. They function as a container where e-liquid, oil, or other concentrates are stored. Make sure to check the reviews about leakage before buying the vape device.
  • The third most important element is an atomizer. This part is responsible for all the heating inside your vaporizer. How good your throat hit will be is usually decided by the strength of an atomizer.

What is a starter kit for vaping?

Now, since we are mainly concerned with new vapers. Therefore the information regarding vape starter kits is inevitable. Let us say that it would be unfair to skip this part. You probably already have an idea about this kit by reading the name. This kit system incorporates all the necessary elements required to start vaping. It is specially designed to introduce newbies to vaping. When purchasing this kit for the first time, you can expect the following things in it:

  • A battery.
  • A coil.
  • A tank.
  • A mouthpiece to inhale.
  • Several kinds of vape juices.
  • A relevant charger
  • An instruction guide on properly using the disposable vape device or regular e-cig.

Names and features of best starter kits for 2022:

Before educating you about the best starter kits, we want to give you one suggestion. Always check the reviews and ratings of the vape bar before adding it to the cart. Check the most desirable starter kits below:

Aspire AVP Pro AIO Pod

  • Aspire is known for launching cool and famous products.
  • They come with an extremely compact shell.
  • The design is unique and sleek.
  • Several advanced features are available in every single aspire pod.

Ignite v15 disposable pod device.

  • Ignite disposable vape bars are famous for sparking the taste buds of vapers.
  • All the convenience of effortless vaping is available in this device.
  • These electronic cigarettes are prefilled with 5 per cent of effective nic salt.
  • The flavours offered by igniting are 10 in this range.

Lost vape BTB 100W

  • This starter kit offers a heavenly experience with a compact design. 
  • The battery is a single external 18650 that uses a type-C charging cable.
  • The e-juice capacity is 2ml.
  • This kit is highly compatible with ultra boost series coils. 
  • It supports high nicotine salt liquid strengths.
  • Both types of vaping ways, i.e. MTL and DTL, are suitable in devices by lost vape BTB.

Thus, choosing what fits you best is not hard if you follow the instructions above. Vaping is fun, but at the same time, it is an art. You are good to go if you know exactly what to look for!


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