Ubereats Clone: A Guide to Launch Food Delivery Application

Application software has crossed the gap between service providers and users like never before in today’s digitized environment. Food Ordering and Delivery is undoubtedly one of the most significant and beneficial contributions that application can provide.

Ubereats Clone is an on-demand food delivery application that can be utilized as a turnkey solution to start your own food delivery business in your area.

Our multifunctional app ensures that users will find it easy to adapt to the food business thanks to its user-friendly features.

With our Ubereats Clone Script, you can construct advanced food clone apps. It’s now time to put our UberEats Clone to work for you in the food delivery business. There is no need to code.

What is Ubereats clone?

The Ubereats clone app is an on-demand food delivery application that allows users to purchase food from nearby restaurants and deliver it to their door. The Ubereats clone app is convenient and quick to get food delivered. 

To Start Your Food Delivery Business, Get A Ready-To-Go Ubereats Clone 

Food delivery applications have become an integral part of almost everyone’s daily routine. Starting a food delivery service will be the best decision this decade due to the large consumer base and growing demand. As a result, it provides the way for ambitious entrepreneurs to establish a new business and for existing businesses to reach new heights.

Have you considered launching an on-demand food delivery app? It’s entirely up to you. You can either create a clone or build the program from the ground up. Choosing a custom-made solution is, without question, a wise decision. What exactly is it about? Ubereats Clone is a ready-to-use on-demand meal delivery service that can be launched quickly, allowing entrepreneurs to start their businesses. Without a doubt, go for it!

You’ve come to the perfect location if you want to develop a meal delivery service in a matter of days. We’re here to provide a meal delivery clone app that’s well-designed with cutting-edge technology and packed with useful features.

Cutting-Edge Features


The restaurant keeps track of all orders, including the order number, income earned, etc.

Accept/Reject Order by Dispatcher

In the dispatcher panel, the restaurant receives the order. Based on food availability, restaurants might determine whether or not to accept the order.

Maintenance of a restaurant

The restaurant keeps track of the information and can even alter and update it.

View Deliveries

 The restaurant is in charge of all delivery details and can also see order information.

Real-Time Order Status 

The restaurant can see incoming notifications and receive order status notifications in real-time.

Managing Order History

The restaurant keeps track of all orders placed by users and keeps track of their history.

Manage Products & Categories

Manages the items and categories added and edits and updates them.

Order status for customers

When the restaurant accepts the order, the consumer is notified, and they can track the order’s progress.

Organize Payments 

The restaurant takes care of the user’s payment, whether it’s cash or credit card.

Manage Reviews

 The restaurant has access to the user’s reviews and ratings.

Order Status

The restaurant can view the status of an order, such as accepted, canceled, or ongoing.

Log in using your social media account or your email address.

Simple log-in and registration via social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

Confirmation of Product and Delivery Information

After placing an order for food, the user can confirm the order by providing a valid delivery address. 

There are numerous categories to choose from.

For each restaurant, the Admin and the restaurant can add various categories. 

Product Specifications

Restaurants can use Admin to add multiple products and designate add-ons and out-of-stock limits.

Add to the shopping cart.

Users can add several products to their cart and then view the product and quantity by clicking “add to cart.”


After the delivery, the delivery person and driver can rate each other. 

Restaurants Nearby

Users can view the restaurants in their immediate vicinity and place orders with them.

Keep track of your order.

After the restaurant accepts the order, the user can track the order’s status and the delivery staff’s information. 

Place an order for delivery.

The delivery person delivers the order to the stated address with OTP-enabled confirmation.


Users may confirm their orders and pay for their meals when they arrive and make online payments. 


Users who have questions about canceling orders or refunds can speak with the administrator.

Users can file a complaint if their orders are delivered late or 

charged an excessive delivery price. 

Log in using your social media account or your email address.

Simple log-in and registration via social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google.


Users can rate and review the delivery person once the order has been delivered.

Request to Receive

When the delivery person begins their shift, they can receive orders from users.

Begin walking towards the restaurant/arrive at the restaurant

After accepting the order, the delivery person must proceed to the restaurant.

Pickup of your order

When the delivery person arrives at the restaurant, they can pick up the order.


The delivery person can accept payment in cash or by credit card.

Begin Shifting

After logging in, the delivery person can begin receiving orders and even pause the shift timing to take a break. And they might restart it to receive requests once more.


If the delivery person cannot reach the user or encounters any other obstacles, he may file a complaint.

If you have any questions concerning canceling orders or refunds, you can contact a delivery professional.

Place an order for delivery.

When the delivery person arrives at the specified location, he clicks ‘order delivered.’


The delivery person can see what the Admin has posted in the notification panel.

Dashboard for the Admin

An all-in-one dashboard allows you to scan the app’s activity and overall performance swiftly.

The Restaurant Management Admin is in charge of the restaurants that have been added and can even CRUD restaurant information.

Analytical Techniques

Our SEO specialists have been well-equipped and manage our websites.

Help & Support Dispute Panel

The administrator can resolve user, restaurant, and delivery person disputes.

Banner Management

 Admin is in charge of managing the banners that have been posted and editing and deleting them.

Dashboard for the Dispatcher

The dispatcher panel can manually allocate the delivery executive.

Product Management/Categories

Admin is in charge of the categories and goods that have been added. It also keeps track of stock information.

Account Management (create read,update,delete)

Admins can quickly manage the information of users and drivers who have signed up for the app.

Rating & Reservations

The administrator oversees the orders and has access to the user’s and delivery person’s reviews and ratings.

Secure Payment

Admin keeps track of the payments and deliveries made by the user and the restaurant.

Management of content

Admins are in charge of managing the material on CMS sites and editing and updating it.

What is the functionality of our Ubereats clone app?

When a consumer uses your Ubereats-like app to order meals from a list of eateries, this is how it works. Our developers evaluate each step and tailor-made features with easy navigation to make these processes user-friendly and much simpler.

Choose the food

Users will go through the establishments’ menus and choose their favorite dishes. Makes the order later.

Method of payment

After the order has been completed, the user will proceed to payment. We use online payment methods to make things easier.


Customers and restaurant owners may track the whereabouts of the driver till he delivers after the payment mode is selected.

System of evaluation

After the food is brought home, users can provide feedback regarding the restaurant’s service and delivery person.

With an Ubereats clone, it’s finally time to start a food delivery business.

With a strong growth percentage during the last five years, the online meal delivery market has thrived. This, in a roundabout sense, implies that the demand for food delivery applications is on the rise. It would be ideal to use our custom-built UberEats Clone app, which allows you to get to the market faster.

Benefits of Launching an Uber Eats Clone

  • Expected user growth in food delivery market as seen in the above graph
  • Untapped semi-urban and rural markets offer a great opportunity for new entrants in the food delivery app space
  • Can leverage dynamic pricing model based on demand & Supply
  • Increasing urban population resulting in increased demand for the present food delivery apps.
  • Investors are eager to invest in a solution that competes with the existing market leader by offering a new and better perspective towards the business.
  • Clone app can be launched in just a few days and thus reducing the time to market.
  • Clones of popular apps like Uber Eats are easily available on the internet
  • Suitable to measure the depth of the market before plunging in with full resources.
  • Requires only basic customization like name, logo, content, etc.

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