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The Tags To Know When Doing SEO In 2022!

If you do SEO you must have heard of tags! They are essential for many actions whether for SEO or for monitoring the performance of your website. To use beacons properly, SEO Agency Mohali you must first understand how they work, we explain.

A tag, an HTML code above all

HTML code is a language use to construct the content of a web page. Within the coding there are then “  tags  ” these tags are intend to structure the content of a page by indicating to the browser several information necessary for the display.

In general, the tags work in pairs with on the one hand an opening tag in the form <balise> and on the other hand a closing tag in the form </balise> . The opening and closing tags must have the same name, SEO Agency Mohali the only difference is that the closing tag is written with a slash “/” .

We therefore include between two tags the information we want to transmit to browsers.

Is that a little clearer? Let’s talk about the different tags to know:

SEO tags

There are several important tags when you want to work on the SEO of a website. The first tag involve in SEO is the <title> tag.

The <title> tag is one of the most decisive tags in SEO indeed it corresponds to the title of the web page. The text it contains will be the one display on the Google search result page .

Then there are the <hn> tags, these tags allow you to structure the content of a web page using a hierarchy system. From the most important level <h1> to the least important level <h6> . There can only be one <h1> tag per web page, the other tags can be found several times if this is consistent with the structure of the text.

Some useful tags

such as the <img> tag in the referencing of a site have a particular attribute: the alt=”” , SEO Agency Mohali its value corresponds to the name of the image. Google does not ”  read  ” images, so it relies on the alt attribute to determine the content of the photo. It is therefore necessary that each alt attribute be fill in. The alt attribute must above all describe the photo with which it is associate, but it also allows you to support certain keywords.

Finally the last tag to know in referencing is the meta description tag in the form <meta name=”description” content=”text”> , it does not directly influence the referencing of a site but constitutes the description that is displays in search results under your site’s link. It is therefore important to know this tag to fill it with text aim at generating clicks.

You can also include certain keywords here because the query words appear in bold in the description. This can encourage people to click on the link to your site.

The head tag

As we explain to you, the purpose of the tags is to structure an HTML document, some tags are mandatory, such as the <head> tag. This tag includes several metadata which will not be visible on the page but which will give valuable information to browsers. It is in this tag that Google advises you to paste its Analytics tracking code to be able to measure the various information relate to the frequentation of your site.

The elements that will be between the <head> tag and the </head> tag will therefore be part of the <head> section of the page.

It is in this tag that the <title> tag mention earlier is locate as well as the meta description tag <meta name=”description” content=”texte”> .

It is therefore important to know it and to be able to spot it in the HTML coding of your site.

The <head> tag is at the very top of the HTML document, SEO Agency Mohali it represents one of the first elements of a web page.

The body tag

This tag is locate just after the <head> tag and this time includes all the “  visible  ” elements of your page. You will therefore have to be very careful when you change or add things to this tag.

It is in the <body> tag that you will find the referencing tags mention above: <hn> tags and alt attributes link to the <img> tags .

This list of tags is of course not exhaustive, but it represents the html knowledge base necessary for any budding SEOs who wish to implement SEO actions on their site.

Do you want to know more about referencing a website? Consult our article “

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