How to Post IGTV Videos

How to Post IGTV Videos

It’s true. If done correctly, IGTV can be one of the foundations of your marketing plan. But, the old saying goes, do not place all your social media content in one basket. (IGTV Videos) or something similar. Click here

This post will discuss the best ways to upload IGTV videos and build your marketing plan on the platform. As usual, expect long explanations with the odd analogy to make the information easier to comprehend. Also, a few things about Planable as we’re your neighbours.

Table of Contents
What is IGTV? What is it? IGTV function?
Is IGTV worth it in 2021?
IGTV vs. YouTube
How do I post IGTV videos?
How do I post IGTV videos using PlanableThe best way to post IGTV videos with Planable – is IGTV automated at its very best
Dimensions of IGTV
How do you plan a successful IGTV marketing strategy
Strategies to improve your IGTV performance

What is IGTV? What is it? IGTV function?

IGTV is a platform for sharing long-form videos available through Instagram or standalone applications. The forum was introduced in 2018, and the goal of this platform is to provide brands and creators the ability to create videos longer than standard Instagram content and story.

Regular users can upload videos 10 minutes long, and verified creators can upload videos as long as one hour long. The latter can only be uploaded via the internet.

It’s still a lot slower than the amount YouTube currently permits, technically infinite according to the 12 hours long videos I enjoy during my free time. It’s also worth mentioning that YouTube and Instagram do not lend themselves to the same kind of marketing and content. There are more on the distinctions between YouTube and IGTV in the next section.

Instagram is always focused on quick, short-form content. This is why IGTV could be a means to allow Instagram creators to expand to longer-form content and keep their audience largely using the same platform. In addition, people who aren’t at ease with focusing on IGTV could use it to the Instagram strategies for marketing.

Does IGTV worth it in 2022?

Absolutely. Although some brands have been slow to embrace IGTV, this is due to the high costs of creating long-form video content rather than the platform itself.
Here are some reasons for brands to consider using IGTV as part of your (even Instagram) marketing strategy:
It (still) is fresh and fresh, even though it was released more than three years ago. So do not ask me what it is. It just feels well, right?

It’s not as competitive as other platforms, such as TikTok or Instagram. However, if you’re playing your cards correctly, you’ll be able to take advantage of the “first-mover advantage.”

It’s a pretty foolproof method to increase your audience. But here’s the best part it doesn’t need to develop IGTV videos just to use this platform. Instead, you can download videos via YouTube or your Facebook page.

IGTV viewers are more engaged as the platform was built and designed with long-form content in the back of their minds. Although fewer Instagram people have installed the IGTV application, it is a safe assumption that those who have downloaded it want long-form content, especially in the case of content created by individuals/brands they already follow.

It offers an opportunity to build community. This is a connection to the one mentioned earlier Long-form content is back in fashion. The longer the video longer, the more likely they’ll be to address the main concerns of the issues, obstacles, and challenges your viewers face. The longer form of content also offers an excellent chance to reach the broad spectrum of your audience’s interests. konya escort

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IGTV vs. YouTube

We’ve talked about the benefits of IGTV and the reasons why companies should join the bandwagon with little competition. So how does IGTV stand up to YouTube, the technology giant it was designed to be able to compete against?

IGTV Video format, in contrast to YouTube

The primary distinction between IGTV and YouTube is that YouTube allows only vertical videos.
This can limit your options to a certain degree since you need to create specific videos for IGTV. Also, this kind of sorta contradicts what I said earlier about content cross-repurposability – if that’s not a real expression, it damn well should be; here’s another one: efficient. So what’s the reason that this word doesn’t exist?

However, there’s an option to work around it. You can alter a horizontally-oriented video and change the aspect ratio up to 916:16. Of course, this isn’t the best solution, but consider the situation this way: If Instagram had provided it with the ability to make it easier for the users could cross-post content on YouTube and IGTV, both IGTV and YouTube and YouTube, it would have rendered the existence of IGTV redundant.

Another minor issue is that IGTV accepts only files stored in the MP4 format. This means they don’t have a reason to complain since YouTube permits uploading files in FLV MOV, FLV, AVI MP4, and other popular formats. Since most digital devices utilize mp4 as a default, the IGTV’s use of this format isn’t too significant of a difference.

Content discovery

YouTube has more than 10 years of existence over IGTV, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise when you’re struggling to find videos you’re interested in, even though YouTube isn’t the best in this regard, either, and, let’s be honest with you. It’s all down to the reality that IGTV’s search engine isn’t getting enough time to learn to suggest your most loved adorable otter clips and intriguing deep dives into the city’s planning.

Also, YouTube videos are YouTube films that are easier to locate via an easy Google search than those you upload to IGTV. So we shouldn’t be comparing the latter as a reason to deny Instagram because Google owns the whole thing.
And equally important also important – YouTube simply outdoes IGTV in the sheer amount of content.

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