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How to create an Instagram story for your Instagram account?

Are you looking for ways to improve your Instagram story? So You Can Effectively Create an Instagram Story? If your followers like your Instagram story, then they can like that Story.

This article will tell you how to create an Instagram story. Along with creating an account, you will also learn how to use different features of Instagram in your Story so your audience can like your Instagram Story.

Because in this update of Instagram, a feature related to Story has been added that when you see someone’s Story and you like it, you can like it. So, if your Story is good, then your followers will appreciate your Story.

What is an Instagram story:

The way you share your photos and videos with your close ones on your WhatsApp status. Instagram also has the option of creating an Instagram story for Instagram users, through which you can share your photos, videos, and enjoyable moments with your followers. And this Story automatically disappears after 24 hours.

Whenever you make a new post, your followers see a colorful rig in the circle shape of your profile picture, through which your followers know that you have posted a unique story. Your followers can click on your profile picture and see your new Insta story. 

Instagram story size:

Instagram story is shown at 1080 x 1920 pixels, so when posting an account, take care of the pixels of the Story of Instagram when you create an Instagram story, and make sure that your photo is not blurred, or else users will not get to see the clarity.

What are the benefits of the Instagram story:

Suppose you know about Instagram stories but do not use this feature. In that case, you should know the following benefits of the Instagram story. Because It is very beneficial to use Instagram Story for your Instagram account. 

Brand awareness:

If you have a business or sell a product, you can spread your brand awareness to your followers through your Instagram story. Because when your followers view Instagram stories, they will know about your brand, which will increase the attention of your brand among the followers.

Build a relationship with your audio dance:

Most users post Insta stories related to their life in their Insta stories so that a good relationship is formed between users and you because your followers get to know about your life through your Story, and you can use polls. Also, ask questions, so you and your followers get to know each other.

Increase followers:

Instagram users share their photos, videos, and good moments with their audience in their Insta story so that your followers get to know about your life, thereby building a solid relationship between you and your followers. And mostly, it has been seen that users are interested in learning about the people they follow.

More engagement:

Almost everyone knows that Instagram story is visible to followers and other users so that more people view Instagram story and follow you, which gives you high engagement.

Have fun: 

In Instagram Story, users post stories related to their daily life. If you visit a new place, then photos and videos are put on the Story. so that the followers get to know about your everyday life and different places, so that your followers get entertained.

Test new ideas:

Whenever you post a new story, new features are available when you post a story, with the help of which you can think of new ideas and create creative stories. You also get new ideas for posting on Instagram using the features of Instagram Story to make your Instagram story creative and make Instagram posts creative.

Learn about online community:

You also get to know about the online community through Instagram. Because by swiping the Story, you can see which people have seen your Story. And you can find out what type of people are connecting with your brand, and you can know the online community through this. It is also an excellent way to learn about their followers.

How to post an Instagram story:

Instagram Story The process of posting a post is quite simple. But you can quickly post a simple story, but to make a post creative. You have to use the features of Insta Story. You can create an Instagram story by following these steps:

  1. You have to log in to your Instagram account, come to your Instagram account’s home page, and swipe up on the mobile screen to the left.
  2. By swiping left, you will see three options Post, Story, and Live. You have to select the option of Story from them.
  3. Suppose you have already created a photo or video. In that case, you have to select the option at the bottom of the left side of your mobile screen. Because it will open the pictures and videos of your mobile gallery. So that you can quickly post Insta stories.
  4. Or you can select the right-side camera option. So that you can create an Instagram story and post photos or videos instantly.
  5. And when you select the option to create new content. You also see some other options on the left side of the screen related to your latest content creation. like
  • Standard:  A regular photo and video.
  • Text creation: In this, you have to write an article on a solid background. Often text creation is used to ask questions, tell a story, or write a small blog.
  •  Boomerang: It was a kind of short video in which your captured scene keeps going back and forth again and again.
  • Layout: Layout is a collage photo in which you can use different images.

Based on the above analysis, setting up an Instagram story can be beneficial for any user. Because your engagement is high when you post an Instagram story. Your followers also increase, so you should post Instagram stories. You can buy Instagram followers in India. Currently, more than 500 million people follow and view Instagram Stories. It has also been seen that 1 out of 3 Instagram users is attracted to a brand after seeing an Instagram story. From this, it is clear that Instagram stories benefit brand awareness and engagement.

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